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  1. abcanada

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    I've been off the board for almost a month as I've been so sick! I saw a Neurologist this week who wants me to try Gabapentin for migraines & aches from head to toe. Just wondering who has had success with this drug & what kind of pain did it help you with? Thanks for any input. Laura
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    for going on 5 years now.Started low now up to 6oo mg. 3x/day.Probaballi could go more but it worked for me and I don't want to go higher doses to fast and build up to where it doesn' work anymore. it has helped take the edge off the pain and rid migraines. Started Gab when i had excruciating back and right leg pain(felt like charlie horses).

    It has helped me greatly I still have pain but not like the stabbing electrical shocking pain I was in. my pain now is just like a dull ache. they experimented with all kinds of arthric meds and none of those worked for me.

    As they say all meds work different for different people all you can do is keep trying one till you are satisfied with the results.
  3. Jordane

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    Hi Laura,

    I have been on G.,for 2 months. Had to work my way up to 300mg.
    But it gave me the shakes so bad that I had to cut back to 200mg.
    I really havent seen much difference with it except for still having the shakes(trimbles),not as bad as with the larger dose but still there.

    Take Care,
  4. nastaranjune

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    absolutely no help at all for me.
  5. I was on it for a couple yrs, it helped somewhat, however my dr. took me off it, and now am trying lyrica which helps alot more, but harder to get used to. Neurontin was easy to build up the mgs. good luck to you.
  6. Daisys

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    Just a head's up: if you start gaining weight suddenly: it could well be the neurontin/gabapentin.

    It's not listed in the side effects, doctors don't know about it, but if you google weight gain with neurontin, you'll find over 700,000 hits.

    I went to the Ask a Patient site and looked up this med, and many, many posts complain about weight gain.

    I gained 10 lbs in 10 days on it, and came off. I told the doctor I consider obesity a bad side effect.

    My migraines stopped, but the med the doctor put me on was topamax. It has the side effect of weight loss, which is fine for me. I did lose on it, but stopped taking it when the headaches became a thing of the past. (Perimenopause was the cause of mine, and I'm thru with it now.)
  7. crocodile

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    hi this is crocodile i am taking it now i have been on it 4-5 months and it worked better on my fibro, but about every other month i had to increase the dosage and i have gained 35 lb. in the last 3 mo. also this is the reason i have been on the message boards trying to find something i can take that causes weight loss at least does not cause wt gain but you try the gab it may work for you just watch your wt GOOD LUCK

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