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    Dear HEARTOGOLD, yes I have it, and it came on over a year ago, it is horrible. I have even told my husband that I am going to lose them. My feet feel like they are in a bucket of frozen ice, as do my hands as well, at times it feels like they are being bit and tingle, I wear footies to bed and have got some gloves with the tips of fingers out so I can type. My colon Dr. told me I had been given so many steroids for the fibromyalgia that the red cells were eating up the white, and therefore I had inflammation in the muscles and nerves in my hands and feet and sent me to a neurologist, I HAD TO GO TO A LARGER TOWN to get any real help, but I am going to a neurologist now and I am on the maximum dose of KEPPRA, and it is helping some , my left side is worse, they are so cold that it aches, and it is hard to explain to anyone who has never experienced it. if you can't get any relief, I WOULD ADVISE YOU TO CHECK OUT OTHER DR,S, even if it meant going to a larger city. GOOD luck, GOD BLESS, E ME ANYTIME. Rebeck, [email address removed as per rules]
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    I have read your profile & I applaud you !!!.I also have suffered for nearly twenty years but I am still able to get about independently ( thank goodness)

    Diagnosed with PBC ,pulmonary Fibrosis FM, etc . But it is my right leg & both my hands that I am having problems with .My hands they tell me are clubbed ,but I am still able to use them I have seen one Neuro ..He was just a waste of time & I am due to see another in MAY ..who I hope will be more knowledgeable on PERIPHERAL NEUPOPATHy .

    Take Care
    Brenda uk

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