anyone have tendinosis?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by enjoysue, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. enjoysue

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    I ran across a site that explains teninosis (just add an org. to that name and you will find the site I am talking about or even google it) and that sure sounds like me. When I used to work even 20 years ago I could tell I was injuring myself and that it would never heal. I was given anti-inflammitories but nothing helped the pain.

    It always feels like I am tearing up my forearms and my feet. I wonder if this goes hand in hand with fibro and if any dr. have checked into this.

    Is anyone here diagnosed with this? I'm bringing in the article to all my docs.
  2. elliespad

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    Hi enjoysue,
    I have had what my Ortho dx. as chronic tendinitis, in shoulders, elbow. The pain is constant, about a 7 out of 10. Occassionally, I will have an injury resulting in ACUTE tendonitis, registering a 10, causing severe pain, often even crying, I usually try to ride it out, but after a few weeks, end up going for Accupuncture or cortisone shots.

    BUT, after reading the webpage you posted, I think what I have in TENDINOSIS, for my chronic tendon pain. Doesn't seem to have inflammation associated with it. When I get what I call, ACUTE Tendinitis, then there is DEFINATELY inflammation, as there is swelling and heat. The two tegether is UNBEARABLE.

    I've commented many times that Accupuncture helps my ACUTE tendinitis, but not my CHONIC tendinitis. This may be why. There is that distinction between INFLAMMATION of Teninitis and TEARS THAT DON'T HEAL of Tendinosis.

    Good read. Thanks.
  3. paige51

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    I recently had surgery for this. Took the doctors over a year to find out what it really was.

    To soon to really tell what the outcome will be. The hand has major weadness and is still somewhat painful.

    mines was classified as de quervains disease.

    good luck to you,

  4. enjoysue

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    I hope the surgery is a success for you paige51. I've heard of Dequervains but I sure didn't find much online about it.

    I've had this problem for about 20 years and no one has come close to giving me a diagnosis other than fibromyalgia but I think it is more than that but no one seems to care to give me more diagnosis' but I think perhaps the method for treatment would be different if I had a complete and proper diagnosis.

    Something is just not quite right and it feels like I am always making tears especially in my forearms, feet and the back of my ankles and they never heal. If I ignore the pain the pain only gets worse to the point that I become more disabled and I can't do simple things like getting dressed or even holding an empty cup.

    If I excersise like I am supposed to, no matter how slow I go, or how little I do, it seems like I irritate everything more.

    I'm just very frustrated with the whole thing. I feel no one (drs.) gives me the time of day as they are on a tight schedule so I sit here with a dx that is ok with the docs but I want more answers.

    I'll see tomorrow if my chiro knows anything about tendinosis and if not I will print things out about it and educate him. I'll be educating the rest of my medical team.

    Keep me informed paige51 as to how the surgery went. I have trouble with my hands too and even my thumb.
  5. kriket

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    I think I may have this, but not sure. I do massages and my forearms kill me at times. They will burn and then hurt and feel really sore from my wrists to my elbows. Sometimes the pain will travel up to my shoulders.


  6. paige51

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    Yep, you have it. It is the most painful thing I have ever felt. on a scale of 1-10, I will give it a 8.5 on a good day.

    on a bad day 10t. Without the pain medicine i would not survive.

    keep us posted.

  7. enjoysue

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    Yea kriket, it sure sounds like that is what you have. Does it feel like you are getting micro tears in your muscles from doing all those massages? That's how it feels for me anyway.

    I hope you bring this up with your doctor. You also might be getting carpal tunnel or tendoitis in your wrists/hands. Even seeing a chiropracter about these problems...IF you can find a good one. I have nearly the full range of motion in my arm now. Twisting it still give me alot of grief but it is so much better than what it was. But the pain is still there but not quite so bad but I know if I used the arm alot I'd be right back where I was again.

    I have to get an MRI now for my neck. It's just not progressing as the chiro said. I get these horrible headaches with it and they've actually gotten more frequent since seeing him and I think he's only cracked my neck once. Otherwise he's just stretching the muscles back there.

    I explained to him that I can crack my own neck at times by myself by just nodding my head. I can tell when it's going to do it because my voice gets softer and I have a hard time swallowing until it cracks.

    I asked him about it and I only remember the word "compression" coming out of his mouth. I have such a pitiful memory!

    All I know is I have to keep learning about what is going on with my body and throwing that info out to the doctors. I'm the only one who knows how I am feeling and doing. I've let it up to the docs for 21 years and I'm far worse and maybe beyond repair but I'm NOT giving up!! Heck, they used to think that PMS was all in our heads but now they know better!!