anyone have ra need to talk

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  1. shirl5240

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    i need to know more about rheumatiod arthritis i have it now in my ankle i had it almost a year ago in my knee but they didnt know then what it was please give me more input on it thank you sooooooo much
  2. victoria

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    I do know many cases are caused by bacteria. It is known that courses of abx can help...

    The lyme bacteria is just one of the bacterias that can cause it; in fact, when they tested the highly touted lyme vaccine in trials in the 1990s, they found too many of those who got the actual vaccine developed RA!

    A place you might go to read about abx treatments for RA, no matter which bacteria is the cause, is

    Hope that helps....

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    I would go to the Arthritis board - (click on Message boards at top of this page.)

    I know there are some folks over there with a wealth of knowledge. I've also gone over there and done searches for different questions I've had and got a ton of knowledge from old posts too.

    I have an elevated RA factor but have not been diagnosed RA yet so I'm not going to be much help.

    Hopefully someone will be along soon!

    : )