Anyone have tingling/burning only in one limb?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by marcus1243, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. marcus1243

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    This is weird because I've always had tingling in both feet up until recently. Now, I NEVER get any tingling or burning in my right leg, but my left leg is very 'sore'/skin feels hypersensitive and prickly and my left foot is always tingling. Anyone else get one-sided symptoms? (I always thought that fibro sx were symmetrical).
    PS. Went to top MS specialist last week (3rd I've seen), and he agreed with all the other docs I've seen -- forget it, no way MS, he reckons. Nice to hear but I sure have lots of neuro stuff going on!
  2. joannie1

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    Mine used to be only on my left side. It hurts to move my leg at times. It has gone into the right but not near as bad as the left. I have the hypersensativity so bad that I can not wear clothes that are of my my own size. they have to be either one or two sizes too big or large jogging pants. if i do i literally can not walk due to the pain and the numbness and tingling. My left foot too is always tingling. By the end of the day my three toes in the middle look like little smokies and are red and burn from the pain. Pretty weird what all this can do to a person ha. Hope this helps.

    Have you had any tests to be sure your spine is okay and you don't have nerve root involvement on the left side?
    Hope you feel better soon.
  3. marcus1243

    marcus1243 New Member

    Thanks for responding. You say your problems with tingling are posture-related; is this your own observation or has a doctor explained this phenomenon to you? (I also find that I never get tingling when I go to bed at night but that it develops very quickly as soon as I get up and start moving around the next morning.) Just wondered if there was an explanation for this..
    thanks again,
  4. pam_d

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    You & I both seem to have very similar neuro stuff---to me, the greatest & most frustrating FM set of symptoms. To answer your question, I still have what I call basic tingling in both feet; but I have been having skin-surface, and just below skin, sensations in my left calf, sometimes around my knee area, and left-side of face. Not really tingling (at least not the same sensation as I always have in my feet), I call it kind of a slight buzzing feeling, kind of mixed with something brushing against my skin....isn't this stuff just hell to describe?? No wonder we have such a hard time communicating these feelings to doctors!

    Glad you've eliminated the MS, I did that 3 years ago, but as you said, now we are left with these bizarre & debilitating tough as pain...

    Definitely not symmetrical...

  5. SayCheese

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    I've this tingling in my left foot for almost a year now. Was tested for MS and/or neuropathy (MRI and EMG) but fortunately it was neither. So it has to be the fibro, I guess, but it only has been one-sided and I do, just as you have alot of other neuro sx going on. The outside of my left arm is tingling also (from my little pink finger till my elbow) and it gets worse when I've walked or done a lot.
    Sorry I can't be of any more help.

    Love, SayCheese
  6. marcus1243

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    The tingling and burning sensations I find much worse than the pain -- they're more scary (to me at least), more insistent and harder to treat (unresponsive to painkillers, heat etc).
    Just out of interest, have your neuro symptoms become worse over time? Have you been tested for B12 deficiency? I've just had *stacks* of tests done (blood work, full rheumatological workup) and I hope there are some answers in there somewhere when I get the results. Have you taken anything to help with the tingling? (amitriptyline, neurontin etc)
    Thanks to everyone for replying. Good to know I'm not the only one!
  7. ejay

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    marcus i have had these problems non stop for so long and the drs kept telling me it had to be from my head injury 10 years ago it just started 15mnths ago i have noticed when i would take certain vitamins it was worse and when potassium is low or blood pressure or just when it feels like it. the only relief i could find was putting the bottom of my foot on heating pad [thats where tingling norm is]and get potassium checked. good luck ejay[if potassium is low drink 3 times a day 1tsp pure honey mixed w/1tsp apple cider vinegar 1cup hot water in time try to increase to 1TBS of each doesn't taste that bad and dr recomended for best way to get potassium and relieves all kinds of problems related to fibro
  8. pam_d

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    I have been kind of at a loss with this for as long as I've had FM! I tried elavil early on, & neurontin....side effects to both that made me not want to continue & no real help for the tingling. I'm super-sensitive to drug side effects so I haven't tried anything else like that. I did start magnesium, and it helped somewhat with the tingling in my feet; still have it, but it's a little less so now. Do not feel, though, that it has quieted the other strange sensations I get, such as that buzzing or vibrating feeling, the weird bug-crawly skin stuff I get, the "something's brushing my skin" feeling (for lack of a better description).

