Anyone have Hashimoto's disease too?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by klarry, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. klarry

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    I;m just curious to find out if anyone else has Hashimoto's disease. Are those of us with FM more likely to get it? I was diagnosed five years ago, and have been on medication since. I have had FM for about twenty years. Oddly enough I have been a borderline thyroid case for years. I suspect these conditions are somehow tied together.
    Hope everyone will try and have a good day. I know it's hard when you ache all over, but I always try to find one thing to be thankful for. This seems to help me in continuos struggle to remain positive.
  2. klutzo

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    I remember your post about your nails peeling, which throid can cause if you do not get enough medicine. Have you checked out Dr. Lowe's web site yet?
    I'd bet good $$$ that you could improve your condition by switching to Armour Thyroid so you will get some T3 as well as T4, and upping your dose slowly until you actually feel better, never mind what the blood tests say.
    I hope you will look into this and....
    I hope you have a good day,
  3. Stillkicking

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    I have Hashimoto's and it's very common with CFS/FM. This doesn't mean it's the cause of it, only a symptom.

    Thyroiditis is thought caused by an acute or subacute infection and is considered an autoimmune disease. It also took me many years for it to develop to a point it needed medication. The thyroid needs a lot of thiamine to function properly.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.
  4. Patti2

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    This is a new one. What is it and what does it do? The way I feel sometimes I think I have everything under the stars. Just no cure!
  5. bitter-sweet

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    I was diagnosed last November. Hashimoto's (autoimmune thyrioditis) is more common in people with FMS, as is IBS. I was unfortunate to have both. It's a battle. They won't medicate me until my thyroid quits altogether. I wish they could be in my body for a day. Hang in there, because as you can see, you're not alone. Linda
  6. Plantscaper

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    I think it is just another one example of our immune system's inability to recognize the good from the bad and turning on itself..meaning you have autoantibodies directed against your thyroid..

    But, it was not until I came on this board that I found out that a thyroid supplement with the added T/3 was so important to better symptom improvement..I had been on Levoxyl for many years, with no noticeable improvement, and the docs did not know that T/3 was needed..

    So, changing to Thyrolar has helped, although, do not think I am on a high enough dose, yet, cause doc had wanted to depend on tests, not clinical symptoms..
  7. klarry

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    I can't tell you all how grateful I am for the advice. My doctor put me on medication after he had followed the development of nodules on my thyroid. I had two ultrasaounds to track their growth. Finally I was a candidate for medication (0.1mg of Synthroid)which effectively shut down my thyroid. I monitored every three months. The one time recently that my dosage was upwardly adjusted I developed awful racing heart, but now I am under control.
    When I think of my FM I realize that it is an umbrella for so many things. I have IBS, MVP, TMJ, Hashimoto's,etc. The holistic doctor who did my recent acupuncture thinks that everything relates to the actual FM.
    I will definitely see about Armour Thyroid. Once again I am deeply grateful to all of you. Be happy (or at least try to be)!