anyone have their own business and working from home?

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  1. Kimba4318

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    this got deleted the first time. Not sure if I am not allowed to ask this questions...
  2. gracepartaker

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    I'm a marriage and family therapist and we have our office in our home. I am so grateful. I can see a couple of people and then go rest very easily. Don't think I could work any other way. What about you/
    Blessings Sally
  3. sdown

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    Hi, I have a home business - jewellery. I handcraft some & buy some wholesale. I started this year & sell my items in a few stores & hairdressing salons. But as you know we have good days and bad days. On the bad days I feel like I cant do this & on good moments Im grateful to have something to keep my mind active & in use. Im finding though that it is too costly to pay rent and commission in stores. So Im going to concentrate on selling the stuff wholesale. Its expensive getting the inventory. I have a website which someone did for me at a cost of 1500.00. Its a terrific website. I tried to teach classes. I did a few and one I had to cancel because I was too sick. So Im going to pass on the classes unless someone I know wants to do one at of my home when Im feeling up to it. Im going to concentrate on selling the jewellery wholesale to companies and a few individual friends and aquaintances. I also have the business listed for sale right now but I dont know if it will sell or not. Its a great home business and has lots of room for potential but I cant put in many hours.
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  4. Hoyin

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    Yes. I consult people on the use of chemicals and toxins in their home that are harming them and the enviroment. If they wish to buy safe products I refer them onwards. I suppose I'm an 'educator' Oh and once a week I work outside the home teaching at the local school. Sometimes (more often than not) its health and enviromental awareness issues.
  5. jole

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    I worked as a transcriptionist in the hospital for years, but had to quit because of this DD. Now I continue to do one doc's clinic dictation at home. It is only part time, but gives me a little income and is enough to keep me up to date on it.

    I just can't handle much work in one one position any more.

    By the way, nothing wrong with your question - sometimes things just get "lost" on this board.

    Friends - Jole
  6. NyroFan

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    I do day trading. I study the market and make daily trades that I feel are in my best interest.

    Yes, it is much work. I do it for five hours a day. I read the 'Wall Street Journal', watch CNBC, go to seminars and manage to make a few bucks a week.

    Sure, much work. I make a decent amount for my work and it keeps me from drowning in debt.

    Through my divorce I recieved much money and the house, but the maintenance costs, as I am sure you know.

    Is it worth looking into. Yes! I went to local seminars, studied books, read the financial papers and so on.

    Luckily I live alone and can do this. My only child was struck down by a drunk driver and after years of aner I was so hurt when I was diagnosed and my husband left.

    So, I went into action. I need the extra money and worked my butt off to do this kind of work.

    Is it worth it? For me, sure.

    I am only suggesting it for others who have the stomach for it.

    Should you not get many responses, I will tell you that bucks are to be made doing this.

    Much luck,

  7. Redwillow

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    You guys all sound so smart! I wish I was able to do a home business! Anyone give business lessons over the internet? LOL

    hugs Redwillow
  8. Kimba4318

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    Yes - you all sound like you have got it together! I have a promotional products business, we sell just about anything with a company logo on it (Hats, T-shirts, pens, Business cards etc, etc.)

    Work slowed down a bit, from what seemed like a 1 year flare, but now I am pursuing new clients and reconnecting with past ones. I love my work, and find, even when feeling sick, it helps to be BUSY. I do well with the very busy stages and not so well with the manageable - orders here and there.

    Along with my diet/lifestyle change, I am re-committing to my business. It is something I love and god knows we can use the income to help with all of those piled up darn medical bills :)It is great to meet new people and get back out there again - I think it helps to keep my mind busy when my body seems to be giving out.

    Thanks for sharing your stories and good luck to all of you!
  9. Cycie

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    I make Homemade Preserves, Pickles, Relish, Chutney and Jam
    and it is called AuntyGails, I have some local shops as outlets, it is hard tiring work, a lot of it on my feet which doesn't help matters any, but a girl has to make a living.

