Anyone have pelvic pain?

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  1. kmelodyg

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    I was just wondering, out of curiosity, if anyone of you have pelvic pain problems along with all of the other body pain. I am 25 years old, and I have been suffering from chronic pelvic pain, depression, and anxiety attacks since I was 18. The rest of the fibro symptoms began about a year ago. While doing research, I found that women with fibro may experience abnormally painful periods. But I have pain randomly throughout the month. I did have a laproscopy, and they said that they could not find anything, but there may be "microscopic endometriosis". Anyone have any ideas?

  2. ssMarilyn

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    On occasion I get extreme pain in the pelvic-area joints. It gets so bad I can hardly walk, and when I do walk, my feet are 3 feet apart! I believe it might be part of my arthritis, but don't know for sure.

    Marilyn :)
  3. tandy

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    I suffer too from chronic pelvic pain.
    I DO have Endometriosis,I was DX with it 5 yrs ago.
    I've had 3 surgery for that so far.Each time i've had the pelvic pain return within 6 months of surgery! My Gyno said the same thing....that there are probably microscopic endo "burns" that cause pain and can't be removed easily~
    I get alot of low back pain,my whole lower belly is very tender to touch at times,bladder pressure/pain,tailbone pain,and my whole pelvic floor feels heavy and sore!!I almost have a pushing sensation on my vaginal area~I find warm baths help.And a heating pad on low right on my belly,or low back~ Its very discouraging to deal with this on top of FM. I find my pain worse when I should be ovulating~ I've had my cycle stopped with Depo injections to help curb the pain. I do have spotting some times and when I do...The pain is ten fold!! unbearable!
    I know how you sounds quite possible that you are dealing with powder burn endo.Very small, but extremely painful!! I have alot of days where I'm bearly able to walk~ The pelvic pain effects my legs,and I get groin pain too~ The whole thing just plain ole sux!!
    Hope you find some relief~ If I can help out anyway just holler!! not too loud~ I get headaches too!LOL
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    I had a hysterectomy in 1983 at the age of 36 after suffering with endometriosis for 9 years.I too had FM at the time. It was such a relief. However I still have alot of pelvic pain, sometimes I feel like I am having a full blown period. I had EVERYTHING removed. So I have to assume it is just another one of those THINGS that FM gets blamed for. But I hear what you are saying and I know what you mean.
    Warm regards, Shirley
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  5. tlc8858

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    Yes, had endometriosis for several years. had a hysterectomy at the age of 35. felt some relief for a short time only. Now they think the surgery left scar tissue. Don't know but there is no change in the amount of pain I was having before or after the surgery.


    NOTNUTS New Member

    I am so glad you posted this, I have been going thru alot lately and when I read you post I could not believe my eyes.
    It started with my MRI when they noticed a 4cm cyst on my right ovary. I new this all had to be related! Every time I get my period my legs hurt so bad I can even walk. I just went for my ultrasound and I am waiting for the results. I was not sure if Fibro and this could be connected, I quess it is, thanks for posting.
  7. tes

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    I can relate to you very much. I am 31(turning 32 May 20th..we have the same and can honestly say this was one of my first fm symptoms when I was about 22. I had chronic pelvic pain and nothing could be found. That eventually went away and the real bad symptoms set in. Chronic chest pain, breathing problems, facial pain and the newest of all lower rib pain. This lower rib pain has been, by far, the most intense and horrible pain. I have done every test possible from my head to toes with no answers. I did a test for my gallbladder yesterday to see if that's why I'm in so much pain. This illness has literally taken a toll on my mental state. I am happily married to a super man and have 2 boys(age 2 and 4). It can get really tough taking care of all my men when the pain becomes unberable. I almost ended up in emergency last night, because I was losing control with this lower rib pain. It hurt so bad. Enough of my babbling, and pelvic pain goes hand in hand with fm. Get yourself a good doctor that can diagnose and help you better. It's tough dealing with this at such a young age. I've been there and still going through it. Post back on this thread if you'd like. Look forward to hearing from you. Take Care, Tes.
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    I have the pelvic pain a lot, sometimes after sex. It's hard to explain things like this to my boyfriend, so sometimes I don't even say anything about it. But I also get really bad vaginal spasms (mostly the week before my period). And let me tell you, they hurt bad enough that I fall to the floor and can't move! But I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. I'm only 20, and the vaginal spasms and pelvic thing is just the latest of my list of symptoms. Take care of yourself.

