anyone have or had severe food allergies before they got sick?

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    Hi There. I am new to this today. I am extremely impressed with this website and the number of people out there supporting each other. It is funny, but when you are all alone in this it does not seem real, like I've stepped off the world for a break, but when I read all these messages it really does hit home that I may have this forever.

    I am not officially diagnosed with CFIDS but I have many of the symptoms. I awoke with a few symptoms in June 2002 and within a month was not able to walk 2 blocks. I was an athlete an a physiotherapist with three jobs. I cycled everywhere and my only health problems were anaphylactic (life threatening) shock to fish, nuts, and seeds/beans.

    I find that I go through phases where I can't eat anything AT ALL without belching, bloating, abdominal cramps. I lost 15 pounds in 17 days over xmas and am SLOWLY introduncing foods back. I am seeing an allergist for intradermal testing but it is very diheartening. I am so far allergic to all vegetarian proteins including dairy and soya, all starches and quite a few vegetables. To top it off I am 4 months pregnant (and still losing weight).

    His attitude is "aviod the foods you are allergic too". Anyone had any success with a naturopath or allergist with a rotation type diet or digestive enzymes?

    Much appreciated and still hungry,

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    Definately start rotating your food. There are lots of books on rotating foods. Also get on a good message board on food allergies. I use one for corn allergies. And digestive enzymes are encouraged but I have not tried them myself, yet. Make sure whoever you go to protects that baby. One day at a time with food allergies or all the label reading will drive you nuts. . .
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    I had no help from NHS in UK with allergies (food and chemical) just told to avoid what I knew I reacted too.

    Got so confused went to clinincal eclologist who sorted out major ones for me, after that I got better at spotting the others.

    Have just today started on digestive ezymes, if I find they help I will post a message.



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    I basically avoid the foods I am allergic to which are yeast (includes mushrooms, breads, vinegar, alcohol etc), wheat (the obvious), soy, citrus,..... am forgetting something.....anyway, my allergist wanted me to avoid them completely for about a year, then introduced them slowly and if I could tolerate, continue slowly. Well, to this day, cannot tolerate much. Fondly, June
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    Sorry to see you having so many problems and with pregnancy, too, which is enough to deal with already.....but I am someone with a similar story here.....

    My whole life I have been plagued with inhalant allergies-----have lived in several climates across the US and taken shots for them depending on where I lived. I'd sneeze & be so congested I could hardly function. But I can't count the number of times I've said to people, "but I'm lucky---I'm not allergic to any foods!" I said this, and believed it, because I did NOT have the kind of food allergies you were talking about that are life-threatening, and I didn't have what I considered irritable bowel symptoms. I had gas & bloating & diarrhea sometimes, yes, but I assumed food allergies would have much worse symptoms. So I blithely went on eating whatever I felt like eating----for a couple of decades!

    Fast forward to four years ago-----I started pretty abruptly to get my first FM symptoms. For me, most were neurological in nature: tingling extremities, hands feeling swollen, twitching muscles. Gradually, I started getting fatigue & days of feeling like I had the flu. Saw several docs (neurologists, rheumatologists, physiatrists) who could find nothing wrong with me, other than making an FM diagnosis.

    Finally, after getting so frustrated with not knowing how to feel better, I found an allergist/immunologist in my area who was known to treat FM/CFS and autism. I had heard he used both conventional and alternative treatments. I had wondered about a systemic candida infection----I had been on lots of antibiotics over the years when my inhalant allergies would lead to sinus infections. And overuse of antibiotics, of course, can lead to candida overgrowth, so I wanted to be tested for this. This allergist did every test immaginable, including very comprehensive food testing (skin, blood, stool). Well, it turned out that I did NOT have a systemic candida infection after all. BUT, I was hugely allergic to milk products, gluten products, soy, nuts, many fish, corn, potatoes, yeast.......I think I've named them all! I was shocked, to say the least, because I felt that since the FM had set in, my few IBS symptoms were better, if anything. Looking back, I now believe I probably had food allergies going back at least 20 years. And I believe that it started with mild IBS symptoms that, left unchecked for so many years, finally went into a kind of "stage 2", a more serious stage which left my immune system really shot & then FM set in.

