Anyone have teeth problems?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by amy24co, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. amy24co

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    Kind of wierd, I know. but was wondering if teeth problems fit anywhere in this FM thing? I have one bad tooth after another it seems.....have had this all my adult life. Had braces as a kid and had beautiful teeth when they came off. but then I noticed problems starting in my 20's with cavities and teeth breaking.......have lost 4 teeth as a result of this through the years......
    just another "wondering" question.... :)
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    But I also have acid reflux, which is probably causing it according to the dentist. I do take medication, but the dentitst says that the saliva's acidity can cause it.

    No dental insurance, these crowns are waaaaaay to expensive!
  3. Megumi

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    For many years now I have been plagued with thin enamel on my teeth which opened the way for more cavities and breaking of teeth. By the time I was 21 I had 4 crowns due to breakage. Have more now. Increased calcium didn't help. Mouth guard for grinding didn't help. As the years have progressed it has gotten worse. I am afraid to eat anything hard, even biting into an apple.

    The docs and the dens have never come to a conclusion as to why, don't want to say the lupus or fm have anything to do with it because there's never been a study done about it.

    Some days I just wish I could go to full mouth dentures. Most days I pray to afford veneers. I just want relief from the constant discomfort, the fear of breaking then pain, the ability to eat without worrying.

    I know this isn't encouraging but thank you for bringing this subject up. I haven't noticed a thread on this before.


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    I am having crowns done. big time.

    I have a dry mouth and my gums are starting to receed, and getting some cavities too. I'm 49 years old. Bright side I still have all my teeth and they're pretty good, just all of a sudden start need all this work on them.

    they arennt the best looking teeth but they're better than the alternative right now.

  6. amy24co

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    I never have known for sure if it was from FM, but I've taken pretty good care of my teeth and they just dont respond! they just get worse and worse. I know I have acid reflux so have always wondered if that was the reason.......thanks again for your replies! :) Keep smiling everyone!!!! We'll get through all this stuff!! :)
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    Not sure if due to fibro, but I have just had my 15th root canal. I broke my front tooth at 10 and had that root canaled and capped at 13. Then at 19 it abcessed under the cap and had to have it pulled, then a bridge put in. Had many cavities over the years until I found out I had a dentist that was conning me. So I lost a lot of molars. To make a long story short, root canal 15 last week and I have 5 bridges and one veneer. For every root canal whick is about $500 to $900 you need a post and a filling for another couple of hundred, and then depending, a crown. Needless to say I have a Mercedes in my mouth!

    M J
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    I have stabbing pain in my teeth some days when I chew. I had the cavities in those particular teeth filled, but no change in the pain. Dentist can't figure it out. At least there are some days when I don't notice it. Lots of cavites too.
  9. Lulu28

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    I've lost 4 teeth so far...with more I think to come. I have RA and Fibro and often have INTENSE jaw pain. Always had great I think these illnesses DO have something to do with tooth loss.
    Lulu28 :) <--- still smiling