anyone have Raynauds disease I need help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by minkanyrose, Sep 28, 2006.

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    I finally got in to see my doctor today for sinus infection and my left hand swelled up for no reason at all while I was there.the Third time in two weeks I have really noticed it.

    He said it is raynauds never heard of it and I can't find much information on the net for it.

    My doctor asked if I was seeing a doctor for my fibromyalgia and I said no I have been seeing him only he never commented anymore.

    I guess I should find a doctor that specialises in fibro because I just kind of let this dd control me I live in lowa and saw 2 docs one is 2hours away and one is 45 minutes away.

    I feel kind of anxious about seeing another doctor. I would have to go over everything again and I truely don't remember all my problems. I forget I have meds for when the pain gets really bad and call my doc and the nurse says what about the vicodine you were perscribed a month ago I said oh yeah I forgot.

    any way any help anyone has would be greatly appreciated.
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    forgetting the pain pills is major fibro fog girlfriend!

    Yes, I have raynaulds as does alot of us.. There is info on it on line. Most of it just tells you to keep your extremities warm and if you smoke stop. It can be painful, embarrasing, annoying.. but it's just one more joy we get to live with!

    For me, if I get cold my hands turn bright red then white, they swell and itch like crazy and kinda end up somewhere between blue and white. Running them under warm water brings relief, I use gloves in the winter.. spend alot of time at work sitting on one hand and typing with the other when it's too cold...

    As far as seeing another doctor, make a little mini list if you have to so you don't forget what you want to tell him. I know I bring my teenage daughter with me as much as possible because if I forget something usually she will remember. A doc that specializes in fibro, would be a rhuematologist. You would probably have to get a referral from your regular doctor..

    Good luck Brenda!

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