anyone have huge weight gain from taking compounded cortisol??

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    I've been taking cortisol for about 1 1/2 yrs. and found out recently that the 50 pds I've gained in the last year is from the cortisol. the doctor said it should be reduced. but I've cannot afford to go to him anymore. I know cortisol is important for the function of the adrenals which I have low functioning. but I was so depressed that I stopped taking them. my regular doctor said to be careful taking them and to go online and check out the safety of cortisol. I look like I am 9 months pregnant. and this is where they said you would gain it, in your belly. is there anyone out there that has a similar experience?
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    My weight gain came from thyroid med they gave me for the Hashimotos. It worked the opposite on me and I gained somewhere between sixty and eighty pound. And I'm miserable from it. Can't get it off since I can't exercise. It's awful.
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    Hi gotdirt!

    If you are gaining weight like that from your cortisol, it is a sign that you are taking too much.

    A little cortisol is great, if you need it. But too much is bad for you.

    If you want to go off of it, it's best to taper off gradually. Otherwise you might find yourself experiencing symptoms of too-low cortisol, like extra tiredness and extra loss of stamina.

    I never overdosed to the extent of gaining a lot of belly fat. When I noticed my bras getting tight (and I wasn't gaining weight in general, just in my upper body) I immediately reduced my dose. I also had acne, irritability, and other cortisol overdose symptoms.

    If you can manage to search past threads, there has been a LOT written on this board about cortisol in the past.

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    i've been on 30 MG of isocort cortisol for about 6 months now, and havent noticed any weight gain,seems like i can tell a bit of a difference when i dont take it. im going to ask for another saliva test after the first of the year just to see where my levels are and if the supplements are doing me any good. my cortisol was so low it barely showed up on the chart!! scary since i've had this DD for years and nobody bothered to check it or my DHEA until now, im just hoping my adrenals will kick in & do thier job, maybe then i will feel al little better.