anyone have surgery for cavitations?

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    About 5 years ago, saw a biological dentist that diagnosed cavitations (anaerobic bacteria causing bone death) in the sites where I had my wisdom teeth removed. This was done under general anesthesia. The top two were extracted (growing out sideways into my cheeks) and the bottom two had to be cut out as they were impacted. I developed "dry socket", oh yeah, it's painful and can be a precurser to developing cavitations, supposedly. Anyway, he recommended surgery but it was not covered by my dental insurance, and I was in such poor health that doc and I weren't sure I would survive the surgery. I have no other dental work, no cavities, so am not convinced cavitation could contribute/cause so many problems. Anyone have the cavitation surgery and what was your experience with it? I keep thinking I should persue this again.
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    I have heard all the hype on cavitations and while I"m most of the time open to new information and alternative therapies..........I would not pursue this surgery.

    I personally think it would be a waste of time and money.

    Just my opinion!


    PS.........I don't think there is anyone that doesn't have anoerobic bacteria in their mouth/gums........healthy or not!
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    Hi ellie, I am very sorry about yoyr suffering. I am in the same boat, more or less.

    Two different respected alternative medical providers have identified 4 or so cavitations, both under teeth and where wisdoms used to be.

    My dentist is wonderful and (first removed all the metals) suggested cavitation surgery, followed by fake teeth (bridges i think they call them?).

    However, due to severe illness (ironic, no?) and all sorts of reactions to environmental, food and medical rxs (MCS), I am desperately looking for another way to eliminate the cavitations instead of jawbone surgery with GENERAL ANESTHESIA!

    I am looking at lasers, etc, but have nothing firm.

    Meanwhile, my "temporary" crowns are weakening and one keeps falling out. Any ideas? peace
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    bump for cavitations
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    I haven't had the "cavitations" but I have had 13 root canals and crowns and 4 teeth pulled in the last 4 yrs. I grind my teeth something awful (ask my husband...he'll tell you!). I also had the dry socket thing too, and was THAT PAINFUL!!!! Is the surgery the same as "root planing"? (sp?). I also was one of those people who went to the dentist every 6 mos. for cleaning and RARELY had a cavity!