anyone have sore tonge and sore roof of mouth

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sharon28, Aug 13, 2003.

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    wondering if anyone suffers with a white coating over your tonge, and sometimes inflamed tastebuds. then it could turn into a smooth red inflammed tonge. then at times it turns into a very blotchy ugly scary tonge. at the roof of my mouth there are blotches everywhere. this becomes very painful. the doctors usully give me tatum mouth wash and send me home. and soon after it is back. sometimes right ater that i get an infection in my throat, and put on anti-biotics. my tonge burns me constantly, and they don;t take it serious, i suffer all the time. i am so fed up with all of this i could scream. i also walk at times like the tin man on the wizard of oz. i need all my joints oiled. everyday it is something. i might get some good days, and then it is not to long after something is there to destroy them. any ideas about the tonge.........not even sure if this is how to spell it.
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    maybe this could be related to what happens to me when I eat fruit or nuts, but it's not.

    Someone is running a thread right now on Thrush - I know that effects the mouth. I'll bump it up for you.

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    The burning mouth. I have had this for the past year and a bit, although it has gotten better lately. I have seen 4 ENT's about this and swallowing/numbness in the back of my mouth. One thought I was nuts, another said it had to do with muscles, and one said dry mouth.

    I started vitamin C, D, and Olive leaf extract and the burning subsided somewhat. I also increased my water intake. Not sure which was actually effective but my money is on the OLE and the water. I too have had several infections since the start of the burning mouth.

    Funny you mentioned the tin man - my husband calls me this!