Anyone Have Brain Spasms?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Godslove, Mar 8, 2003.

  1. Godslove

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    Hi everybody! I am curious if anyone has what I refer to as a brain tremor or spasm. It only happens to me when I am resting and I have no control over the movement. It physically moves my head back and forth like I'm shaking my head "no". I haven't had this checked yet..I wanted to see if anyone here has had this experience and maybe know why this is happening. I have FMS and CFS. Do you know if this is connected in any way?

    Blessings, Wanda
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  2. jeanderek

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    Hi Wanda,

    I personally have never heard of anyone having tremors from FMS but that does not mean that it can't happen. I know when I first found out that I had fibro the doctor put me on a medication called serzone. The first day I took it I had halucinations (sp) and I also had tremors with it. If you are taking medication look them up and see if that can be a side effect and if so talk to your doctor about changing prescriptions. Best of luck to you!

  3. dolsgirl

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    I haven't ever heard of it. I wish I could help, but I don't know of it. Have you tried a search for it? dolsgirl
  4. Ruthus

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    I'm new to this board, first time to read it tonight. I have fibro, sjogrens, raynaurds, osteoartheris, and possible crest.
    I have what I call electric shock feeling in my head from time to time, don't think my head actually moves, but it is a tingley, out of it for a minute thing. Have mentioned it to Dr. but usually just get a look and a I don't know what it could be. Ruthus
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  5. phenom

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    hello Godslove, i get weird feeling 'brain spasms' like you describe. i will be just sitting down, perhaps watching television, and my head will just move on its own, jerk as if i'm trying to get hair out of my eyes or something. i do it quite often when concentrating. i also feel little tremors inside my head in the lead up to these big ones. i don't know what it is. i've told my doc but she doesn't listen. if you happened to see my other post, she's only started listening to me and thinking that there is something wrong with me coz i had a sed rate of 80 and an unusual thyroid count. so i'd ask your doc. hope that helps - you're not alone.

  6. dhcpolwnk

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    I have multiple sclerosis as well as fibro, and I have a symptom I've long associated with my MS the sounds a bit like what you're describing. I can feel a kind of electrical potential building up inside my head, which comes out in a jerk of some kind. It started out in my right leg, then my left, then one or both arms, and sometimes my head or neck. Sometimes, at its worst, my whole upper body would jerk, nearly pulling me out of a chair. (Frequently, my leg would kick high enough that when I was seated at a table, my foot would hit the under-side of the table.)

    Though it never went away completely, the symptom has gotten a lot better (I think it was an MS exacerbation that went into partial remission.) The neurologist I had when this all started said it was segmental myoclonus associated with my MS, and five doctors at the Movement Disaorders Clinic at UCLA agreed, even though the range and scale of my myoclonus problem seemed much worse than anybody had seen in MS.

    The reason your message drew my attention is that when I first started having the problem, I had an EEG while I was lying down in my neuro's office. He said the jerks I had definitely corresponded to spikes in my brainwave pattern. So I guess I was right about a buildup of electrical potential. Sometimes, if I feel it coming on, I can direct the "outlet jerks" to whichever part of my body will be less of a problem. For example, if I'm standing or walking, I can direct the jerk into an arm. If I'm holding something, I can direct it into a leg or my head, etc.

    As with you, I find this happens when I'm at rest (though not when I'm sleeping). However, myoclonus also seems to be related to Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), which I think is fairly common in both fibromyalgia and MS.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.

    --Laura R.M.

  7. missvickielynn

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    This is the first time I have ever read anyone on this, or any other FM/CFS board, describe these head tremors!

    I have CFS/FMS/MPS, and some other issues. I have been getting the tremors for many years, but they had gotten worse in the last 2 years. Your description is exactly as mine is. It happens when I am at rest, and usually I don't "know" it's coming.

    When I described it to my "Doctor" (???) several months ago, she simply said, "I haven't seen that." When I asked her, "Do you mean you have never heard of such a tremor?", she said, "No, I just mean I have not noticed it happening to you!" DUH!!!

    I then explained to her (through gritted teeth) that it rarely happens when I am talking or moving around. And, as I told her, it is very subtle. I told her that even if someone were around me all the time, and spent a lot of time directly observing me, the chances that they would actually "catch" me having one were not very good.

