anyone have problems with earaches?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gmom605, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. gmom605

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    i`ve had this problem since i was a kid and i just can`t

    get rind of it ,,tues.night,well it was allready morning

    3a.m. my husband rush me to ER because my ear drum busted

    lots of yellow fluid was coming out and blood,,but now i

    can`t hear from it so i`m going to see a ear Dr.THIS MORNING!

    but i get this 2-3 times a yr.Dr.`s say i have alot of

    allgery`s and give me meds and send me home,,just wondering

    if any of you have this problem?,,,gmom,,

  2. webintrig

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    in my twenties. I get earaches all the time as well as alot of people here. The feeling of fluid in the ear and sharp pains.
    This is what I use to get the fluid out and my pain stops after I do this.
    You can go where they sell vitamins or a health food store.
    Look for a candle that is empty on the inside. A hollow candle.
    There should be direction on the pkg. if not it is simple to do but takes two people.
    Put a hole in a pie pan, stick the candle in the hole and then place the narrow tip in your ear,then light the top of the candle and with the candle being hollow it creates a vacumn and sucks out everything in your ear.
    I hope this makes sense and it helps!