Anyone have difficulty taking Valtrex?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Junegal, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Junegal

    Junegal New Member

    I have EBV and HHV6. I went to the LLMD for the first time on Friday. It was hard for her to draw defininte conclusions based on the fact that all I had was basic bloodwork with me, as well as Quest Lyme test showing two bands. She obviously did a full workup but it isn't back yet. Hopefully she'll know the whole picture in a week or so and we'll have more to go on.

    She was trying to explain to me (if I understood it correctly) that EBV and HHV6 can play off Lyme and vice versa and you can't just treat Lyme when you have those also going on, you have to kill off everything at once. She said my EBV and HHV6 numbers have skyrocketed over the past year. The way I understood it (and I could be very wrong with my interpretation) is that the Lyme plays off of the EBV/HHV6 and thrives when that is present.

    I tried taking Vatrex back in January and remember feeling crummy on it. They switched me to Amantadine. This new doctor (LLMD, now I am pursuing Lyme) feels that Amantadine does not attack EBV or HHV6 and I need to be on Valtrex to kill those viruses off.

    So today is day two of Valtrex and I am so sick. I've barely moved off of the couch, my stomach hurts and I have a cap-like headache. I remember feeling more tired on Valtrex and the cap-like headache in January when I took it.

    I know this isn't just a twist in the Lyme because before this medicine I was getting up and dressed everyday and doing a little bit each day. I was never laying on the couch, especially not sleeping on/off. That is all I have done all weekend.

    Will my body adjust to the Valtrex or is this just the way it is?

    Thank you.
  2. wld285

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    The whole thing is...everyone is different. I was on Valtrex for 3 mos. last yr. and I felt the best I had from ever taking anything. I also have all those viruses plus Lyme.

    I am seeing a LLMD in Aug. and will see how he handles everything. I think I had been on the Valtrex only 3 wks. when I noticed a big change in the way I felt, for the better that is. You probably are herxing, and it should get better over time.

    Good luck and keep us informed. I am still learning too.

  3. wld285

    wld285 New Member

    My appoint. isn't till Aug 5th, but I asked if he worked with the virals and they said yes.
  4. Junegal

    Junegal New Member

    I wonder if I have systematic strep because my main complaint through the past 1.5 years is a constant sore throat (it is bad, like I have glass in my throat, I can barely swallow when it hits) and it *always* responds to antibitiocs.

    When they kept saying over and over "sore throat is part of EBV and CFS" I never bought it because if it was a CFS or EBV sore throat, it wouldn't respond to antibiotics. I always feel better on antiobitics and would live on them, if I could. That to me says that there is something going on in addition to the EBV/CFS and I wish they would find it.

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