Anyone have treatment or knowledge of nanobacteria?

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    Had a neck ultrasound (for pain and tingling in arms) that showed arterial blockage (it shows no plaque). Discussed test results with the doc today and she believes it to be caused by nanobacteria. I just had the blood test done today. I’ve been on-line (and here) searching for information on nanobacteria. I read that it causes calcifications in the arterial walls and some theorize it as the cause of kidney stones. THEN I read an article that said it was all a myth!? Has anyone been treated for nanobacteria? Could this really be an issue or is it another marketing ploy? Any ideas? Please help (if you can).

    She also wants to ‘try’ calcium EDTA chelation on me. I am scared to death!

    I am so tired of receiving more pain and torture with more tests and treatments that don’t work. I just can’t keep doing this. I have no quality of life. My doc tells me to learn to accept the pain, work through my fears, and stay positive. If I hear that one more time I’ll puke! I’d like to see how many docs could hang as long as we do with these damn symptoms. My veins and heart hurt and I am afraid I will have a stroke or heart attack! I honestly don’t think that meditation will relieve the arterial blockage I have! I pay my doctor for medical treatment and I get lectures on faith and hope. I’ve got that end of the damn disease covered – I have you guys!! I need medical help. Like the song goes – ‘I can’t do this all on my own – I ain’t no Superman!’

    Thanks for listening and being there.

    Sharon L
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    We always seem to get various and sometimes conflicting info. I myself am about to read up on nannobacteria, have the sources and sites,but haven't had time yet. Would be
    interested in what other people find. And, when I get my reading done, I'll check back in. Keep us posted on what you find and how it all goes.