anyone have problems with TOOTH DECAY???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by deenie1979, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. deenie1979

    deenie1979 New Member

    I was told at the dentist yesterday that my teeth are starting to decay between them despite flossing a LOT. Does anyone else have this problem, or know if it is fibro-related??

    Love and hugs,
  2. Zzzsharn

    Zzzsharn New Member

    Oh Yeah.. Haven't been to the dentist in years and I actually saw a cavity formimg on the surface of my tooth. Turns out I had 3..

    I take very good care of my teeth and this just amazed me.

    I've read that tooth decay is common amoung fibroese..

    Good Luck!
  3. deenie1979

    deenie1979 New Member

    I thought it might be fibro-related, since I think I have seen something somewhere on it. I just keep wondering what else can go wrong (but I better not ask I might get an answer!!) and I worry about losing my teeth as I am only 25!!!

    Love and hugs,

    BILLCAMO New Member

    Are actually quite common with PWC's and PWF's...

    Just as with our DDs , no one really knows why..

    Blessings , b/c.
  5. tansy

    tansy New Member

    two even broke off, they often felt loose too, and I had gingivitis badly as well but about 2 years after all amalgams were removed things were a lot better. I take Mg which helps the body utilise calcium and I am sure that helped. I have far less oral thrush now too.

    love, Tansy

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  6. deenie1979

    deenie1979 New Member

    Tansy-- I have a tooth that the edges have chipped off too. It really stinks. I often dream that my teeth are all falling out!!
    Love and hugs,
  7. Uisthome

    Uisthome New Member

    Think it is FM related. I am waiting to see rheumy but doctor is fairly sure that I have FM. Well since the beginning of the year I have lost 3 teeth. Two just snapped right off and one just broke into bits when the dentist was extracting it. Plus my bridge was becoming loose so had exrays and dentist decided it would have to come out and he would give me a plate, turned out that one of the teeth in my bridge, the root had just rotted away and was not holding the bridge. So all in all I have had 5 teeth out this year. My teeth just seem to be crumbling. Hope this doesn`t happen to the rest of my teeth.
  8. redwing074

    redwing074 New Member

    It's an autoimmune disease. Lots of the symptoms are like FM, it's greatly overlooked. I finally got a good rheumy and he ran the right test and low and behold I tested positive. It definitely explains my teeth rotting out of my head and breaking off at an alarming rate. My FM is now listed as being secondary (or thirdary if that's possible) to my Sjogren's and RA.
  9. Jode

    Jode New Member

    Hey there

    I also have problems with my teeth :(
    What i find funny is that I too have had dreams of my teeth falling out!!! It's so bizarre!!!!
    I looked up what that meant in a dreams dictionary and it basically means (get this) you are dealing with a terminal or chronic medical condition.. you are having ongoing health problems...

    I wonder how many more people have had similar dreams to us?!
    Jode xoxoxo
  10. goldenlover

    goldenlover New Member

    I went to a new rheumatologist last week and he also is suspecting I might have Sjogrens in addition to FM. I have a lot of the symptoms but my teeth are not one of them (yet). I did read info on it and that excessive cavities is one of them from not enough saliva function. I always have a dry mouth and sore throat. He also said it is very undiagnosed in the FM/CFS community. I think if you have any of the symptoms you should see a good rheumatologist because it can involve other organs. After he gets all my records he is going to test me further. Not something I wanted to have in addition to my FM! Take care.
  11. goldenlover

    goldenlover New Member

  12. Buddie

    Buddie New Member

    When I was really bad with FMS/CFS and on what I call the "drug merry-go-round", I had horrible dental problems despite good dental hygeine.

    I had major gum problems with erosion and ended up having to have dental surgery to rebuild the bones. I also had to go every 6 months to the "terrordontist" (i.e. peridontist)where they did the depth test and cleaned out the area between my teeth and gums - just sheer totally pain !

    One time I had a temp person who numbed me up too much and really over did it. I was in pain for days !

    My dentist use to tell me I just inherited my dads problems or passed it off to smoking. I have not had a caviety in 25 years, it was all gum related.

    I had bad dry mouth with all the anti-depressants and used the Biotene products and was very good at drinking lots of water and using saliva substitutes but I still had bad dry mouth from the anti-depressant.

    Well, let me tell you, after I stopped all drugs 2 years ago, my dental health is perfect and my gums are rock solid ! My first dental visit 3 months after stopping my LAST anti-depressant, the hygeinist and dentist were totally besides themselves asking me what I did to make my gums so good. I also had much less plaque and stains.

    A cleaning use to take as much as an hour and I was done in less than 30 minutes. I told them, it had to be getting off the anti-depressants as that was the only thing that changed except having a hystrectomy. Now, how that might have affected my dental health, I have no idea.