    Friends in Fibro,

  9. ssMarilyn

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    Now I'm confused. Are you talking about PELVIC pain or abdominal pain?? Sounds like most of you have abdominal pain?

    Marilyn :)
  10. jstbrznby

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    Hello, I just discoverd this board and everything I read is like I wrote it! YES, the pelvic pain, and I had a hyst. at 35 as well after years of ovarian cysts and finally a big tumor (benign, thank God) and got some relief for a while, now all the pain is back and the doctors say it is form scar tissue, which makes total sense but there is nothing they can do for it. I have a super Physical Therapist and he has been using ultra sound on the area and it sure hasn't hurt anything. I'm pretty open to trying anything that might help. Hugs to all, Pam
  11. tandy

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    I'll speak for myself on the question you asked. Oh, its pelvic pain for me....however with alot of mine, I do feel abdominal pain too.I think it almost goes with the territory! but for me theres a difference.I guess if its just my belly acting up(IBS)my other area will be ok.
    But when its pelvic pain,you feel it mostly pelvic.....from your hip bones on both sides and down.Like a heavy knawing pain that you feel even vaginally.(thats how mine is)All your internal female organs ache!!so with that,I guess one would say stomach.Because the pain radiates. Sometimes(alot acually),just doing dishes at the sink....that area of your belly will press against the counter....and its hell!! it is hard to explain~ but I did my best. Like I said i'm speaking for myself~ I have gotten two opinions on a Hysto. For now i'm keeping my stuff.Although I go thru hell with them,theres no guarantee that taking it all out will cure your pain~
    I'm a member of the endometriosis assos. and many have gotten relief thru a complete hysterectomy,however they're are just as many women who STILL have pelvic pain after.
    Hope this has helped explain????
    For me there is a distinct difference between stomach pain and pelvic pain~
    with regards,
  12. teawah

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    I had a hysterectomy from 3 1/2 years of unexplainable pelvic pain. I now believe it to have been FM. At least I got to have my boys before I had the hys. My pain got better after I had it of course but then this last year I had to have my ovaries out and now am stuck on HRT. Something else to give me cancer. YEEHAW! Ain't life grand?

    keep your head up.
  13. jlouise

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    I have had varying degrees of pelvic pain since my teens(I am now 45). I was diagnosed with Endometriosis at 22, and had a grapefruit sized cyst, fallopian tube and ovary moved. I have taken various hormones, which didn't always help with pain. I have referred pain on my left side at times(no ovary on that side) and on my right side which has some smaller cysts. I believe some of my pain comes from my hip and leg joint(Fibromyalgia), and is referred to my pelvic area. Keep aware of your symptoms and if they worsen don't hesitate to go to a doctor.
    God Bless, jlouise
  14. kmelodyg

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    Thank you everyone for sharing your stories. Now I know that I am not crazy! I have been to a dozen different doctors who insist that I am just tranferring that pain from chilhood abuse or something. I went to see a chiroprator a few months back, and we were trying to work on my lower back pain. He said that it was definatly possible that it could be associated to my pelvic pain. So you ever notice how whn many parts of your body are hurting at the same time, it's hard to pay attention to them all at once? Well, he was able to temporarily get rid of some of my back pain, and the comes good 'ol Mr. pelvic pain again! Just like the good 'ol days! It was there all the time! Mabye someday they can figure out what is causing it for me. I do know that I have problems with painful ruptured cysts, and my doctor had found some scarring on one of my fallopian tubes while doing the laporoscopy. Who knows? So, if anyone else wants to add to this, please feel free! It's so nice to know that you are not alone in this world with these problems, isn't it?

  15. violettekb

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    Maybe I'm different - or crazy - but my pelvic pain, described as a "girdle of pain," is also from PMR, I am told. When off prednisone, I can't walk. Lots of pressure, pain, etc. Maybeit is the FM but when I go off prednisone, that and very painful finger and wrist joints are bad.