Anyone have prolonged swollen glands and illness after Shingles?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by niteowlpam, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. niteowlpam

    niteowlpam New Member

    Hi all,
    This is my first posting and I am very glad to find this group. It seems like I am good company, since I was amazed to read how many of you have battled Shingles! 12 yrs. ago I was diagnosed with Fibro (prior to that they said it was chronic fatigue and Mono). Since then I have had the usual experience with pain at pressure points and flairs, but changes in lifestyle have helped. Recently I came down with Shingles, after a very stressful time period when my son was hospitalized for over a month. The dr. got me on antiviral med right away, and I only broke out in one small fact, the pain before I broke out was much worse. It was so bad they ran all sorts of tests and were ready to take out my gall bladder! Now, a month later, the skin problem is much better, with only an occasional burning or itching. But during the last week I now have developed swollen glands in my neck, aching into my ears, with fatigue and occasional nausea. It reminds me of the way I felt when the I was first diagnosed with chronic fatigue. Does anyone know if Shingles can have this delayed effect on the immune system and what if anything to do about it? I have read that some of you have needed longer courses of antiviral meds, but I was only on it for 7 days since it took care of the Shingles on the skin and I began feeling better. I am planning on calling the dr. tomorrow, and wondered if any of you have any advice. It feels like this episode of Shingles has set me back 12 years! Thanks for the help, gang!
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    i got shingles on my hiney last year feb...hit the sciatica area...hurt to walk, sit...flet crummy...i thought it was just my back stuff and fibro....

    i have gotten the burning pain right where the rash spot was...i get it where it comes and goes..but i really don'tknow your anwer to your question...i just haven't thought to ask my doctor about it...but i do know that it has stopped my exercising alot...but i also have back/feet etc...problems

  3. niteowlpam

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    Thanks for the moral support, encouragement and advice! I just saw the dr. and he thinks this will work itself out by the end of the week. He did ask if I have had mumps because of my swollen salivary glands, and I thought so but am not sure. If it keeps up he wants some bloodtests done at the end of the week. He doesn't think there is any connection between the way I'm feeling now and the Shingles, but says he can't rule it out. All I know is that I haven't felt this bad since the whole chronic/fatigue and fibro nightmare began 12 years ago! He also mentioned seeing an infectious disease specialist if this keeps up, but I HOPE not. I went that route when in the past and found the dr. had alot more questions than answers and it was no help at all. Meanwhile, I am going to try to destress and lay low...I know stress helped bring all of this on. After the Shingles were getting better two weeks ago I had another hospital stay with my son and 40 hours with no sleep. I am going to take advantage of this "calm period" and relax!!

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