Anyone have children with fibro

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    I have a seven year old son who at times has complained of pain in various parts of his body, mostly legs but now in his wrist. Having fibro myself I listen carefully to his concerns and keep a mental log. I don't want to jump to any conclusions, and frankly, pray he does not have this condition. I have talked to the pediatrician openly and we have been thinking that the pain is growing pains. Just wondering how other children experience fibro and when they were diagnosed.

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    My sister and I both have fibro, as well as an aunt. My 14 year old daughter shows signs, but is active in sports. I don't tell her much, except that she needs to get a job with real benefits, and encourage her to go to college. Hopefully she'll never get it, and if she does the support and medicines have to be better than they are currently. I do listen attentively when she complains, and try to be as normal of a dad as I can be. If I'm not feeling well, I say just that, or that I need to lay down. I don't want her to mimick my symptoms. So far I think she's doing fine, but inside I'm a little worried for her. She is handling it well, for now anyway.
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    for that info. What a blessing, as I was going to ask about the same thing when I logged on today...I haven't been on in a while, lots been going on, but I felt the need to revisit since I have been very worried about my son.

    It's a long story, but I myself have suffered from fibro and chronic fatigue I believe my whole life. Of course I didn't have a clue what my problem was until I was well into my twenties, when I finally received a diagnosis after reading about it and thinking, "hey! that's me!" It took a long time, many doctors and much diligence to get much help, much less an official dx. Most dr's would say something like, "yeah, sounds like you might have that", but I guess they just didn't know what to do. I am 39 now and I live in Oklahoma so it wasn't very progressive.

    Aaaanywayyyy.... my son is 19 now has showed signs of fibro as long as i can remember. Another thing he has suffered his whole life is chronic stomach aches, esp in the mornings, which was exactly what i went through. We haven't been very successful in getting to the bottom of his health issues, and he isn't exactly the best at caring for himself. For instance, he is also hypoglycemic and often goes days without food and wonders why he feels awful, yet he refuses to eat, cos "he's not hungry".

    He has an array of symptoms, same as we are all familiar with, esp sleep problems and fatigue. Although he is extremely smart, he graduated h.s. by the skin of his teeth he missed so much school.

    Problem is, now he is moved into his own apt and no longer under our insurance. He has been unable to hold down a job on account of being sick all the time. He works odd jobs, like landscaping, when he can get up to doing it, but the anxiety of living on his own and paying bills and barely being able to make rent is making his symptoms worse, which also include major depression and anxiety, which he is on medication for but idk how much it helps really.

    My husband and i worry about him constantly, honestly we don't feel he ought to be living on his own yet considering the circumstances, but he is determined to "make it out there" and all that stuff.

    We've finally convinced him that he needs to be seen for his stomach aches, reasoning that if they are bad enough to keep him from getting up for work on a regular basis, he needs a dr. Thing is, I looked online and found a free walkin clinic since he is uninsured, and we are supposed to go there tonight and hang out there till they take him, but I worry about the level of care he can really get at a place like that. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but I just worry about him so much and wish we could have gotten to the bottom of things years ago and improved his childhood, but it was like finding a needle in a haystack.

    Any ideas, advice, or commiseration would be great... for others who have gone through or are going through the same kind of thing, i feel for you. anything anyone has done that helps at all? esp for a person who is very strong willed and not prone to taking momma's advice? Also, tho my husband has learned to be supportive and understanding about my condition, i don't think he is willing to admit that our son may possibly share the same one. Not a strapping young lad. He should be Strong. It's tough. And how do you know where the line is between him truly not feeling good and just being lazy? How many days he's spent lying on the couch watching tv thru the years...chores undone...sigh. Shoot, it's hard for me to know whether I'm just being lazy! You know how that is?