    However, IF someone just happened to be looking at my face or head at the exact moment one of these tremors happened, they would be able to see it. However, if they didn't know that it was an ongoing problem for me, then they would probably assume it was a purposeful movement.

    Once in a while, it happens when I begin to move my head. Lets say I have been staring straight ahead for a period of time, such as at the computer, or the tv, and have kept my head in a still position for some time. Then, if I go to turn my head, lets say, to reach for my drink or the remote, or to glance across the room, or anything requiring just a gentle, slow movement to the left or the right of the moment I initiate the movement, the tremor will hit, and my head will go "no-no" gently as I move through the gentle head turn to the side.

    In other words, mine happen both when I have not moved my head from center for some time, just out of nowhere......but they also happen upon subtle side-to-side intentional movement of my head. In fact, I think the latter is called "intention" tremor.

    I do not know the significance or meaning of the fact that I experience both intention and non-intention tremors. (My terminology stinks......I hope I am making myself clear.)

    I also have a very slight (but less so) "jerkiness" of my head when I go to look up or down, like from the computer screen to the keyboard. But that tremor is even more subtle than the side-to-side tremor.

    I also have a tremor in my left hand. I am right handed, and I have never noticed a tremor in it. But the time I notice the tremor in my left hand is when I pick up something with left hand....for example, a glass of water. I reach to pick up the glass, and my hand will then kinda rock from side to side. If the glass is really full, the contents spill over the top of the glass.

    I have also noticed it happening when I pick up the TV remote with my left hand......the tremor hits when I make the motion of pointing the remote at the TV.

    I also drop things out of my hands quite often, but especially my left hand. It is as if they just slip through my fingers, but I have no conscious awareness of a weakening of my grip occurring. I guess because it happens so fast.

    As others have mentioned, I also have Restless Legs Syndrome, that often affects my whole body. Before I knew anything about RLS, (and before I was told about my legs jerking while I sleep) I used to refer to the jerks, and the weird sensations as "the Heebie-Jeebies", or "The Screaming Jerks", when it gets really bad. I really am not sure, even after all the studying I have done, where the RLS leaves of and a "myoclonus" kicks in. (Pardon the Pun!)

    I have been on .5mg of Klonopin for just over a year, and it has improved the RLS symptoms, the jerks and the tremors. Unfortunately, I THINK that the Ultram I take for pain worsens the RLS (and possibly the tremors). I don't know for know how hard it can be to know which comes first....the chicken or the egg.

    But, even though I had the RLS and the Tremors long before I ever started using Ultram in 1999, these symptoms worsened significantly after that time. But so did the stress in my life, during the same time did all my symptoms. So who knows?

    I also get the "electric shock" sensations, or what I call "tiny brain zaps". (Not to be confused with the terrible painful "electric jabs" that I get in my face, ear and throat when I have attacks of Trigeminal Neuralgia.) But the "tiny brain zaps" are just a split-second sensation that "feel" as though they "should" shake my body visibly...but they don't

    I also suspect that I have had momentary "absence seizures", which is one of the reasons there have been periods of time when I have been afraid to drive.

    The Klonopin has also seemed to help the "tiny brain zaps", and what I think might have been "absense seizures".

    One more "weird symptom" I would like to know if you, or anybody else, split-second episodes of intense vertigo. They only last, literally, maybe 2 seconds, if that long. They also happen when I am at rest, and come out of nowhere. I will say that I have been aware that they happen when I am on the computer more than at any other time, but they do happen at other times.

    Even though they are quick, they are really much that if I happen to be standing up, I will pitch forward. Once this happened when I was in a Hallmark store, standing at a counter of greeting cards looking at cards, and the "split-second" vertigo hit, and I fell forward into the cards! By the time I actually hit the cards, the vertigo was gone! Like somebody just "flipped a switch"!

    Now, I have had mild, long-lasting episodes of true vertigo upon awakening in the morning. I used to say "Man, I woke up really spin-headed this morning", or I might say jokingly, "Drunk again!" Those episodes last a couple of hours. But they happen much less often than the "split-second" episodes.

