Anyone have EBV? Blood Test results and questions?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kimba4318, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    Hi friends... been pretty sick lately (sick & tired too):)

    Just got some blood tests back, wondered if you all could help or had something similar...

    Epstein Barr Virus (Positive - OFF the charts actually)
    FACTOR II activity - Positive

    Thats just a few of what the infectious disease doc drew so far and I do not understand what they mean yet. I've read what I could and she wont be back in the office til Thursday.

    Just wondering if any of these would be causing my severe joint.muscle pain, brain fog, severe fatigue, shooting pains & sleeplessness or if it's just the good ole FIBRO doing its thing.

    Any input would be appreciated.

  2. TerryS

    TerryS Member

    There are a few and, when looked at as a whole, they can tell if the infection is old or chronic/recurrent. EBV is a marker for mono and cytomegalovirus.

    I know a little about it as I had an active, acute case of cytomegalovirus (CMV) back in 2002. I ran a fever for 27 days straight, had EXTREME weakness and muscle aches, etc. Even after the fever went away, it took at least three more weeks before I could even make a trip to the grocery store without feeling like I would pass out half way through. It actually took MONTHS before I felt pretty normal again, but I've never been the same since.

    I came to this board one week ago because I feel horrible (but not as bad as the epsiode I just described) and my lab work came back as "chronic/active EBV". My ENT (who ran the tests) thinks I may have CFS. I'm trying to figure out the connection, if any, of EBV to CFS. One of the people who replied to my earlier post today about EBV said that her's shows up positive when she is feeling particularly ill.

  3. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    It says EBV Ab VCA, IgG & the other is the same but IgM - hope that may help. thanks for responding - just saw that you posted about that :)
  4. TerryS

    TerryS Member

    According to my paperwork, that shows either an acute infection or that you are in the convalescent phase. EBV is a marker for mono and cytomegalovirus. I'm not sure about anything else.

    Hope that helps.
  5. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    Yes yes and yes EBV can cause all of your symptoms and more! I had EBV, and mycoplasma. I also had Hypercoagulation, and adrenal fatigue. I did Heperin injections and Lumbrokiinase for the Hypercoagulation and plain old Doxycyclene for the EBV. It worked.

    My Ebv is back to normal and the hypercoagulation is gone. I am still treating the mycoplasma. The bottom line is I am feeling tons better. I am doing things I never thought I would do again! (Check out my photo on my profile) You have found a Dr that is on the right track. Hang in there it is a long process and you may feel worse before you feel better but it is worth it! Give thanks that you don't have Lymes!

    Take Care and good luck! Lynn
  6. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    thank you for your responses. Wow Lynn- that gives me so much hope. The fact that maybe I can get better... beautiful horse by the way - I used to ride and was never happier... I need to look into that again.

    What meds where you taking for treatment? I am waiting for a call back from my inf. disease doc on Thursday... seems like a long way away.

    How does one get into the FFC??? I am sure it is hard to do.

    Thanks a bunch!
    Kim :)
  7. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    Right now I am just taking some supplements like fish oil and the fatigued to fantastic vitimin drink, also Miyake mushroom which is an immune booster. I also take Thyroid for T3 and I still need Ambien for sleep. The FFC is just Fybromyalgia and Fatique Center and anyone can go there.

    I am having the time of my life riding. I bought Nightinggale in December and she is a terrific therapist. before that I half leased a horse. I started back after about 20 years of not riding. i have made so many friends and enjoy it so much. Just grooming her and the smell of the barn is heaven. If you are thinking about it go for it. It has been so worth it! She is half Arab and half QH and small at only 14.3 I have a 14 year old girl who rides her and helps me with her stall ect.. She does Novice level eventing on her right now too. I am sticking with the 3 foot and under I am breakable!

    I am always happy to answer anything and I would love to hear about your riding past and future! It's my fasvorite subject and my husband is sick of hearing about it! Ha Lynn
  8. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    he he - only WE can relate to the "therapy" and the smell of the barn..... to others it may stink, but I know exactly what you mean.. smell of the hay, the saddle/tack (leather) and our cute friends. Heavenly to ME!

    I had a QH/Thourobred (cant even spell anymore) - I rode english and did some shows. I fell off of her once and broke my collar bone (that one hurt) anyway - she was a good horse to me.

    We live on the water and would not be able to keep a horse here, but I was thinking of getting myself feeling better, and helping others with exersizing, etc.

    Thanks for sharing with me - I hope some of this workks for me too. I need some quality back!
    Big Hugs :)

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