Anyone have tonsils removed as an adult?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mommygee, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. mommygee

    mommygee New Member

    I'm almost in tears today from chronic ear and throat pain. I took anti-biotics for this two weeks ago....obviously doesn't help's back with a vengeance.

    Has anyone had their tonsils removed? Did it help you?
  2. whitetornado

    whitetornado New Member

    I had my tonsils removed when I was 26. I am 60 now. After keeping chronic tonsilitis, after my surgery, I
    never had another problem. Sometimes CFS causes a sore
    throat and ear aches (TMJ). I know you know the difference, but other people might not know.
  3. SusanNH

    SusanNH New Member

    At age 50, after many bouts of sorethroats,prescribed antibiotics to help, not to mention many trips to the doctor and missed work, the doctors finally decided to take out the tonsils. It was done on an outpatient basis which I thought couldn't be possible, especially for a person as "old" as I was. Well as you can see, I lived to talk about it and would recommend the surgery, if that is what your doctor advises. I won't say that the recouperation was a walk in the park, but in the end, the results were wonderful. I am now 57 and haven't had a sorethroat since the surgery! I couldn't believe that it cured the sorethroats. I hope that you are able to find relief and help. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  4. Turnert

    Turnert New Member

    She had had "viral throat infections" for past 6 years so the docs (3 off) said. Realy was a deep crypt that was abcessed and was putting toxins into her systom. This also did not help her CFS issues.

    Worth a trip to the ENT specialist if you have consistant sore throats/ears.
  5. ladykew

    ladykew New Member

    After tonsilitis, ear infections, bronchitis, etc., all my life, I went to an ENT surgeon. He recommended immediate removal of my tonsils and adenoids to stop the chronic infections I was carrying around with me all the time.

    He said my tonsils were chronically infected, would never get any better, and would continue to poison my body until they were taken out.

    The surgery was painless, done under geneal anesthesia. The recovery was fast; no bleeding. And I never again had an infected throat or a cold. Only sinus occasionally, along with everyone else in this part of the country.

    I do, however, get sore throat and swollen glands with CFS flares. But never again have I been ill with upper respiratory infections.

    That has been 30 years ago.

    If your doctor recommends you having your tonsils removed, I'd definitely consider doing it! Trust your surgeon, make sure it is his specialty, and go to a good, reputable hospital.

    You can even inquire what percentage of staph infection the hospital has. That information is made available for public knowledge upon request.

    Hope you find the right answer for you.

    God bless!

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