Anyone have info on Dr. Susser from Los Angeles

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ladude, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. ladude

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    His name is mentioned frequently in the book, Chronic Fatigue,Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease.

    The book is good

    I was just wondering if anyone has seen or has any info about him.

  2. ladude

    ladude New Member

    Thanks for the imput Carole.

    I was just hoping he does not push his brand of vitamins as a only solution type of program.

    Thanks again
  3. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    To see if anyone has more recent input.
  4. Trevor1

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    This doctor is now located in Scottsdale Arizona, and I was considering going to see him, however I have read up on him being involved in some false advertising of nutritional supplements and having his license suspended, so now I don't think im going to see him...getting the impression he isn't going to do much.
  5. ladude

    ladude New Member

    are you sure it is the same Dr. Murry Susser? I think he retired but who knows? about the false supplement claims, that is something everyone who suggests supplements needs to be careful about. Some sites/people have an agenda that is biased against natural supplements.

    can you be more specific about what/where you read that stuff?

  6. Trevor1

    Trevor1 New Member

    It is the same Dr. Murray Susser, he is now in Scottsdale and I have an appt with him this Thursday, however I think im going to cancel based on what I've read so far, he had misdiagnosed one person with galstones and two with colon cancer.

    If you read up here it discusses the trial he was involved in where they were accused and punished for the false advertising of their nutritional supplement brand.

    He was first in New York where his licensed was suspended, then he went from there to California where his license was also suspended, currently in California he is still on probation.

    I am guessing this is why he is now in Scottsdale, Arizona. I live in Mesa, Arizona. Due to this information, I am really getting the impression that even though he may be a smart man, he is going to take the 100 blood test, give me his line of useless supplements approach. I can almost guarantee that is what he will do based on this information.

    I'm not trying to bash him or anything, I was really excited to go and see him because I want to have an Igenex western blot done, and he is suppose to be an LLMD, but he currently doesn't even hold MD status in Arizona.

    He charges $300 for the first patient visit, and judging by these articles I have read on him, he seems to be more in it for the money then actually helping people. Of course he has a great bio and everything, thats what made me so excited to go see him, but once you dig the dirt up on him..hes not not looking to promising. As of now im going to cancel my appt with him.

    - Trevor
  7. ladude

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    Quackwatch are a bunch of quacks!

    they distort the truth to suit their agenda

    I do not know any specifics about Susser in this regard but ANYTHING from this group is suspect

    investigate and question self annointed authorities

    can't remember the specifics but I know I don't trust them at all.

    take care
  8. Trevor1

    Trevor1 New Member

    Thanks for the input, whether Quackwatch twists the story or not, he still has had his license suspended twice so either way he was at fault.

    And Jamin I see where you are coming from, but at first I was hoping he wouldn't take the blood work supplement approach, but clearly after all this that is what his approach will be.

    I have already done that approach, im currently doing that approach as it is. I am on all the supplements I want to be on, I am not looking for a western medicine approach, I have been going holistic for a while now, but I don't need to fill his pockets with a ton of money for supplements and tests I have already done, you know what I mean?

    I was hoping to use him as an LLMD, but now I know if I go in there im not going to escape without hundreds in supplements and blood tests i've already taken.

    I will look into this doctor you mentioned, but for now I think i'll just run the Igenex test through my infectious disease specialist and if it does come back out of range, go to whoever he recommends.

    Thanks again for the input guys,
  9. LenoreR

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    Hiya Jamin,

    Do you use one of the doctors you mentioned on the Westside? Or the one in Torrance?

    The "head" of my team is an ID in Tarzana. I love the guy, but I've been thinking a lot lately about how he might not be the best man for the job as "head man" now. I was dxed CFIDS in 2004, CIDP in 2006 and now FMS last month by rheumotologist Dr. Sean Wallaston in Studio City. I go back to the Rhuemy April 17. Fot the last 4-6 months, and now that I know I have all three conditions, my health has been failing fast and my ID is SUPER pharmacological. I'm all for Western medicine, but not to the exclusion of alternatives. On the other hand, I don't want a strictly holistic doc who won't RX pain meds.

    If you don't go to these guys, do you have a recommendation for someone in LA area (I'm in the SCV so not beach cities)who does Western medicine for pain mgmt as well as alternative therapies? I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed by all this right now and would really like to explore my options.

    You're a gem for posting,