    When I first got this news 4 months ago, I spent two months in denial & feeling sorry for myself. I was convinced I could never do the rotation diet! And I was so allergic to so many things, I thought, what the hell am I going to eat???

    I'm pleased to say that due to my own realization that my only chance to ever feel halfway well again was to "get with the program", AND due to the fantastic support of many folks here on this board that encouraged me, I finally started a serious 4-day rotation diet about 7 weeks ago. And, it's working out OK!!! I never would have believed it! I'm eating a limited selection of foods, probably about 25% of the things I used to eat, but eating much healthier than I ever have----no processed foods (too many things in them I'm allergic to anyway), heavy on veggies, some protein, a couple grains, fruit. I actually divide my days up where I have 2 days that are so-so (meaning all non-allergenic foods, but things I'm ambivalent about) and 2 days with foods I really enjoy. I found that works for me-----if it's only a so-so food day, I know the next day I'm eating something I can really look forward to. This system works for me. I don't worry too much about rotating oils & spices (as per my doctor's office nutritionist), just try not to have anything daily.

    I feel good about what I'm doing. I know it's not going to be a quick fix-----it took me years to get this sick! I know it may take years to feel better. But the discipline it takes to do this, and the confidence I have from actually being able to do this right, is starting to spread to other areas----like exercise.

    I'm also taking many supplements the testing showed I was deficient in (magnesium, glutathione, C, B-12, B-6, taurine, etc) and the most important things I take every day are my digestive enzymes & probiotics.

    I'm---cautiously---optimistic that I have a little less pain, and a little more energy most days. As I said, I know it's going to be a long road ahead, but hopefully, I'm on the right track!! It helps enormously to have found this allergist who really understands the nuts & bolts of FM and CFS. No other allergist I'd ever seen in the past tested me for such a thorough group of things. I found him through my local FM/CFS support group (this group is heavy on "natural" care). Definitely make calls & ask a lot of questions before booking an appointment since all allergists do not do this much.

    I wish you the best-----it's so important to get good nutrition in a pregnancy, let alone with the added burden of CFS & allergies. But I'm here to say that this rotation diet can work----I'm glad I finally had the guts to try it, because I found it's really not so bad! The encouragement of the good folks here, as I said, really helped, too.

    Sorry I wrote such a book, never meant to go on so long! I think because I was clueless for so long about food allergies, I'm kind of passionate about this subject now. Hope you find good, healthy eating & hopefully a good, knowledgeable allergist!

    Take care,
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    I'm Becky and i'm new here, i've been having alot of problems with IBS, excessive gas, and lactose trouble....
    I've had testing, and everything came back negative, especially my lactose and wheat allergy tests, which cause me the most trouble. i find going lactose and Gluten free help ALOT. i'm not always eating gluten/lactose free, but, when i do, i feel so much better.
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    Thank you so much for the info. Certainly looking at the suggested list of foods that can kill me and incorporating them into a diet is a daunting thought. I had a computer generated diet come back from one of the labs and I freaked out at the thought of even considering it.

    It is going to be a long haul, but I really don't feel that my allergist is going to suggest this for me. He is also more alternative, with a waiting room full of CFIDS and fibro patients. He is thorough as well, but avoiding 2 entire food groups during pregancy may put me in a worse situation.

    I developed IBS about 6 mos ago and in the last 4 months have lost a lot of hair and my nails are brittle. Huge dark circles under my eyes and hives and swelling too. Family GP says it is "pregnancy", but like you I believe it is mineral and elemental deficiencies. I had a hair sample test from a naturopath and I have no iron stores (feratin) in my body. Have you seen a naturopath?

    I agree, definitely no quick fix. I am longing for the day that I know what to eat when I am hungry!

    keep in touch

  8. nina

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    Any books you can recommend? I know there are a million out there written by MD's to naturopaths. Cheers for your advice
  9. nina

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    Cheers for the message. Please let me know how it goes. I got a prescription for them from the allergist but I am supposed to have them with meals. I don't eat meals so it's going to be tough to gague how much to take.

