Anyone have Time Warner for Phone Service?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by elliespad, Dec 8, 2006.

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    We have MCI Neighborhood, for our phone, which includes unlimited long distance, for aroound $49. Add taxes, and it's $70 something. Been looking to reduce costs.

    I don't want a Voice Over Internet service as I have been on phone with people who have that, and have experienced a "digital sounding distortion" which lasts anywhere from 2-10 minutes. That would totally p**s me off, so I don't want it.

    We already have Time Warner for Digital Cable and High Speed Internet, and can add unlimited phone, including long distance for $10 something. Price is right, but want to be sure service is reliable and quality is acceptable.
    So, anyone have Time Warner for Phone Service?
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    I also have MCI and want to reduce my monthly bill.

    It is important that I have 3 way calling; I think the time warner has it.

    I'm pretty sure that 911 on Verison (I can't seem to be able to figure out how to spell that tonight!) doesn't show your phone number to the 911 people. I'm not sure whether it does or not with Time Warner.

    I've had some people tell me that the fax doesn't work with Time Warner, but other people tell me that it does. I need the fax to work.

    The bad thing about Time Warner is if their service is temporarily shut down, your phone doesn't work. So I'd say it would be important to have a cell phone for a back-up. I do.

    Hopefully, someone else will have an answer because I'm thinking the same thing as you are about dumping MCI neighborhood.
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    Well theres a few flaws with the service that will Pi** you off....When the cable is is the internet and the Phone....Your phone will be DEAD..till they fix the problem, plus if there is a power have no phone..but there is a backup battery..havent had that yet...The phone will be busy at times or cut off calls or make loud humming noises..My husband wants to switch back to landline....Make sure you get ALL the infor before switching..,its a good deal but a pain sometimes...I had an incident last week where my internet quit working and so did the phone..Come to find out all I had to do was reset it...but had to use my cell phone to call time warner only to be hung up on!...Lina
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    You said when the cable is down, so is the internet. My cable NEVER goes out, except MAYBE once a year, if that. Internet RARELY. We've only been with Time Warner for about 4-6 months, as they bought out Adelphia. They told me today their phone lines use Fiber Optics and now I'm wondering if that means I could have the same problems as you, where if power goes out, so does phone. Hmmmmm,,,
    Thanks for your info.

    Anyone else have history with Time Warner phone?

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