Anyone have chronic/extreme dizziness?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TerryS, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. TerryS

    TerryS Member

    I know this is associated with mitral valve prolapse (which I have), but can it be associated with CFS (which I am being worked up for).

  2. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    It is seen in both FM and CFS. I can have this problem for months at a time, and then be "almost normal" for a long time. Right now I can walk a straight line to the grocery store! I seem to have more problems when my body is fighting some inflammation/ infection, and during stressful times (affects my BP).
  3. TerryS

    TerryS Member

    I've been having this problem for a few months now. I have a hard time keeping my balance sometimes; I fall into the wall while walking down the hallway, lose my balance in the shower, and have actually fell or bumped into other people out in public.

    I nearly always feel dizzy upon standing, but also now have dizzy spells while I'm sitting or lying down. Sometimes I have something like an electrical zap through my head first. When that happens, everything turns grey and I feel very faint. This has happened a few times while I am driving. I'm very worried about it...

  4. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Sjogren's and Fibro and for many yrs. even before dx I had vertigo every Fall to varying degrees.For 3yrs I've had constant dizziness and the last few months it's only on my left side if I lay down and turn that way or bend down and if I look up but Fall's a commin so here we go.
  5. TerryS

    TerryS Member

    But the Anti-SSA and Anti-SSB were negative...the Anti-ssDNA was positive.

    Does any of that sound familiar to you???

    My eyes do feel dry and gritty a lot, but I do produce tears...

    It's confusing.

  6. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    When you mentioned dry eyes but still have tears - I found out your eyes can produce excess tears when they are dry trying to wet them.

    I have less of a problem with it now because I use eye drops (artificial tears) morning and night.

    Don't use the kind that gets the red out, it's for allergies and has extra medicine you don't need.

    Take care,
  7. TerryS

    TerryS Member

    I actually have excessive fluid coming from my eyes a lot of times, so I figured there was NO WAY I had Sjogren's. But, I do have a dry mouth and have to drink constantly.

  8. Scapper

    Scapper New Member

    I have CFS and I go through extreme dizziness cycles. I'm in one now for a few months.

    I also have MVP and I never experienced this dizziness before CFS.

    Even when I'm not in a bad dizzy cycle, I don't have good balance either.

    My practitioner seems to throw the majority of my symptoms under the "virus" category.....I've yet to be virus free, so I'm not sure if this is the culprit.

    Sorry I don't have anything more concrete for you!

  9. TerryS

    TerryS Member

    I also have had problems with loss of balance these last few months. I fall into walls and sometimes fall into other people while out in public! It's embarrassing...I'm too young for this!!!

  10. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Sjogren's dx came as a shocker to me as well.My eyes weren't dry enough to worry me and I thought my mouth was dry from meds.My blood work was fine and still is but a lip biopsy showed I had it.Even if that would have come back normal there still is a test they do on your eyes.Some people have everything come back good and that doesn't mean you don't have it.I hope they find out if you have it.There are meds that increase moisture and some that helps fatigue and inflammation.
  11. rynkat

    rynkat New Member

    Dizziness is a symptom of fm and cfs, it can also be a symptom of being dehydrated but it can also be a symptom of something more serious.

    You did not say whether you had any vision changes or headaches acompanying the dizzyiness? Tunnel vision or astigmatism or seeing bright flashing lights or wiggly lights can mean you are getting migrain headaches.

    Loosing your sight for seconds at a time when you feel that electical shock type feeling could mean a seizure or tumor. I don't want to scare you, but it is better to be aware and get checked than to have something happen. I experienced some of the electrical shock feelings before I had a major gran-mal seizure, that is how I found out I had a benign brain tumor. I am lucky I was not driving or up on a ladder at the time that it happened.
  12. bpmwriter

    bpmwriter New Member

    does anyone else's dizzines seem to be related to weather? my acupuncturist is always reminding me that the damp environment i live in (florida) is not the best place for me. she attributes dizzines to dampness and humidity. it's making more sense to me since the dizziness does seem to wane when i visit dry climates.
  13. djj

    djj New Member

    Dizzinesss was the very first symptom I had. It wasn't vertigo just constant unsteadiness. Couldn't even move my head. It lasted for years the first time. Have struggled with it to some extent since. Had a bad flair up this year but it went away in a month or so. No one knows how awful it is until they experience it. It's just always there....You are not alone. My Dr. told me it was a typical symptom in CFS. I thought something was wrong with my ears. Like the usual patient who has cfs/fibro I went from dr. to dr. for several years looking for an answer. I did finally learn I had mitral valve prolapse, but that dr. didn't seem to think it was a big deal. (he wasn't dizzy!)
  14. TerryS

    TerryS Member

    associated with the dizziness.

    I had a CT scan yesterday. I go back to my PCP next week and we'll see what he says about it. Also, will review yet MORE lab work. (So far, positive ANA, positive anti-DNA, positive chronic/reactivated Epstein Barr, positive smooth muscle).

    I have an appointment next Friday with a neurologist and an appointment the following Friday with a rheumatologist. These will be my first appointments with both docs. Between the two of them, surely they'll get to the bottom of this.

    Hope my CT scan didn't show anything of significance!


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