  10. nina

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    By the way what is a clinical edologist? I used to work for the NHS and I know soem titles are different in Canada
    cheers nina
  11. nina

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    Sorry that it didn'r work for you. Were you on a strict introduction diet/ rotation diet. The things that I was tested for I haven't gone near in 15-20 years and the reactions were still huge.

    cheers nina
  12. Jasmine

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    I have had CFS and FM for 12 years and I've had severe food allergies and environmental allegies for 5 years. I tried NAET for about 8 sessions and it did give me a little more energy but didn't help my supposed allergies to vitamins according to the chiropractor.

    The only thing that helped me was the four day rotation diet my homeopathic doctor put me on. I was allergic to about 85% of the foods that I was eating every day. It was really hard in the beginning to give up all my favorite foods but now I enjoy my new foods and I felt more energetic because my leaky gut got better. I was on strict rotation for a few years but now I'm on more of a two day rotation diet. I've lighten up a bit!

    Good Luck!

    Love, Jasmine
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    I almost died from allergie testing and then desensation shots 3 decades ago and so they woudn't do food testing just enviro. I had to stop because I reacted to serverly. I just stay away from any food that makes me sick and eat what I can stomach. I do have an inhaler due to allergicly caused asthma. I grew into my allergies to. The older I get the more I get allergic to.

    Take care of you and that baby. Push those docs hard, you 2 must take care, Kim and Gary
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    A clinical ecologist does specialise in allergies etc. They seem to be more aware of chemical and environmental sensitivities/allergens than most doctors.

    The one I saw desensitised me for my chemical sensitivities, there were just so many and impossible to avoid.

    Cheer, Tansy
  15. tansy

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    It's the 2nd day, no reactions to digestive enzymes - always my first concern when trying something new.

    Reckon I'll be more sure of benefits when I've taken them for a while.

    But as soon as I'm sure whether they have helped I will let you know.

    It's such a shame you're having to sort al this out whilst pregnant, I do feel for you.

    I was lucky my CFS did not happen until my son was four, although I had some allergies etc they weren't that many and easy to manage.

    Take care, Tansy

  16. Dlebbole

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    Oh, Nina, I really feel for you. I too got pregnant when I could barely eat anything. Hopefully, what happened to me will happen to you as the late middle trimester, I began to tolerate more foods. I didn't go crazy, mind you, but I just generally felt better and could eat enough to finally support the bare minimum weight gain. I believe that the natural "steroid high" of pregnancy helps with the hyperimmunity of this illness. I also did better when I was breastfeeding (be careful of colic due to allergens crossing into breast milk!). After weaning, all my food problems came back big time. But for now, I hope that soon you can eat more. I will be thinking of you. diane
  17. Shirl

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    Hi Nina, just stopped to welcome you to the board. You have gotten so many replies to your food allegies, that I can't add must to what has already been said.

    So welcome to the board, and the very best for you and your new baby!

    Shalom, Shirl
  18. tansy

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    first update on using digestive enzymes -

    Better lower gut symptoms BUT I'm getting real discomfort in stomach. Think this may be the betaine hydrochloride.

    When I'm more sure about this I will let you know.


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  19. nina

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    Cheers for the message. Boy can I relate to what you are saying. I have actually had phases where I can eat 3 or 4 times a day and when body tells me to eat I try to eat as much as I can! Even if it is 3am and I have to get out of bed - I figure that feeding myself is just like feeding a baby at this point!
    My best friend is 3 weeks ahead of me and is driving me nuts telling me something is wrong with me (no sh**) because she has gained the "recommended amount" and I have gained nothing. I know many women do not gain until later, but I have a feeling I am going to be like you. Just the sheer volume of hair I have lost already makes me realize that my health is being compromised.

    I'd appreciate more info if you have, on the passing of allergens through the breastmilk. Did you say it made your child colic? Was/is your child healthy? Or is it too early too tell about the allergies?

  20. nina

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    Will start looking for a clinical ecologist here. Have you read "Tired or Toxic" by Sherry Rodgers? My allergist recommended it although it is a little out of date. It is quite fascinating. I'm sure you've read a lot by now anyway!

    Cheers for the update on the digestive enzymes. Funnily enough, I have been able to tolerate eating protein in the last 5 days with no problems. I think it may be the pregnancy helping, as Dlebbole mentioned.