    When I cook, I do between 300-400 jars in 2 days on my own and of course I CRASH for days, then when I recover enough I start putting the labels on, then I CRASH for another few days.

    I enjoy what I do, but just wish I could do it with more ease. My Daughters tell me I was an ole witch in a past life
    (stirring the big pots I use) LOL

    Gentle Hugs to all

  10. Kimba4318

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    Hi lovingheart. I wonder how I would be able to send you my catalogs and things. I guess we are not allowed to give our email out hmmmmmm. Anyone have any ideas on how I could send this out?

    Thanks for asking - I'd love to show you the stuff we do.

    Hugs :)
  11. Kimba4318

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    bump for lovingheart or anyone else.
  12. MistyMoon

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    I was an art teacher for 28 years so when I got sick I finally decided that I needed more in my life. I thought of watercolor painting but decided that it would take to much mental energy. Then I thought I could do beading making jewelry and do it from bed. I started in April thinking I would do it for gifts but since then it's grown into a business. I go to craft fairs with my young daughter managing it while I sit. It's so much fun. I meet new people and it looks like I will make money at it eventually once I sell enough to pay the bills. I feel creative again and I can put it aside if I feel too sick and it's kind of therapeutic once I have a design planned. Shopping for the components on the internet is always fun too. I always wanted to be an artist prior to becoming a teacher. For me, that is the silver lining in getting FM, MPS and ME/CFS.
  13. Kimba4318

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    wow - that is great! I love crafts - always looking for something new to do. I love going to craft shows too. Sounds like a great business to be in, and flexible.
    good for you!
  14. ginnytex

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    I have a freight brokerage business that I run from my home. All that is required is phone lines, computers and fax and can be run from anywhere. I have had to get my own clients, that was hard at first, but it was before I got sick, so I had about 3 years to build the business before I got so sick. My daughter works with me and runs the business when I am sick and in bed. It makes it easy for those times that I feel bad part of the day and get better at other times of the day. Makes a very good living. And yes I know exactly how lucky I am. Thank you God.Good luck to all of you that are trying to find a home-based business
  15. pattigaul

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    I am a realtor and work half days which is all the energy I have. Without the pain meds, I would be disabled. Patti
  16. MistyMoon

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    Pattigaul - I hear you about being disabled without the pain meds. I'm the same way. It's taken me and my doctors 2 years to get pain management and I think I'm finally there. But now the fatigue is off the wall. Thank your stars you can work 1/2 days. I wish I could do that. I seem to be in bed until 3 pm everyday before I can get going and accomplish anything. We have to be thankful for the little things because it can always get worse.
  17. larryh

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    I have had a home business for years before I got this DD. I sell and support computers and software. For the last few years I haven't been looking for any new business, but I still make a few extra bucks. It helps keep my brain from turning into mush keeping up with things enough to be able to keep working even a little.

    If you want to exchange contact information you can meet in live chat and exchange emails. It would be nice to know if we could put private web sites on our bio.

  18. Babs60

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    Hello everyone. I also have my own Business. I actually have two endeavors. I enjoy writing and performing children's stories and songs.I preform musical shows at librarys, daycares and schools. I am Mrs.Smilee. Ilove seeing the children's faces light up and getting hugs. Even though I hurt and ache all over after the shows, it is very rewarding. I just have to pace myself. My Husband
    died three years ago and he helped me carry and set up my equipment. He loved watching the children interact. I really miss my partner.

    I also decorate children's rocking chairs. I select cute fabric for the pillows and match the theme or color of the pillow. I then embellish the back of the chairs with buttons and wooden objects depending on the theme. I have sold them and have taken orders for custom made chairs.
    I get my grown children to help me prime them and help me transport them to craft shows. I get to sit at the shows so I'm not to tired. I'm thinking though to set up a web site so I can sell them on line.Even though I have limitations when I put forth the effort and it makes
    me feel worthwhile.