Anyone have success w/ female hormone replacement

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by spmom, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. spmom

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    I am forty years old and know that at the end of my cycle my progesterone decreases significantly, causing me to just feel wiped out for a week before I recover. I haven't had much success trying to balance it all out (along with the thyroid and adrenal hormones). I'm wondering if it is even possible.
  2. masterz

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    I will soon be 45. I had a complete hysterectomy when I was 30. I have been on HRT since. I have taken the pills, tried the compounds (awful experience),had the injections for a couple of years & now have been on the patches (V-dot, vivelle). I use the 0.05 mg & 0.1. I change them every 3 days.
    Sorry to say I still have extreme hot flashes,sleep deprivation,extreme fatigue,depression,terrible mood swings,night tremors, profuse sweating, zero sex drive, & on & on & on......
    My doc says some women have to stay on HRT for the rest of their lives. I'm sure that will be me. I know all those symptoms sound terrible, but without it, they are magnified.
    I was diagnosed with Fibro/CFS about 2yrs post hysterectomy, & shortly after gallbladder surgery. I had had the symptoms of FM/CFS for yrs. I also have thyroid problems & am taking synthroid. I'm not sure the cause of the fibro, but that along with the hormone problems makes me feel crazy at times!!
    Sorry to ramble on. I just wish I could be of some help to someone.
  3. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    i have been on Bio Identicals for about 3 months now, also DHEA and Cortisol. and it cuts my hot flashes & night sweats CONSIDERABLY!!! ii had a total Hysterectomy on 3-08
    Also no Problem with Dryness & uti's thank god. seems like the DHEA & Cortisol gave me a little more energy than i normally have.the Pharmacist said it didnt surprise him that i was so low in DHEA & Cortisol, most of his dibro Patients are for some reason. i had no clue about that.
    so i have had good expierence with Bio Identicals.
  4. hensue

    hensue New Member

    is this supplements or what?
    Thanks hensue
  5. celeste1226

    celeste1226 New Member

    I started menopause when I was 28. I am now 39. I use combi patch for my hormones. i have not had a hysterictomy (sp) i still have my ovaries and uterous. to this day i still get hot flashes. Not as bad but still some. That is about the only problem I have. I change my patch every 3 days. If I dont change my patch I am a bit#@ from hell. I was just diagnosed with FM a month ago. So not sure if any of these symptoms are realted to FM or not.
  6. colorfulcolorado

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    And I have a Mother in-law that will not either. My Mom has hot flashes thou(not real bad ones) until she died at 73. Me one the other hand will refuse to take that stuff and go completely natural. It just depends on the individual etc.
    And if at all possible I'm going to try and keep everything that was given to me. Even thou doctors have asked if I wanted one(hyterectomy), I decided not to after reading Christiane Northrup's books.
    If ever there was a Doctor that I would love to see it would be her. And I can't stand doctors at all. Seen too many and 75% were idiots. Anyway, she's even on PBS and that one other show sometimes. Also you can get her books in soft cover now. It's well worth the read.
    I think I read "The wisdom of Menopause...creating physical and emotional Health during the change, first. She's awesome and I even tried to see her once but I could not afford the price(that was back then) she's probably not even seeing patients anymore.
    Guess who turned me on to her....MY Husband. He said there's this doc on tv and you really need to listen to her! I about fell over!
    But yes, I can relate to be totally wiped out after my periods. When I do have them and they are NEVER on time anymore. I used to know my body, not any more.LOL! Take care!
  7. Risk

    Risk New Member

    Hi. Having gone through early menopause around 40, and diagnosed finally at 44, I opted for the Vivelle-Dot and cycling with Prochieve, a vaginal progesterone. My original dose of the dot was 0.0375 then went up to 0.05. Stayed there for approx. 4.5 years. Now, that it's been 5 years on the hormones, my gyno suggested trying to go back to the 0.0375 dose. However, I have just started up on the Lexapro along with the klonopin which I've taken for the past 8 years ever since my FMS/CFS diagnosis. Sometimes I get myself so scared about being on the HRT that I will let a week lapse before changing my patch. Last week I even took the 0.05 and cut it in half. Big mistake. I'm already going through so much anxiety/panic, what with going through a divorce which I didn't want, trying to sell my home in today's market and having an empty nest and no close relatives. Even my GP who is against hormone therapy told me that now is not the time to come off of it. And the psychiatrist I am now seeing said the same. I just worry since I know I have an increased risk of blood clots, heart attack, etc and I also read that some of the rare side effects of Lexapro are MI and Pulmonary embolism so I think that any day I'm going to have a heart attack.

    But, I do sleep better with the hormones, don't get night sweats and my anxiety is a bit better. As for helping with the fibro, right now I'm in such a flare due to stress, that I'm not sure if anything would help.

    My suggestion is that if you are going to use the hormones, opt for the bio-identicals such as the Vivelle Dot, Prometrium or Prochieve.

    Good luck,

  8. kat0465

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    Bio Identicals, are hormones compounded thru a pharmacist and are plant derived.they are most like out own hormones, not like the synthetic stuff in a pill they try to push at us. premarin for instance is made from Pregnant horses urine!!
    they compound them specifically for your body. Suzanne summers Book " Ageless" has tons of info on Bio Identicals. also T.S. Wiley has a great website that has lots of info too!!
    i always wondered why docs just give is Estrogen when we have a Hysterectomy or go into menopause, i mean think about it. we have more than ONE hormone in out body so why dont they give us everything we need??? and they wonder why all these women have ESTROGEN dominate breast cancer, well, maybe all the Estrogen only SYNTHETIC replacement......DUH!!!!! (in my opinion) didnt mean to ramble,{{Hugs}} Kat
  9. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    I agree!!! keep what ya got as long as you can, if i could reverse my Hysterectomy i would get it all back!!!
    i listened to my gyno, who was certain i was ate up with Endo, and all kinda stuff, i did it thinking it would help with the pain.
    end result... No endo!! he took it all anyways, and i feel worse than before :( i had Cysts that normanlly go away on thier own, so i went thru all that for basically nothing, & now i have to take even more meds. i too hate Dr's!!

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