anyone have Lumbar surgery on back or neck surgery that has FMS

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    If you had either of these procedures done how much paid did you suffer and did it work for you?
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    I found some information on another post but I have to admit it scared me some.
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    She's 73 and her back and neck are in terrible condition. She had discs fused and is trying to learn what she can't do. She's STILL in a large amount of pain. The doctor told her that it would be at least 6 months until the pain lessened. She IS down to the minimum of pain pills, and is slowly getting out and about, but I'm thinking she's wondering why she even had it done.

    Another cyber friend had a year ago, fusing of discs. Things had gotten really bad for her.....numbness in arms and legs. She was in a nursing home for about 3 weeks and then had to learn what she could and couldn't do.

    I just had an MRI on my neck, 2nd one in two years. I was terribly worried that I might have to face surgery but he's ordered PT on my neck....along with traction which scares me to death. I'm so afraid I'm going to get hurt worse than what I am now.

    What exactly is your problem?
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    of cyber friends' experiences...I would NOT do it unless extreme hip replacement has been misery for the last 2+ yrs and now feeling better since acupuncture and now Anatabloc for reducing chronic inflammation.

    I would look at ALL options before letting a surgeon take a knife to my body...

    There are many sites that talk about these often leads to another, etc....jam

    Prolotheraphy can do wonders for many issues. If you can
    get a consult on this protocol I'd sure do it. I had it in
    my shoulder and it was great for 3+ yrs and then it started
    to hurt again, and now Anatabloc is working in the shoulders too,
    chronic inflammation.[This Message was Edited on 03/09/2013]