anyone have stomach problems? please reply!!

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by claireandgiles, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. claireandgiles

    claireandgiles New Member

    does anyone have stomach problems? do you know whats wrong with you?
    anyone who can talk about this issue with me please reply!! i need some good talk to make me feel a bit better.
  2. geralynn

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    I'm geralynn. I'm new to this sight.I don't have stomach problems, but my Husband does.One and a half years ago,My husband went to the emergency room with severe pain and nausea,thinking it was a heart attack. They told him it wasn't and sent him home.I took him to an internist,a friend recommended. This doctor listened closely to us,and did not send him for tests.He immediately put him on an antianxiety medication and Nexium.He told my Husband, that he would bet good money that my husbands stomach was covered with ulcers.But, He did not test My Husband because He thought Hubby was under to much stress already. The treatment worked and my Hubby continues this treatment.The Doctor said his illness was the result of anxiety,smoking and bad diet.(Yes, smoking causes stomach acids to increase!)
    I hope this helps You:)
  3. CatMeow

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    I have had GERD (gastro-esophogeal reflux disease) for many years. It started for me when I was in my teens. I also have asthma that the GERD can set off it there is to much iritation. The hiatal hernia was just dx a little over a year ago after increasing trouble with burning pain in esophagus and food/fluids getting caught in throat. I am presently on Protonix 1 tab 2x a day and Reglan 1 tab with meals and at bedtime. This does seem to be helping now. I really have to watch my diet. No spicey, fried foods and even tomatoe based sauses up set my stomache and my IBS. I sure hope you do not have as many problems as I do.

    If there is anything else you want to know please just ask.
  4. luv2float

    luv2float New Member

    Hi, I'm new to this board also. Has anyone ever diagnosed you with IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I think I read somewhere that 50% of the people with fibro also have this. I do, and its no joy. There is alot of info on the net about IBS, do a search and check out some of the sights for symptoms. This could be you, especially if the doctors never find anything wrong with you. Good luck and feel better!
  5. endoangel

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    CDSA to see if you have an infection or overgrowth of some kind? I have found that to be helpful for the diarrhea, nausea and digestive problems I have. It required extensive treatment but I am glad that I had it done. Try it. Ask your doc about the test...
  6. dolsgirl

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    here & diet plays a very important role in it. I've used many meds & find that Tums seems to work about the best for indestion. When it's real bad I take a Nexium, the little purple pill. That helps the stomach to empty faster so you don't have the symptoms. I find that I only have to use that about every 4th day & I'm ok. I've been out, so it's Tums for now until I get insurance again. dolsgirl
  7. DLBH

    DLBH New Member

    I have had stomach problems that i am getting under control for the first time in my life. I have had IBS - nausea and abdominal pain, intermitten constipation, for years. Finally got diagnosed with severe case of GERD, which I did not even know that I had. I have been taking Nexium, 40 mg, once a day now for about four months and I am relatively symptom free. I might add that I also made major, major lifestyle changing. I was a social drinker, ate a Mediterranean diet with lots of onions, garlic, lemon and tomatoes. I also have Cajun in me so I ate a lot of spicy foods. And I ate late at night, sometimes in the middle of the night. Now I do none of these things.I eat small meals, or try to, which is hard, because I also have had an overeating disorder. I have lost a little weight, I'm at about 150 and 5'4". I have the head of my bed raised. I don't eat past 8 at night, which gives me three hours before bedtime for my stomach to settle down. I am much better. I also am going for an allergy workup. People with Autoimmune disorders often have multiple food and other allergies. I always though that as long as I wasn't having any life threatening symptoms to foods, like wheezing, asthma, anaphylactic shock, etc., that it didn't matter that I had food allergies. In reality, now I know, wheat and other allergens bring on stomach trouble. Hope this helps.
  8. deblouwhit

    deblouwhit New Member

    Hi, yes I have digestive problems too. I take 1 previcid a day and it helps most of the time.I have gerd and a hiania hernia. But I also have a lot of problems with my intestines. I have had diahrea for a month now, I quit taking Asacol and my nerve meds. I get woke up in the night with the most terrible pain way low in my rectom area.It's like a major cramp that won't stop. Has anyone else had it and found a Dr. to give them something for it? Thanks for listening.
  9. dobbs40

    dobbs40 New Member

    I have had this pain in my lower colon as well. I have found the best treatment is to have a heating pad nearby and to get on it immediately when the pain hits. The best regimen, of course, is to avoid it. The way I have done this is by taking Metamucil once a day and by avoid gassy foods, like broccoli and cabbage. I was diagnosed with IBS many years ago and have kept it pretty much under control by this regimen. I would first have the tests to make sure it is IBS and not anything serious. Good luck. Peggy
  10. Lifdje

    Lifdje New Member

    I have also stomach problems but also skin problems, but I have it under control. I have diabetes and protein diathesis and sometimes it's very difficult to have both under control at the same time. Greetz from Holland
  11. KillCandida

    KillCandida New Member

    Acid Blockers are terrible on the gut. They kill the acid, but the stomach NEEDS acid to kill foreign bacterias, germs, etc... so you would be opening yourself up to all kinds of infection then.

    Acid Reflux, IBS and Leaky Gut all have ties with Candida.

    You can find out more at (my site devoted to figuring this thing out). :)
  12. KillCandida

    KillCandida New Member

    Acid Blockers are terrible on the gut. They kill the acid, but the stomach NEEDS acid to kill foreign bacterias, germs, etc... so you would be opening yourself up to all kinds of infection then.

    Acid Reflux, IBS and Leaky Gut all have ties with Candida.

    You can find out more at (my site devoted to figuring this thing out). :)
  13. dobbs40

    dobbs40 New Member

    Is Prevacid considered an acid blocker? I went to an ENT doctor about a hoarseness I have had for quite a long time, months. He put me on Prevacid and the GERD treatment. I just started this so I am not sure if it is helping. He said not to drink or eat 2 hours before bedtime. It is really hard for me not to drink water since my throat is so dry! Thanks.
  14. KillCandida

    KillCandida New Member

    Yes, it is. My symptoms worsened when I tried Prevacid. The doc THOUGHT it was ulcers, but it was Candida and the Prevacid allowed it to spread even more throughout my system.
  15. claireandgiles

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    sorry i havent been on here for ages!!
    I have functional dyspepsia, a chronic condion that effects the stomach.
    it sucks alot!! because of it i now suffer from anxiety alot!
    talk about suffering!! :(