Anyone have Experiences with Picklines?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bruin63, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I am on another, round of abx treatment.
    If this course, dosen't clear up the MRSA, then I will not beable to put off going to the Hospital any longer.

    I hate Needles, of any kind, and with having, RSD, OA, and CMP along with Fibro, makes it Hurt worse, and I can't stand having an IV.

    I'm a real wimp.
    I have a Bro. and 2 Sisters who have had them, and they say, it dosen't hurt.
    Maybe Not them, Ouch! Even a Blood test, is hurtful, and they have to use a Butterfly needle, when I do manage to get to the Lab.

    WHich I need to do, but have put it off, because of the MRSA.

    I was wondering, if anyone here, had a bad reaction to the Pickine.
    I get Infections at Injection site's, and a painful area for months afterwards.

    Thanks ahead of Time for any Replies, you may have for me.

  2. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    ...embedded in my chest for the course of my Leukemia treatment. Similar to a pickline, though not exactly, but the same concerns about infection.

    I think I had mine for 7 months, and didn't experience any infections, though I know that they can happen. It is very important to follow all the instructions about cleaning the area, and flushing with saline weekly. I remember I panicked when I had some redness develop around the area, but my oncologist wasn't concerned, said that with a foreign object under your skin like that, you can expect some redness without being concerned about infection.

    I can tell you that though it made showering less than easy for months, it was HUGELY convenient for getting chemotherapy, anti-nausea drugs, blood transfusions and antibiotics. I can't imagine having to get "stuck" for all of those things, it would've added up to probably hundreds of sticks! If you are needing to get regular doses of I.V. anything, it would be convenient.

    Picklines are a little different, but same concept.

    Hope this helps.

  3. jess

    jess New Member

    Hi, I had a pick line a few years ago after colon surgery. It was not painful to have or remove. However, 2 weeks after I came home I developed an infection from it. They had left it in just to be on the safe side in case I needed it. so I was back in the hospital on other abx. Then they finally removed it. I was told that getting an infection from a pick line is not that uncommon. The infection was not at the site. It was internal. Good luck, Jess
  4. KMD90603

    KMD90603 New Member

    PICC lines, while they are not necessarily pleasant to insert, offer a great alternative to being stuck over and over again and dealing with the problems of maintaining an IV. Infection is always a concern, but everything done with a PICC line is done using sterile technique, or at least it should be. Do you already have a PICC line, or is the doctor just considering it? It sounds like with your need for very strong antibiotics, a PICC line may be the right choice.

    FYI, a PICC line stands for peripherally inserted central catheter. Read up on it, and it may help alleviate your fears.

  5. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I will probably have to go that way, if this round dosen't work.
    Dosen't sound like fun, and if there is a chance that I might get another infection, from the pickline, I'm not sure if I can get there without having a Panic Attack.

    When it comes to, "It shouldn't, or it won't," , that means It probably will happen to me, been that way all my life.
    Bet it's that way for a lot of us here.

    Again thanks for your replies,
    have as good a day as you can.


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