Anyone have trigger point massage?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nancyL, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. nancyL

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    I have such pain in my mid back bra strap and between shoulder blades...all along spine. Has anyone ever tried getting a massage and massaging that area and work on those "lumps" in that area?? ANy other ideas for that pain?
  2. Kay2

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    had several massages. Be prepared to be totally drained when done. Drink plenty of water also.Lots of toxins in our ole bodies. It hurt sooo good. I even have him massage me with his elbows, because I want it hard!!! Por guy. He is great though. Good luck!
  3. lumediluna

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    and swedish and trigger are helpful with fibro. The trigger work really gets at the point of the pain on the muscles, opening the muscles and releasing toxins that are built up.
    Just be sure to communicate with the Massage Therapist if it is to much - it is a good pain.

    Also when you get trigger work done, you will feel (usually) the pain raidiating (sp) in another part of your body......say you are getting trigger work on those muscles where you explained, you may feel a raidiating feeling in the front of your chest or even up your neck (because the muscles are connected) - that is when you know they are "on" the trigger point. I have found with fibro patients, there are SEVERAL trigger points on the muscles. I get that same pain you get, for me it feels like fire and trigger works - I also have to use ice.

    I highly recommend trigger work and like kay2 stated, drink plenty of water and just plan on doing nothing after the massage, it can be draining. Take care!
  4. debbiem31

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    I first went to a chiro about 2 months ago who is certified in ART, because I had a terrible knot (?) in my shoulder, . Well, it was causing all sorts of problems down the arm and making my carpal tunnel flare up as well! It was actually pinching a nerve. This man was a Godsend. He performed the ART on my shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Within a few treatments, the pain was gone. He then went on to assign me gentle exercises to prevent pain. I'm still seeing him (down to once every 3 weeks, started at twice a week) for new excercises and pain evaluation. I rarely need the ART now. If anyone needs a chiropractor somewhere around Delphi, IN, let me know, I highly recommend mine!!!

    So, basically, I would say if you have specific pains in certain areas, you should definitely consider ART with a licensed chiropractor (though any MD can perform it). If you're having just general aches and everyday pains, a massage therapist might just be the ticket. Everyone is different!

    Good luck, Debbie
  5. healing

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    Once you get the hang of relieving your trigger points, a nifty S-shaped device called a Backnobber can be used to apply controlled pressure to specific trigger points. I use mine all the time for the stubborn sore spots on my back, shoulders and neck. You can look it up on Google. It costs about $35 and is a great investment.

    I do get regular myofascial release -- weekly -- and it allows me to continue to live a fairly normal life. That and stretching.

    Hope this helps.