anyone have touble tolerating provera postmeno?

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    I used to take it periodically but hadnt for a few months-then when i tried i was unable to. made me lifeless,headache and couldnt sleep even with med. only 2.5mgdose too. have been taking low dose of estradiol all along .5mg no periods for a couple of yrs. anyone know if a low dose of estrogen wouldnt cause buildup in lining of uterus? feel a little better on estrogen although i move too much and make my fatigue and pain worse . subject change-anyone have any good advice or treatment for allover cfs pain? thanks for any replies. carolyn
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    I was given provera before post meno to stop heavy bleeding.. Well it stopped the bleeding for a while then when I went off it I ended up in the hospital and had to have blood transfusions and a D n C.. Not only did it cause the heavy bleeding but what it did do me emotionally . I never realized how a hormone could cause such depression and emotions.

    Six months later I had a complete hysterectomy which threw me into surg. meno. I didn't take any HRT at the time but later tried the estradiol patch and felt the best I had in years until this darn cfs. In fact after 6 years being off the patch I have an Rx for it and going to try it again to see if it will help with the darn cfs. It was about the time I stopped HRT that the cfs hit.. Not sure if there is a connection or not.

    As far as the pain I have deep bone body aches so take xanax and bufferin which seems to work as well as anything else I have tried.

    Hope you get better answers and help than I could give.. Good Luck

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    hoping for responses
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    Provera is a synthetic form of progesterone, but it is not identical to what our bodies make so will have side effects that natural progesterone does not. Here's a link to an article about this:

    If I were you, I'd ask my doctor for a prescription for bio-identical progesterone - identical to the same stuff our bodies make. It comes in a softgel form called prometrium.

    You can also get creams with natural progesterone either from a compounding pharmacy (your doctor would have to write a prescription) or health food stores.

    Pharmaceutical companies make the synthetic stuff because they can't patent natural progesterone, so they have to change its formulation to patent it, and come up with something called a progestin, which is man-made and patentable.