    But, for me, it was the anti-depressants. This is a well documented problem with these drugs and if you have dry mouth, you are going to have dental/gum problems. I was rather bothered that my dentist did not know these things - but he does now because I educated him.

    I have been on lots of vitamins and supplements for many years so that had nothing to do with it. I really NEVER expected my dental woes to change and just knew I was headed to losing teeth or having a partial. I am so happy those problems are gone. And, I sure don't miss the drugs. Hope this helps..
  13. JLH

    JLH New Member

    but I don't attribute it to the fibro. It's very genetic -- my entire family has bad teeth. And ... I eat a lot of sweets.

    I have spent a hefty ton of money on keeping my teeth fixed!
  14. billiegail

    billiegail New Member

    Fibro related because I am 34 and my teeth just started giving me problems and it is all happening suddenly.
    Cracking, cavities, and pain.
  15. dianahub

    dianahub New Member

    and I am 43 now. My dentist back then told me it was some type of genetic problem. Well, I guess he was sort of close. I was just rec ently dx with Fibro, but have traced my problems/symptoms back to when I was in my 20's - go figure!

    I would brush my teeth several times a day - always carrying a toothbrush with me after the dentist told me this. Still, cleaning were horrible and painful, cavity after cavity. Pieces chipping off, teeth decaying right b4 my eyes (so it seemed).

    I was at the dentist around 3 times within a six month period on a year-round basis. Nothing I did seemed to work or help.

    I now have so many patches, in them that the patches/fillings are falling off & I am thinking about just having all of them pulled and getting this over with.

    But yes, I can definitely relate!


    PS I too have had the dreams! Only mine are of me having a wonderful set of teeth![This Message was Edited on 09/14/2004]
  16. tandy

    tandy New Member

    And like many of you's,...I brush more than the average person!! I just HATE the feel of grime or food on my teeth, i brush alot!! You sure would'nt know it!!

    Everytime I go for a cleaning I have new cavities.
    One time I had'nt gone to the dentist in almost 2 yrs,I went and had 5 cavities!! Its horrible~

    I'm 41 yrs old and have a darn good suspicion I'll have dentures by the time I'm 50!! Thats where I'm headin.
    If I had the money I'd have some cosmetic dental repairs done!! THATS what I dream about!! a nice pearly white smile!! :)
    yeah right! like they say "only in my dreams"

  17. KittyLover224

    KittyLover224 New Member

    if the decay doesnt slow down. I feel like something off the beverly hillbillies, and even tho I floss 2 x a day, brush 2 or 3 times a day my teeth are literally falling out of my head.

    I breast fed my kids and used to think that all the calcium was just "used up" while nursing them, and thats what made my teeth suffer, but lately I've wondered.

    I have to see an oral surgeon soon, and possibly have dentures put in, at 40!! A young 40 at that.

    My front teeth are intact, white, and as long as I dont give a great big toothy grin you cant see a thing is wrong, but give me a steak to try and chew, or some nice crusty bread and I wind up chewing with my front teeth since the lower back ones are disappearing.

    With all the extra stress on the teeth I DO have, they're gonna fall out as well.

    I hate this, and even tho I have taken care of my teeth, been to the dentist regularly, had cavities, root canals, etc, all taken care of, its still happening.

    I'm putting off the inevitable----getting them all yanked out and a full set of dentures because I know with all thats wrong with me I will wind up in a full flare of fibro/cfs/ibs/IC, and who knows what kind of infection with find its way into my immunne suppressed body.

    Sigh....I wish I could say it gives me comfort to know this is happening to others but it doesnt. It's just plain embarassing, a literal pain, and hard to eat.

    Someone kick me in the butt to call the oral surgeon......ironically, my kids have dentist appts today, but not I.......Me and my sonicare will stick it out together til I can no longer chew, OR when it becomes visible to others. I refuse to be toothless...hey, guess I could get on Jerry Springer or something then and fit right in lol.
  18. Manwithfibro

    Manwithfibro New Member

    I go every 6 months to dentist and take care of my teeth. My dentist took XRAYS yesterday and I have 8 cavities.

    This sucks. What is causing this? Our body chemistry is messed up.
  19. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    I have never had problems with my teeth until the last 3 years or so. I have had 6 crowns in the past 3 years, I get regular checkups and brush a lot. The dentist thought it might be related to my reflux problem. I told him that since the nexium I don't have it backing up into my mouth any more but he said the saliva alone could be more acidic. He said its like the enamel is eroding, he likened to a patient he has that eats lemons all the time and is eroding her teeth.
  20. Bailey-smom

    Bailey-smom New Member

    A few months back I went in for a check-up and I had 12 cavities filled. I go in every year. Either the dentist missed them the last time or something is going on.

    I have noticed more painful gums lately as well - I have thought it is my meds causing some of this but my dentist says that I am not on anything known to be a problem. Do they really know???


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