Anyone have "Discernment of the Spirit" as a spiritual gift?

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by mujuer, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. mujuer

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    This is such a rare gift and so far I have not found many others with it. I have this gift and would like to talk to others with it also. P
  2. mujuer

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    I read your bio and yes, sensative and intuitive sums it up doesn't it. I have been this way since a child also. Having to be home most of the time has helped me to develop it more. I am wondering how to use it in ministry. I would like to see how others use their gift. I am going to e-mail my pastor and see what he has to offer. I have other gifts as well and have served in ministry as my gifts allow.

    This particular gift however seems like the most personal of my gifts. How do you and others use their gift in ministry? P
  3. mujuer

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    I am 50 yrs. young and so far have not found it to be a curse. I am so sorry that your spirit finds judgement awaiting in the church. The Lord has always led me to a church where I felt I could learn something or that someone needed me. The church we are attending now I had issues with at the beginning because of the pastor but he is gone now and we now have two wonderful pastors. P
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    Hi Mujuer and Tiggy,
    I don't know that I have a gift as such, but I have always been 'a good judge of character', when I meet someone I can get 'vibes' about them.

    Having said that I have also been tricked many times.

    And being a Christian I have turned the other cheek or forgiven or given many chances to those I was not sure their motives were pure.

    Churches are no different to being anywhere, I used to trust that at Church the people were 'good people' that I was safe among Gods people....tricked again, and some leaders are wolves in sheeps clothing as the Bible says there will be.

    Interesting topic guys.


  5. Lms526

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    I do have the gift of discernment. You're right, sometimes it can be a curse. But it can also be a blessing.

    During college, I had this roommate who was into some pretty freaky stuff. Anyway, there were times when I could sense the presence of evil so strongly in our room. A few times, it made me feel physically sick. There have been other inexplicable things too. I just know things that I shouldn't. I'm kind of tired right now, so I will try to add more to this tomorrow.

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    Hi there: I am not sure what you mean by the gift of discernement. For me it is being in certain situations and knowing things I wouldn't normally know about the situation or the person ( past or present) or knowing something is going to happen to a person, situation etc. or giving advice ( supernatural to someone). It is not a liscence to pry into someone's life and it is a gift that is to be used with much wisdom. Not everything God shows a person with this gift is not meant to be shared with everyone. It is an intersting subject for discussion as it mirrors witchcraft many times. Having the gift of discernment is not the same as being pysic. Did I answer your question or confuse you.
  7. mujuer

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    Thank you for responding. I was just asking if others had this particular gift. I wonder who uses it in ministry and in what ways do they use it. I have other gifts as well and have used them all from singing in the choir to teaching sunday school. I feel that this is the one gift that I have used only for myself but feel like that the Spirit is leading me to use it in ministry. I have no idea what this would look like. I have sent an e-mail to my pastor asking him these things. P
  8. caffey

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    Thanks for your interest. MY opinion is that the gifts are the Spirit are meant to be a normal part of our lives. We don't have to worry or think about it.

    I sometimes think of discernement as for lack of better terminology as having a feeling. For example. You and I are talking about a situation I am in. You are listening. Something doesn't sound right and I say God what is going on here. You may feel they are angry, hurt or possibly abused. Or sometimes watching the news with all the doom and gloom and I think I wouldn't be surprised if ..... happens and some times it happens. The biggest thing to remember is the gifts of the Spirit are not a liscence to pry into peoples lives and talk about their secrets. Stay close to the Lord and let your Pastor help. It is a much needed gift in ministry. It is exciting to see someone want to branch out in this area and of course the other gifts work off it. It is so hard to explain in writing.
    All the best.
  9. jeduanboneis

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    God has gifted me with many spiritual gifts and I am so very grateful for all of them. They operate at different times according to different needs within situations. I believe they are for the "people",to give encouragementtothe congregation. The congregation of God's children, not denominations.

    But if I may stress, please keep your "eyes' open !!!! The eyes of your spirit. And then to do what the Bible says as a backup, test the spirits !!! My interpretation,"hide and watch". After quite a long time of realizing my gifts from Jesus, I have found that it is ALWAYS important to have a scripture that supports any communication from the Lord.

    I have been in "churches" where the gifts are appreciated and places where the gifts are renounced. After much prayer, I have come to realize that all people are in different places in their journey with Christ. If we can help with uplifting them, then have at it. But I believe that if there are things that you "see", it is important to be "discerning" about how or if that person will be able to receive it. But always within the fruit of the Spirit, gentleness, etc... I also believe that people, such as us, have the fruit of long suffering and withour gifts come intercession. And that sometimes means to "interceed" in their pain.

    I could speak forever about spiritual gifts. We are not called to judge, but only to judge the fruit that you see manifesting. At my present church, we have an "Inner Healing Ministry". That is where I am able to use the gifts of the Spirit, not my gifts. And I am always wary and watchful that I "try" to keep my flesh out of the mix.

    Also, I believe the gift is given to the person for personal protection. God is making us aware of danger, harmful associations, walking into any darkness. VBut most of all, how else would we know what to pray for when we see problems or when we see what we should praise God for ???

    And please understand, Jesus was not accepted within His own city, much less the world !!! So why would we be any different !!!!
    Bless you all !!!!!

