Anyone have brain lesions/white matter with Fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rigdon007, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. rigdon007

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    On top of the normal Fibro pain, headaches, pain, burning feet and hands, cold feet and hands, tired, memory problems, vision problems etc, I have developed numbness in my hands and feet and my over all symtoms are worse so they did an MRI. They found 3 lesions/white matter on the brain. I am only 47 yr so the lesions caused by mini strokes are very unlikely. Dr. wants to do a spinal tab even though they are not always true test. I have heard the spinal tap is very painful and have no decided to do it. Can anyone tell me how bad it is? Dr. says my problems could be MS. Does anyone with Fibro have brain lesions?
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    bumping to top for rigdon
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    I had a spinal tap done a few years ago - nothing to it. BUT, be sure to say lying down for as long as they tell you to. I had a whopping headache, even though I did lie down. I also had to get a "blood patch" a few days later when the puncture did not "seal" itself properly. Nothing to that either. I had to go to the hospital, they drew blood from my arm and injected it into the hole to clot and form a patch.

    I don't know about lesions. I used to think only MS people had them, but there are a number of people on this board who have them
  4. rigdon007

    rigdon007 New Member

  5. MtnDews

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    YES,scared me silly. My dr finally did an MRI on my brain after much discussion about my continual cognitive problems. The report said that I had several lesions in the white matter of my brain - due to a demyolating disease or an ischemic event. I went to a neurologist who wasn't particulary troubled by the lesions, but my blance issues bothered him and ptosis. So he did more tests. Most of which came back okay. (He said he was looking for myasthenia gravis)

    Meanwhile, I ended up in the hospital with ischemic colitis for 9 days. (Ischemic means lack of blood flow) They told me this would be common for someone much older - so they kept telling me (I'm 51). I put the two together and asked if I shouldn't be tested for clotting disorders. Sure enough, I have 3 different inherited clotting disorders and am now on blood thinner. A simple blood test showed this problem. Are their any family memebers that you know of with blood clots in their medical history? Might be worth looking into for you too. PLEASE, keep me posted with your outcome. ( Good luck.
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    I had an MRI a few years back and they found some white matter lesions on the left front temporal lobe. I have had 2 grand mal seizures 15 yrs apart and they happened while I was asleep. My dr thought MS too at first, and referred me to a neorologist. Had a spinal tap done and came back clear. This was way before I was dx with fibro ( 2 1/2 months ago ). Could this have caused the lesions or lesions caused the fibro?

    I am just trying to figure out where this dd came from. HELP!!!

  7. jarjar

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    Every symptom you listed including brain lesions are found in lyme patients. You might want to get an Igenex western blot to rule out lyme so you can get on with you life.

    Best of luck
  8. KMD90603

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    I don't think fibro is known to cause lesions, however, they may be caused by MS or even migraines can cause lesions in some people.

    I recently had a spinal tap while at the hospital for a headache that hit me suddenly. I was terrified about it, because I'm a nursing student and know all too well how they do it and possible side effects. So, I was insistant that they could just do the CT scan and let it be finished. Well, I gave in because the CT scan came back clear and they wanted to be sure I didn't have a bleed going on. I think I got myself more worked up about it than I had to. It actually wasn't that bad. The worst part is when they use the needle to numb you. That stings a bit, but it's over really quickly. The spinal tap itself I did not feel. I felt pressure at one point, but again, it was nothing major.

    Just make sure that afterwards you lay down for a couple of hours to prevent CSF leakage, which is what causes a spinal headache. And, drink plenty of fluid to replace what's lost, that will also help to avoid the headache.

    I hope this helps. Gentle hugs.
  9. mariee

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    Hi there,
    If you have lesions, and are seeing a neurologist, they know where MS lesions occur and what they look like....that is why step 2 is a spinal...
    I did have a spinal problems...
    My spinal tap came back negative, but because of the placement of lesions, and the increased number the MS dd stuck.
    Now, my lesions have new who knows?
    I am not on any MS Meds...made me too sick.

    If your lesions are MS related, your doc needs to know to get you on proper meds...

    My lesions could have resulted fr. virus.
    Many people have brain lesions...and don't know unless they have MRI

    I put my trust in my neurologist...had the spinal and now don't worry as much.

    Good luck.
    As others said, follow the advice of your doc in staying down to avoid headache.
  10. puddin827

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    I have white lesions on my brain also, Doc told me they see it with people that have a lot of headaches, migraines , and also people with MS. I don't have MS but do have ALOT of headaches.
  11. Cromwell

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    Please do ot be scared into getting unneccessary testing. Almost everyone over the age of 40 has a few white lesions on the brain. The vast majority of them are caused by trauma or migraines or sever headaches. Sometimes, there can be certain types that are caused by TIA's(small strokes).

    Other diseases will show lesions, but in the dozens, and different formations and different areas of the brain.. This is why always have a neuroradiologist read the MRI. All other radiologists and then PCP say what they possibly COULD be, and to cover themselves list all possibilities, even though they know(as your neuro confirmed)that most are just a normal part of having lived several years and experienced headaches.

    I hope this helps. I have at least 12 lesions myself BTW, plus some of the numbness and symptoms you describe. This is confirmefd as part of FM/CFS. for me.

    Love Anne Cromwell
  12. bell9383

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    I to Have 5 Brain Lesions found when i had an mri scan i also have 5 calcium deposits to which the doctor said many people have and never know about. But i do have a 0.5% chance of a hemorrage which is minor and wouldnt have known about.I am 34 years of age. My Lesions have been put down to the severe headaches that i suffer with due to the FM.
    I had a spinal tap done last year the procedure it self was not pain full but you should not move for 4-5 hours after as this produces a head ache and oh boy did i get a headache lasted 4 weeks and i am still certain its where a nurse lifted my head to give me my medication in the evening. I spent weeks walking around with my hands behind my head using them as a support. ( this is not to put you off though )Many people are ok after.
    Just make sure you rest up after and try not to move. I had been admitted for a severe head ache in the first place so it could have just been part of that.

    It will how ever tell you if you have MS or anything like that as this is the only way i have been told that it can be diagnosed properly now.

    Best of luck with what ever you decide


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