    Well, I am sorry to be so long-winded....that is a problem for me. I don't post very often, but when I do actually feel up to posting, they are usually long. I have never been able to learn how to "be brief".

    But,like I said, I had never seen anyone describing the head tremor thing like you did. So I wanted to describe my episodes of tremor, and some of the other "weird" neurological symptoms I have, to see if you, or anybody else, experiences any similar symptoms.

    Thanks for bringing this subject up! Although I am sorry that you have the tremors, I am relieved to actually finally hear someone else describe this!


  8. cyberamy

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    I know exactly what you are talking about!! It's a ever so slight "no no " head tremor. I think anxiety may be what triggers mine because it has happened when i am feeling anxious. I also took metabolife and it really started happening! so I quit. I feel since , as mentioned above, since we have sensory overload and our brains are in a slight seizure state this would make sense. I'ts the weirdest sensation! I have gotten it before all my fibro symptoms appeared. I have often wondered if people can see it. I told my pcp about this ( he looked at me strangly ) and he just blew it off as probably just another fibro symptom, but I really wish I knew what is really happening! Let me know If you find out! Take care,Amy
  9. Fibromiester

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    Welcome to the Board! I assume you are new? I hope you find the folks here as friendly and helpful as I have!
    When I saw Brain Spasm- I had no idea...But I CAN relate! And even more so to what Vickie said. But my only Brain-Spasm, would be described as an Electrical ZAP! It takes me by surprise and only lasts a few seconds, and blinds & stuns me. The other thing that relates is occaisionally if I cough hard, I will "lose it" for a moment and I am aware of my arms, shoulders & head Jerking- and then it will slowly stop. But I feel this is more like a tiny convulsion than a tremor or a brain spasm.
    And Vickie, I have looked into Movement Disorders. -
    I have developed a good Hand Tremor, which gets worse when I'm aggravated or very nervous. Also an "Internal Tremor"--When I'm very still, I can feel- from my feet all the way up! a very gentle, steady "Jiggling"...INSIDE ME. Also related is my awful Restless Leg Syndrome. I've been sitting here too long and My legs are killing me! Dancing all over! And my son has Tourette's Syndrome...many tic's and grunts. They are all in the same boat, and I think FMers are prone to it.IMHO
    Thanks for bringing this up, Wanda!
    Anyone Else?
  10. Godslove

    Godslove New Member

    for all the help.
    Jeanna..I take only 5 mg of celexa and am trying to wean myself off of it. I was supposed to be taking 20 mg but I felt like I was in more of a fog than before. I also have wondered if it was medicine related.

    Dolsgirl..I haven't tried a search but that's a good idea. I will try it.

    Ruthus..I'm pretty new to this board also..welcome! I don't have the same symptoms you're describing. I hope you can find help.

    Phenom..Thanks for your reply also. Although my "tremors" happen only when I am at rest, I believe that they are one in the same.

    Laura..I can only imagine what you must be going through. I have never heard of being able to direct the "outlet jerks". I also have restless leg syndrome which is very annoying at best.

    Vickie..I also have a tremor in my left hand, mostly in my thumb. I understand when you say it is a relief to find out someone else has this problem.

    Amy..I agree with the anxiety trigger. Would you please enlighten me more on the "slight seizure state"? Thanks.

    Fibromiester..Thanks for welcoming me. Yes, I am relatively new here although I have watched for some time now and love this board! I also have the internal tremor and jiggling inside my body. It can get frustrating even on a good day!

    Thanks again and many blessings.. Wanda
  11. herekitty

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    Has your doctor considered the possibility of Parkinson's Disease? I have recently developed the "no, no" shake, and have been trying to see what it could be, and I also have a tremor in my left hand and other tremors. Anyway, the shake and several of my tremors are supposedly common in PD. Just another unpleasant option.
    Kitty =^..^=
  12. Godslove

    Godslove New Member

    My Mother has Parkinson's and I have wondered if this may be part of the culprit. Sad to say, I'd rather have FMS. I didn't know the "no-no" shake could be related to this disease but I was aware about the hand tremors. Thanks for your help.

    Blessings, Wanda