anyone have info in healthy foods

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    I really want to lose weight and eat healthy but with so many post on foods that arn't good I get confused. I NEED TO LOSE AT LEAST 50 POUBNDS TO BE HAPPY WITH MY BODY. woops caps stuck on sorry.

    And it seems the healthy foods cost more in america no wounder we have an over weight problem with so many trying to feed a family on a budget you don't get many healthy choices.
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    I was going broke in America eating healthy food. To lose weight and get healthy, 1. eat tons of vegetables and 2. don't eat anything that comes in a box. Unfortunately, all the affordable stuff is made of wheat and sugar, hence, comes in a box. Eating vegetables sucks, but they'll taste less horrible after forcing them down for a few days because your body will thank you.

    If you can, eliminate dairy and take b vitamins. Remember, potatos aren't vegetables. Obviously, no sugar like sodas or juice. A little fruit is okay. Okay, this is simple and effective. If you make vegetables the most of your diet, the weight will melt right off. And don't overdo the protein, a couple of servings a day is enough. good luck, karen
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    I know how overwhelming losing weight is , there is soooooooo much info that contradicts to the other

    all I can do is tell you what I've done

    I quit meat maybe I'll have it twice a month, I eat fish 3 time a week, and quite most dairy, so I'm kinda vegetarian now, maybe I won't be forever, but for now I'm trying to build up a whole new set of healthy reicpes with more beans, veggies, fish, whole grains etc,

    and wheat grass juice is sooooooooo healthy and gives you lots of vitamins and mineral, it supresses appetite which also helps

    I'll tell you what I eat on a day to day basis, I don't know if you like the same things but here it goes

    for breakfast, I have 2% cottage cheese, about 4 tablespoons full, it's very high in protein, or a piece of whole grain toast with hazelnut almond butter and honey or I just have wheat grass on an empty stomach with some juice and that keeps me going for about 5 hours,

    for lunch it would be homeade veggie soup as much as you want, and a piece of whole grain toast

    for snacks I have fruit, any kind and as much as you want

    for dinner I would have salmon chowder, or a yummy bean veggie and potato stew, potato salad is great for simple snacks , just watch the portion size

    whole grain crackers are great, just have a handful, if you want to each cheese, just have one slice and savor every bite

    if you want to each your favorite foods that dont really help with weight loss, do it in moderation, once in awhile and be guilt free, have a little bit of chocolate instead of alot, if you want potato chips, have a big handful and savor

    drink lots of health teas and water,

    since I don't drink milk anymore try almond milk, potato milk or rice milk

    I love the almond milk, it tastes great and you can get good fat and protein among other benefits from it, I think it's way better that cows milk, but that's just my opinion

    try new salmon or tuna recipes, yum, get creative and find new recipes to add to your lifestyle

    I've lost about 30 pounds so far and it's been about 5 months, don't do crazy things to your body to loose weight really fast or you'll pay the price and keep that fat on

    if you find recipes for your family that doesn't come from animals, you will save lots of money, and it will benfit their health as well

    the only reason why people think that meat and dairy are so important is because of protein and calcium

    you can get alot of protein from beans, lentils and veggies, and calcium from almond milk, it also has protein

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    And it really is cost effective. Even though you may think you are paying bigger prices for fresh produce..particularly for organic produce...Think about how much you may spend if you buy one bag of Brand Name chips. $3.50 a bag..and NO NUTRITION. Take that same $3.50 and you can buy organic fruit and vegetables for several meals for youself.

    I think that the key to having it be affordable it to STOP buying the "food" that has little to no nutritional value. What I found was that when I went to the organic food store ( We live near a WHOLE FOODS STORE) I would load up my cart with all the fresh produce and organic meat for a weeks worth of eating. That would also include a few fun some organic pepper crackers...and a good chunck of cheese ...maybe even a container of ice cream....and my grocery cost was almost equal to what I had paid at a "regular" grocery store!

    What was different...was I am not eating chemicals...and my food is all good for me...and it tastes better too!

    I think that you can lose some or all of the weight..if you are mindful of what you eat..and make the bulk of your food come from the produce aisle!
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    for your replys I am going to try these ideas . I have to lose weight I am gaining to fast and I have never been this big and I want to eat healthy in hopes it will improve some of my symptoms