    Well thanks for listening...
    Georgie :)
    ps-please forgive my grammaricle laziness. i just wanted to write this quickly.
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    my daughter complained of leg aches. In fact I brought her to the doctor for that reason. I recall her complaining of a stomach ache that prevented her from going to school. I thought this all strange since i never recalled my brother or sister or myself having leg pains. She had her share of ear aches and allergies and she was pretty active. She was a cholichy sp? baby.
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    I have often wondered in my now 18 YO daughter may have CFS and/or Fibro.

    She has had stomach issues since she was a teenager- belching all the time and stomach aches. She had an upper-GI that showed nothing was out of the ordinary.

    Then, she started to develop chronic migraines. We saw her peditrician and a pediatric neurologist. She even had an MRI with and without contrast- nothing was found.

    In the past two years, both symptoms are getting worse. As one dad said, he doesn't want his daughter to "mimic" his symptoms.

    My daughter is a very high achiever in school and a perfectionist. She has had a very high GPA, graduated as a member of the National Honor Society, and went to college for her senior year.

    How do I know if she is just an over-achiever and this is stress related -or- the start of CFS or Fibro? None of my other 3 children have these symptoms, thank goodness.

    Any suggestions?

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    Very interesting info!

    A couple of things struck me - one that children with Fibro have a better outcome and that 73% ar no longer Fibromyalgic.

    Secondly, I think "growing pains", the term, the diagnosis, has been around forever. But it is interesting - growing isn't supposed to hurt!! Sounds logical to me.

    I had growing pains for as far back as I can remember. I used to lay on the floor with my legs on the bed and my Mom would rub them for me. I remember just crying and crying.

    I never suffered from a trauma, illness or anything else I remember that triggered my Fibro.
    Except for my growing pains, sleeping a lot, I had a normal and very good childhood.
    As I got into my teens and then older, I remember that I couldn't stay out or up late. If I was standing or was just awake, I'd get up the next morning feeling like I was hungover - this was long before I knew what a hangover was!!

    That has stayed with me to this day.

    Interesting article!!
  7. I don't know what happened. Hubby first 10 years ago. Me about 4 years ago and now 19 yr old. My son hasn't been to the doctor.We just have no money.We have been fighting to get ssd ffor myself. The judge at my hearing denied 19 out of 20 people,he is a new judge.

    Only difference is my son and hubby both were never active,always having minor problems with growing pains,allergies and such,where I was pretty healthy and hyperactive.

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    Hi. I just read your question regarding kids and fibro, and the concern you have that your 7 year old might be showing signs of FMS.
    I have fibromyalgia, too, and was also concerned when my now-16-year-old daughter started complaining of pain in her legs around the age of 8-9, and continuing until about the age of 14 or so, off and on. There was one year I'll never forget.....the pain was so bad in her legs that she would be in tears. I'd give her ibuprofen and the pain would subside enough for her to go on with her day.
    Anyhow, ever since she was little, about every 6 months, I would measure her height. I would make sure I wrote it down correctly (up against a wall, no shoes on, back of heels against baseboard, standing up straight), checking it about 3-4 times.
    Well, this particular year that she was crying from the pain in her legs (if it were just one leg, I would have been more concerned), I measured her height. It had been approximately 6-7 months, so it was time.
    I could tell she had grown, but didn't realize just how much until I measured. OMG! Not only was I shocked, but her dad and her doctor were both shocked! This kid had grown 1 and 3/4 inches in that 7 month period. That's almost 2 inches! Wow.......
    She had also mentioned other parts aching, too, like the wrist area that your son has mentioned to you, so I'm more apt to think your son is, in fact, experiencing some growing pains.
    Glad to hear that you've mentioned this to your sons pediatrician and that you're checking other possibilites just to be safe, but I'd say it's most likely growing pains.
    Since your son is only 7, starting measuring his height, the way I've described above, and about every 6-12 months. I marked on the wall the date and height every time. I bet you'll find that during these times, and over time, that they're just growing pains and that he probably doesn't have FMS. Let's hope he doesn't, anyhow. As you and I and others know, it can be painful at times, and I'd hate to think of any child having to put up with the pain we
    I hope this helps some. Take care. - Shadowsmom42
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