Anyone have to take a Functional Capacity Evaluation? 2nd time

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kaydee55, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. kaydee55

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    This is my 2nd time asking this question. Has anyone have to take this test? I work in a mill and have restrictions on some machines. I had to take this test in Sept. and don't what they are going to do about me. There is a line of progression of which I have 2 machines ahead of the one that I am on that I can't work on. I have trouble squatting, crawling, climbing stairs, and crouching. I was told if I have to go to those machines I would get physical limitations layoffs. They permantly layed off two women that couldn't move up. I am young yet at 50 and would like to work til I am 55 to get a disabilty retirement from there. I have been there going on 33 years. I don't want to start over at this late date. Anyone???? What did you do?
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    click on my profile & see my post from March 23. The problem that I had was that I was able to squat, crawl, etc... This made them think that I should be able work, without considering my other symptoms.

    Were you able to complete the tasks? If you are proven to not be able to do your job, wouldn't they have to start you on disability retirement at this time? That's what I have from my company, and I'm only 39 yrs old.

    I'm not sure what your goal is. Are you trying to stay with this company? Would it be a financial hardship to start disability at this time?

  3. kaydee55

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    I have gone to my HR person when I found out that I couldn't do these things. I asked about ADA and accomadating me on these 2 machines. she said that they could not due to creating a hardship for the company. it would involve making some kind of lift, because I have trouble climbing stairs. we have a union and someone that deals with ADA. I had asked him to help me out , but the HR person hasn't looked at my results yet. next year 3 older people are retiring and that means I have to move up. My company dosen't hand out disability retirement too easy. they say that they have other jobs for me to do, if I want to trasnfer to another department. right now working 12's suck and I don't get enough sleep. not enough people in my department and too many machines to run.

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