Anyone have ck(total)enzymes test level adnormalty

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    I haven't been on for awhile,having my up and down spells.also been seeing endrocrine dr.I had a bad flare up a week ago.end up going to the i had a follow up visit with my primary dr.she suggested to add a ck total to my blood work since I'm a regular candidate because of thallesemia and my ck(total)came back at a level of 399.which is which is you total muscle enzymes in the much can mean a defunction or injury to the dr.look over my chart and seen that i had a two more done a year ago. one came back 689 and the other came back normal.BUT THIS LAST TEST SHE TOLD ME NOT TO EAT ANY THING.because it can effect my test so it came back am off to see a rummy again.Trying to resolve why my ck total is i was wandering did anyone else had this problem.