Anyone have pain in kidney area? How about a clunky thyroid?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mcmarsha, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. mcmarsha

    mcmarsha New Member

    Has anyone encountered pain in their kidney area? It's like an achy kidney stone coming on.

    Also, do you ever get it where your thyroid clunks when you swallow?

    I did not have as severe of problems until I went on an HRT. Would anyone know why?

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  2. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I have the kidney pain too alot~Seems to effect the hip an the same side.(left) I've had this symptom for awhile comes and goes.I had said something about it to my dr. and it went in one ear&out the other.I never got a response! I have an appointment this monday with the dr. and I will be more persistant this time~ I need to know the cause of this.I don't think this is normal at all.(not even for FM). I have passed kidney stones before and your right,it does feel like the beginning of passing a stone.(or maybe a small stone is lodged somewhere?) I might need to get a IVP done.Been there done that.
    No problems as of yet with the thyroid,`sorry I can't be of more help:(
    Hopefully others will come along and have some answers`
    Take care,
  3. mcmarsha

    mcmarsha New Member

    It doesn't really feel like a kidney infection, but more like the start of kidney stones. Tracey, you can definitely relate. Well, someone told me this was a symptom of adrenal problems. I've had this pain on and off since 1990 and had them check me a couple of times for kidney stones, turning up nothing. My doctor is willing to check it again. I, personally, want an adrenal suppression test, but you'd swear I was asking for the moon.

  4. tandy

    tandy New Member

    First,sorry to hear you have this pain too!! Its maddening sometimes! And you've had this for a very long time!! Bless your heart~ Mine has been on&off(same pain)for over a year,maybe closer to 2 yrs.I've had my urine checked before when these symptoms are acting up.....they find no infection or bacteria present.but I do have microscopic blood in the urine.In the beginning of all this,I had a cystoscopy done(I got put to sleep for this test)They found a irritated bladder??? and a blood clot in my left kidney.(which was removed BTW). I was fine for awhile but the same pain is back! and has been for too long. When I did pass a stone a long time ago-(ya never forget that pain!)This pain feels like the starting of a stone passing.Not as excruciating as it gets in time!! but just enough to let ya know that somethings coming!! sounds weird,right? I have darvecet on hand for my FM pain,I can easily take 2 and it still hurts on that left side!I can't tell if its the kidney or an ovary~ I have problems with both in the past so its hard to say.Do you by chance feel it in your groin area too?or into your legs?(slightly)
    I wonder if we have the same thing going on?I think we'll figure this out before the drs. do!LOL I go tomorrow to my reg. primary dr. I'm gonna complain again about this pain and see if he wants to run any tests~ Let me know more if you get a minute,K? Take care and Thanks!!
  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just about where our kidneys are located. It's possible that even if the pain feels internal, it's from these tender spots. Try to prod in the area of the pain to see whether it's tender to the touch.

    Many of us have the feeling of obstruction when swallowing. I had it for a while and it just went away on its own.

    Love, Mikie
  6. pinkerton

    pinkerton New Member

    Yes, I have pain in the area where the kidneya are all the time. I've had it for years. After enough pain meds and heating pad it will ease up. Have had kidney stones too.