    In God's Love,
    Jeanne <:)))))><
  10. mujuer

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    You have my prayers dear sister in Christ. You know God will be victorious in this. I ask for protection and peace and healing for the person whom you are helping to deliver. God speed and love. P
  11. mujuer

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    Please keep us updated. You have been on my heart so much since yesterday. I feel the fight. It is such hard work. I am in constant prayer for you. Blessings, P
  12. mujuer

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    for letting us know how you are. You are so incredibly strong. God has given you this strength. I had to learn sometime back that I had to let some people go. I had to let them go and let God further His work by using other people in their lives. It doesn't mean that I failed, it just meant that it was Gods time to work His perfect will. It was the very hardest part of "discernment" that I had to learn.

    When something passes thru our Spirit and it grieves the Spirit, it so hurtful to us. It leaves me feeling sick and takes me a couple of days to get over it. I hope you take a few days to recover. Let not your heart grow weary. Blessings, P
  13. hughestona

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    I have always had this "thing" in dealing with others. I was a teacher for 23 years.

    To me, it was/is like taking pieces of a puzzle and fitting them together to form a reason behind certain behaviors. These 'puzzle pieces' just come to me; it's like being able to look through some filmy cloth and see the real thing underneath.

    This 'gift' has caused me much pain over the years. People have told me that I am "too sensitive", as if that is a very bad character trait. It has also caused me not to trust everything my husband and daughter tell me. In particularly hurtful situations, I am led to pray specific prayers for them/us.

    I need to learn more about discernment. I have always associated the word 'intuitive' with my 'feelings'. How can I use this 'gift' to help me through a very difficult time that involves major health issues and personal problems?

  14. mujuer

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    I am so glad to see what others have written and I hope that it has been a helpful post. As we all can see, Tig is right down in the trenches, arm wrestling. Some are aware but don't quite know what to do with it except for personal use and then there are some that are somewhere in the middle. I have been down in the trenches myself and boy it was too much for me. It made me sick for years. It will still make me sick but only for a day if something bad passes thru and that is how I discern. It is just a knowing that passes thru me. If it is bad then with great humility I come before God and humbly ask him to give me loving words to confront whomever. I check everything against the Word.

    I have other gifts as well and have used them over the many years that I have been a Christ follower and have been able to discern thru those gifts as well.

    I talked to my pastor about it and am suppose to meet with his wife when they get back from their daughters wedding as she has the gift also. It will be interesting to see where this will lead us.

    For me I feel that having Fibro has made me more focused on my gifts. It is no fun having this but I can say it has it upsides to it. Hey, if we can call down heaven in a moment, defeat darkness while having these illnesses then what an awesome testimony to God. Blessings, P
  15. lvjesus

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    I think this is more being able to "evaluate" people to "discern" or "see" their real motives or proclivities (leanings, if you will). Many good examples were given, like seeing people who are "wolves in sheep's clothing", people who pretend to be holy or helpful or caring and are anything but. Discerning of spirits would allow you to sense that this person is not what they appear and sometimes you will even hear in your spirit something about this person that is contrary to what they are presenting.

    For example, our pastor tells a story about this gift saying that there was once a man in our church (before my time I think, but maybe not, because he does not name names) that vowed to stand by him and support him, and he heard in his spirit that the man was not what he appeared to be. He prayed that it would not be the case, that he would be wrong, so to speak, but it proved to be true. Our pastor's wife calls it "feeling a yuck in your spirit about someone our something" and that does sum it up pretty well.

    I was once reading a book called "Heaven Is So Real" by, I think, a Korean woman who writes about being able to see Jesus sitting on the altar during church, but no one else can, and Jesus coming to her at night and taking her, in the spirit, to Heaven and showing her all these things. She constantly says that He told her that she was "His special, chosen one" etc. Well at first I was reading it with no particular feeling, you know, evaluating but after a while I started to feel bad about ME, like I was NOT favored and I was somehow not good enough. Well, thankfully I was mature enough in the Lord to know that feeling was not right; that God would not want me to feel like that and anything that did make me feel like that was probably NOT a good thing.

    First thing I did was to STOP reading it IMMEDIATELY and did an internet search on the book to find LOTS of other people posting about feeling the same way about this book. I mean she went on to say that the Lord "showed" her a big house and a new car, saying that she was so special He wanted to give these things to her, blah, blah, blah. Bad stuff! Anyway, that is what I call discernment of spirits. I don't have that "gift", as in I do it all the time, but some gifts come and go as needed.

    Now Cath, what you are talking about sounds more like a word of knowledge or wisdom. A word of knowledge also comes and goes and is when you get a "message" for someone about something you have no way of knowing about them. A word of wisdom also comes and goes and is like being in a situation with someone and just speaking out things that the bible teaches that is applicable with authority.

    I have had the word of wisdom recently, much to my surprise!, and I knew it was God because what I said was much bolder and with more authority and surety than my usual style. Also, it came at just the right moment for this person and helped her see direction and, in come cases, be encouraged. I also knew because she kept saying how "wise" I was and how I should be teaching somehow. That is the tricky part and where Satan will slide in if he can and make you puffed up, like you are some kind of spiritual GIANT!! LOL So be careful, very careful with the gifts. I have a gift of singing and I often say, don't worship the gift, worship the giver of the gift, because He is the only One worthy of worship.

    Cath, I also appreciate your wisdom in your words of caution because much caution is needed because pride is everywhere. I don't say that in judgement, but in confession, cause I often find it all over me and know how sneaky it is. I am out there trying to live for God and do whatever He wants me to do and *BAM* before you know it, you are staring pride in the face, whether it is being puffed up about all the "good" YOU are doing, or in the sneaky guise of fear and doubt (afraid to step out and look like a fool!)

    Jeanne, well said.

    God Bless you all,

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