    I do feel like this neuro stuff has intensified over time, although when I started with this, I had finger tingling almost as bad as my feet; really don't get that so much now....but instead, I have a whole bag of other neuro sensations to replace it. One thing I feel is that this stuff just seems to "migrate" around my body, other than the feet tingling; that has been pretty constant since Day 1.

    I really empathise with those who suffer daily, severe pain, but I think only those of us who suffer from these strange neuro symptoms really understand how very debilitating they can be, causing stress & worry, lack of sleep, etc....Every time a new body part twitches incessantly, or buzzes, or feels like ants are crawling on it, it's very scary & I don't know about you, Marcus, but I find it totally distracting to the point of panic sometimes; I can't concentrate on anything else. Not much fun to live this way.....

    I just keep working on the "why" of FM for me (for example, I just discovered I have severe food allergies, so now I'm on some new supplements, diet, etc--that's a whole other story!). You said you have just completed tons of tests. I just keep hoping if we can ever ferret out some of the underlying causes of FM for us individually, maybe we can get our bodies to feel somewhat healthier, and if that happens, some of the neuro symptoms may start to go away or at least lessen a bit.

    Good luck to us both (and everyone else who suffers from these awful neuro symptoms)!

  9. nayray

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    I'm new to the board....I've had that same tingling/burning sensation in my left arm for a couple of years now. Sometimes I have it in one or both of my calves as well. I've had MRI's and EMG's to rule out several suspicious causes but nothing turns up. I was recently diagnosed with CFS and now that I'm reading more about it, I can't believe it took almost 2 years to come up with this diagnosis!! :)
  10. Achy-shaky

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    Just curious if you are taking anything for restless leg syndrome. If not, ask neuro if this could be what it is because it can be one-sided - mine started out that way with tingling in foot all the time & then spread to both but the good news is they have meds given normally for early Parkinsons that work wonders on I take is Mirapex and it also helps me sleep. I'm also sensitive to meds but started on very low dosage that had to be increased every 6 mos. This does not mean you have Parkinsons but many symptoms are similar to FM due to lack of dopamine.
    It can also spread to your arms so I asked my neuro and she increased dosage but it didn't help my left arm now giving me grief so guess that's not the reason for my other one-sided arm has bad nerve pain and numbness down to fingers but I'm pretty sure it's from nerve entrapment in spine since I have herniated discs at C5-7. Getting trigger point massage that I'm not sure is helping but have to try for a while. Neurontin helps it a little at night, can't take in day yet due to dizziness so I'm trying to hang in there but the pain and lack of ROM in shoulder is really getting me down.
    Best wishes to you for finding a solution!
  11. desertlily

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    Hi there! I'm new to this (both to the message board and fairly new to the illness itself- 2 yrs) but this seems like a wonderful way to talk to others that know what I'm talking about!

    Anyway, about the tingling - I've only had it in my right leg, especially my right foot. In fact it was one of the earliest symptoms I had that made me wonder what the heck was going on! I'd had the flu that didn't want to go away and the awful fatigue and then out of the blue this weird tingling or what felt like "buzzing" to me on the bottom of my foot. Also, I would be standing at the sink or something and all of the sudden feel like something just crawled over my foot, yuck! I would keep looking down and not see anything. I also have a lot of numbness in that calf and the top of that foot, which also comes and goes. Sometimes I'll also get some numbness in the right upper arm.

  12. greenqueen

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    I have that same light skin- brushing sensation,too.At first,I thought it was one of my cats but they were nowhere to be found when it happened.Don't you think this is the greatest place?You think you're the only one with some weird thing,then all of a sudden-so many others.I get that burning thing,too.Anybody for a group hug?
  13. pam_d

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    Look at this little group----there are a lot of us in this same boat, with these very hard to describe, strange neurological sensations and feelings. I agree, it's the pits to have to deal with this on a daily basis, but very comforting to know that there are others with this quirky stuff going on in their bodies, too.

    I think there's quite a subset of us that would say some of their hardest-to-deal-with FM symptoms are these weird neuro ones.....personally I handle painful days much better.

    Take care, everyone, and let's keep of us may hit on a strategy that's helpful for the tingling/twitching/buzzing stuff someday.