Anyone have these symptoms?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by DHS, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. DHS

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    Hi All!
    Does anyone have the following? Pain in the feet and legs that either burn or tingle or hurt and any have light head and any with infrequent jaw aches? I do know I check out with all tests and x-rays and cat scans and EKG's as well. How about balance off and on? Thanks! <br>

  2. Nechama39

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    Bingo! Oh yes I do! Does your jaw painfully crack while you are trying to take a bite of something or while you are chewing or if you bite down? I get light headed alot too. I bought a blood pressure cuff and learned that when I feel like that, plus fatigued my blood pressure is always super low.<br> My doc caught that quite a few times and never said anything about it. I always wondered if that could be as dangerous as having high blood pressure. I have problems elevating it too when it gets low like that.<br> And the pain in feet and legs? The tingle thingy, the burning? Oh yeah.
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    Hi I have all of your symptoms. I have fm and cfs. for 9 years. Also had lyme desease years ago. I also have vitamin D deficiency. Maybe you could talk to your DR. about these things and get checked.