Anyone have gastroparesis-Delayed Gastric Emptying?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by suz9601, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. suz9601

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    I have just been diagnosed w/delayed gastric emptying. Does anyone else have this? What causes it? Any natural treatments? I have constant belching, nausea, burning in my stomach, like chronic indigestion..Thanks/
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  2. suz9601

    suz9601 Member

  3. cobie

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    Hi , I had the same question on here several weeks ago.Eventually i found an article from a Sydney Me / cfs clinical and scientific conference 2001. A Dr Richard Burnet did a small study on the abnormalities in the gut of cfs pts.91% of pts had delayed oesophageal and gastric emptying.The main problem stems from delay in the liquid phase which suggests a central rather than peripheral causation for the gastric delay.{ meaning its coming from the brain} He said small frequent meals seperate liquid from solids. Maxolon may help. I went to my natropath and took a liver tonic.Helping the gut with all the things, lots of fiber, probiotics etc Good luck Cobie
  4. pastel

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    I really have this. It seems to vary with the severity of
    my symptoms but it's a nasty problem isn't it.

    Interesting suggestions on how to deal with it from Cobie...did not know about liquid/solid separation.

    Also find that anything fatty will be especially problematic. For example last week I went nuts and had
    a chocolate cherry cheescake for dessert. Big mistake. My
    whole dinner just sat there all night and sleep was poor
    etc etc.

    Also anything that stresses the GI system; for eg. I can
    have a couple of walnuts every second or third day, but
    not every day, or my gut will "suddenly" get irritated.
    Giving up coffee a couple of months ago was probably the
    biggest single thing to help my digestion.

    Coffee is a real irritant as everybody knows, but I didn't
    really really get it til I stopped drinking it and I feel
    so much better.

    Still belch like a moose (my spouse tells me not to go into
    the forest or I'll end up engaged to one) but if I lie
    on my left side and slightly bend the right knee the
    intestines shift in a way that allows me to get the gas
    out. It's worth a this from a nurse friend.

  5. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    Mine started a year ago. It took them seven months to, diagnose what was wrong. Mine started with severe IBS. I was very constipated.

    My stomach was bloated to the point that I couldn't wear my own clothes, and not much of the few larger pieces I bought. Hubby took pictures of it. It was horrid.

    I found, for me, eating lean meats, eating no wheat or other grains, vegetables w/o skins and cooked. Plus, banana's and canned fruit in its own syrup. I found a diet online. You might want to try searching under gastroparesis diet.

    Others can probably tolerate more, but I have some other problems too. I know most grains are a big no due to not going through your digestive tract easily. The same with fatty foods.

    Sometimes I let myself have those 'other foods' and I bloat again until it is out of my system.

    Have you been diagnosed with Reflux, or a hietal hernia?They seem to go hand in hand.

    Try typing gastroparesis in the search box at top of the page. You should find other posts about this.

    Good luck!

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  6. suz9601

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    Thanks everyone..Kim- Yes I have hernia and reflux too..Is this caused by the gastropersis?
  7. ilovecats94

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    I've had diabetic gastroparesis now since 1990. My main symptom is pain. Yes, I had to give up coffee and now I drink the diet soft drinks for the caffeine to get me going. I don't have a problem with artificial sweeteners.

    I don't know of any natural treatments. I use Reglan 10 mg. 30 minutes before I eat.

    In my case, mine was caused by nerve damage from diabetes back when I wasn't taking as good of care of myself as I have been since 1989.

    You can google it and find more about it. There are many good sites on this. I think once you get it, it doesn't go away, it is there for the rest of your life, at least in my case.

  8. ksp56

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    I think there is a connection between the gastro problems, reflux, etc. Just cannot remember why! I think!

    It was suggested I take a probiotic and an multi-enzyme supplement before each meal. They help aid in digestion and support healthy digestive symptoms.

    I use ones from GNC, but I do want to try ones from Prohealth. I like PH products very much.

    A suggestion from my gastro doc was to take one of the IBS supplements, also. I buy these at Walgreens. They are made by Digestive Advantage and are made for IBS. These pills are chewable and come in a box. If you can't find these, ask your pharmacist what he/she would suggest. Last, but not least, I use Prilosec OTC or Nexium.

    Watching what I eat and using these faithfully, have helped me more than the traditional meds which I could not tolerate. I am lactose intolerant, so dairy is out for me.

    I would suggest starting a new subject to Stormyskye. Along with question about digestive problems. She is the one who got me on track and can explain much better than I! Patti is great. Very easy to understand!

    Minds foggy, so sorry if I answered this is rambling!

    Good luck! This stuff can be so nasty. Just what we need! LOL


  9. ksp56

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    Hoping Suz sees this!
  10. suz9601

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    I think in my case it might be my autonomic nervous system that is messed up causing my gi problems. I have POTS and other heart arrythmias caused by my screwy ANS..I know the ANS controls the gut...Not sure what to do about the messed up ANS ....too complicated.

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