Anyone Have Asthma??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Leenerbups, Feb 11, 2006.

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    Hi everyone.

    Back in May of 1998 I had my first "asthma attack". I woke up wheezing one morning, went to the hospital, but the time I got there, I was feeling better. They figured I had it seasonally due to allergies, gave me an inhaler and that was it. I hardly used it over the years, just when I was around cigarette smoke or pollen.

    Fast foward a few years and now I have Fibromyalgia which developed into something called Costocondtitis. The tissue in the ribs is inflammed which constricts the lungs. Coupled with the fact I put on quite a bit of weight, I have constant asthma now.

    But lately it has been worse, my chest feeling tight and coughing on a deep exhale. Especially in the mornings. I'm not sure what is going on during the night, because I wake in the mornings feeling pretty lousy.

    My rib cage (or lungs) hurt too.

    I went to the doctor the other day and she said my breath is sounding slow on the exhale and gave me Aerobid inhaler.

    I'm getting scared and wanted to ask you all for any advice or recommendations. I want to get better, I don't want this! I'm gbegining a weight loss program, I'm hoping it will lessen or dissapear with the weight loss.

    I am one of those people who prefers trying everything else before having to resort to harsh medicines too.

    I feel so alone in this, it's scary.

    Thank you
  2. 69mach1

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    that maybe a preventative measure so it does not become an aths ma attack....

    i don't know what else to to tell you except stress w/contribute to my atshma attacks...

  3. Bambi

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    Pulmonary specialist. They can decide what is causing your problem, whether it's allergy driven or seasonal etc..
    They can also evaluate you, give you a breathing test to see what your levels of oxygen etc are. And they can make sure you get the type or types of medication you need. They can also give you breathing exercises that will help you build up your system.

    Asthma is your bronchial tubes swelling and producing too much mucous. The meds are designed to reduce the swelling AND the mucous.
    I've had it all my life and have many causes from allergies to stress and everything inbetween. I have to use
    a steroid inhaler which I think what you are taking is one. I also have a
    rescue inhaler in case of an attack,
    it is designed to stop an attack. Then I also have a nebulizer that I use when I get bad from weather systems moving through or an infection.

    It's no fun, but by catching it early, you should be able to get on
    a good regime that will let you live
    as near a normal life as possible. Look up Asthma on the web and read all you can. Good luck! Bambi
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    Please read all about asthma. You can control it and the medicines are not harsh. Asthma never goes away, but you can be symptom free if you take your meds.

    You might try Aspercreme rub on your ribs. I find it really helps pain.

    On weight loss, you may feel better after losing weight. I lost 60 lbs in the last year and a half. My fibro got much better. I still have it, but I'm not as stiff and aching. Also, I can move around much easier.

    The only bad part of the weight loss was having to buy all new clothes.

    Hope you are feeling better soon

  5. ive had asthma for many years,both my children have it too.i also suffer from fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome.
    ive noticed that my asthma has been much worse this winter.and i know the damp cold weather over here in the uk is probably the course of it.
    my big problem at the moment is when i go outdoors,im having to use my inhaler more because the petrol fumes are triggering my attacks off.(i dont drive) i live in a busy town so sadly i cant avoid the petrol fumes.
    i also have that ribcage pain that you mentioned but at the moment im pain free thank goodness.because when it does flare up,it lasts like 2 not aware that im doing anything different but i am going to bed much earlier in the evening so my rib cage must be well happy about that haha.
    the inhalers i take are salbutamol and doctor told me that the becotide inhaler agrivates the throat and so causes us to cough alot and get destressed.
    so at my last asthma clinic check up the nurse gave me this sort of spacer thing to put your asthma spray in one end of the plastic tube,and you put the other end of the tube in your mouth.when the asthma spray is pressed,the liquid is goes into the tube and then you slowly breathe it in.this prevents the spray from hitting the back of your throat,and so stops the mouth irritation and horrible cough.

    all the best
    fran xx
  6. Phenix34

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    I have had asmah all my life. Nothing to be scared of.
    Just don't smoke, check with a specialist. You can take inhalers to prevent attacks. Try not to get over anxious.
  7. board

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    hello i have sarcoidosis lungs and fms cfs fms is one of the sercon illness to sarcoid you can have it and not know i was wondering have you had a chest xray if you have one they can tell you if you got it and some of the ills you get with fms you can have with sarcoid look sarcoidosis up and see and ask for a chest xray all the best jill
  8. Leenerbups

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    Thanks to everyone for their replies.

    I have been on Umberterol (sp?) inhaler and now was given Aerobid inhaler by my general practioner.

    I am going to go see a specialist as you all recommended. I ned to find out the whys and get the help I need.

    I also get reactions to gas (petrol) and smoke fumes.

    Do any of you find that it is worse as you sleep or in the morning? Mine is and I wonder if that is the tissue in my ribs stiffening.
  9. sarahann61

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    I have been taking Accolate twice a day for years.. I also have been on Prednisone, dosage has been up & down for years....

    I was also a foolish woman ,that smoked for most of my adult life, quit last May..... I have a chronic cough, and have a hard time breathing laying flat, in a closed , tight enviroment, or when around dust or any pollution.

    I did have hayfever as a teen-ager, so I know a lot of my problems are allergies. But, I think I could have chronic bronchitis, but never want C.O.P.D. , as a dx... I do know that Asthma, is in the C.O.P.D. , category though..

    I was sent to a specialist this Fall, and he gave me the lecture ,that I had done this to myself... When I told him I did not want that as a dx. , he thought I had Emphysema.

    But he gave me an antibiotic, had already taken 2-3 rounds. And he put me on a Medrol pck. and a Advair inhaler.. My breathing capacity was at 60%, when I went back in two weeks, it was normal. So he said that it proved, I had asthma....

    I have seen a lot of asthma attacks, as a nurse, and I have never had one.. I do wheeze a lot, and I sure cough a lot.... I am overweight, some of it from Cushings syndrome, going into CHF, with lots of pitting edema.

    I have gone on a low carb. diet, and the edema is getting a lot better.. I do not know, if it is the Prednisone all together, or if the FMs is to blame too. But, my body can't seem to handle carbs.... I look like a blimp, when it is really bad, and feel terrible..

    I forgot to get the inhaler filled this friday, so I have been out this week-end.. I am tempted not to get in filled.. I think the Cushings syndrome was worse with it, since I am already on the Prednisone. I saw him again last Wed. and he gave me a RX. for a steroid spray, for my sinus problems. I am trying to keep the cortisone down, so I don't know ,if I should have it filled..

    Sorry, my answer had to be so long, hope I at least answered your question..... I really hope you can get your lung problems under control, and it is scary to have breathing problems... I always look at my nails, if they are not cyanotic, I think I am o.k. But, I do turn red a lot, that could be from getting the oxygen in, but not being able to exhale it... That is bad , too..... But the redness in my face, is a butterfly like redness, but not a rash... So, I do not know if the FMS would cause it, or not..........................