anyone have or had hepatitis ? spelling right?

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    hey i had(( HEP. A)) when i was 5. i was adopted and didnt know my birth mom or family intill i was in my late 20s. to find out my birth mom has FM,CFS,IBS, and ((HEP. C )), and heart prob. her aunt had FM REAL bad also. not sure about the HEP. part. could there be some kind of LINK ?????? INPUT???? BLKKAT p.s my son doesnt have HEP. BUT HAS FM ,CFS PRETTY BAD.
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    My mom doesn't remember what it was specifically, but my sisters confirm that I had some type of Hep when I was 4.

    I am also lactose intolerant, prone to hives, and breakouts of eczema. For some reason, these seem to be common with the people with CFS.

    Oh, and I get "cold sores" (nice name for Herpes), which I must have gotten from my Mom, since I've had them off and on since childhood.

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    Hi BLKKAT,

    Your story is an interesting one to think about! It brings up a lot of questions. Is there a genetic link or predisposition? Is there something environmental that all of these family members were exposed to? Perhaps both?

    I had hepatitis A and mononucleosis at age 21. I was hospitalized for 2 weeks. It took me a year to fully recover.

    I didn't get ill with CFS until I was 50. I had many lab tests done five years later, and hep and mono did not come up as any kind of currently active virus. However, I did have a number of other infections identified (including mycoplasma, echovirus, and lyme disease).

    I bet there are some studies that have been done (at least I hope so) on familial FM/CFS/IBS that perhpas you could find.

    Take care,
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    when I was a freshman in high school, simultaneously with mono. I have had FM since 1995.

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    Billat, I can stand with your Mother. I have the works! The Hep C showed up years after the CFS/ME FM IBS,a few stokes, heart problems, add MS to the fun mix.
    Little story on finding HEp C., I had what I thought was CFIDS/ME flare up letting me know how weak and sick I really was. I went to my DR. had a blood work up, and with in hours the DR. called and said"Thank God " you are still alive. Your blood work, shows you are dead.
    More blood work found HepC. Three of our four daughters have CFIDS. All had different doctors, and I saw the signs and knew what was a head.
    Hang on!
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    I went throught the chemo to get rid of the hep c after I already had cfs. I was improving from the cfs and almost back to normal and the doctor thought I was ready for chemo. Big mistake.

    Anyway, it made the cfs worse than ever but I got rid of the hep c. So now I eat liver healthy and take liver cleanse supplements, liver support supplements, digestive enzymes and a whole slew of other nutrients and it's working. I think cfs is a nutrient depletion problem, which will cause liver malfunction and hep c will cause liver malfunction all by itself, too. So the link is the liver not functioning properly and the cure is to treat the liver and also take care of nutrient depletion.

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    weird no????--wish there were more studying on all this and the same links it seems we share. GOD BLESS- BLKKAT
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    I have been dx'ed with many "Autoimmune Diseases " over the past twenty or so years .In 1990 I was dx'ed with an Autoimmune liver disease named Primary Biliary Cirrhosis .This disease has as yet no known cause or cure .
    Three years ago I discovered that two solvents that I had worked with on a daily basis for eighteen years Trichloroethane and Trichloroethylene were very capable of having caused all of my diseases .
    I took a civil suit out against the company I was employed by and demanded my medical records from the hosp .
    It was only after reading the med. notes I found out that I had been dx'ed with Hepatitis five years previously ,and had never been informed about it . So I had gone back to working with the same chemicals .I can only assume that the Hepatitis going untreated cumulated to Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
    Hope this has been of some help to you
    Brenda UK
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    wow! so are you being treated for hep - was it ( C ) ?? BLKKAT
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    NO. Ever since 'I was dx'ed PBC I have been getting treatment for that disease which is Urseodeoxycolic Acid (URSO) is the main treatment for this disease as it slows it down .
    When I was first dx'ed with PBC I was given five years at most to transplant or death :( .I am a single parent and at that time my daughter was at Uni. so it was very frightening for me as I was her sole support
    .but I am still here and I have not had a Transplant :)
    Stay WELL
    Brenda UK
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