Anyone have trouble with air conditioning

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Tigger57, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    I noticed to today that I was getting shooting pains in my arms and legs and felt that it was connected to air conditioning in the office and the car.

    It's been so hot and humid that we really need the a/c, but it makes me hurt so.

    Does anyone else get shooting pains?
  2. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Surprizingly I don't get bothered by AC~
    Usually I answer yes to everyones questions. So I jumped at the chance to say NO for once!!
    I sleep with the air on right near me at night,it gets cold in my room!! I do wear blankets tho.
    The humid drives me nuts!! I feel like I can't move,can't breathe,don't wanna cook,etc... Yesterday and today was very hot and hazy here in NY! now tomorrow they call for temps in the low 70's. aaaaaahhhhhhh~
    relief!! will I cook?? I wonder~
    I sometimes get shooting pains in my legs.But it does'nt matter what the temp is.Its all yr round,just once in awhile thankfully~
    Take care
  3. jkd7058

    jkd7058 New Member

    It makes me stiff and sore. I keep my heated bed pad on all summer to take the chill off my legs especially. It's not been so bad since I've gotten my symtoms under control.
  4. she-she

    she-she New Member

    hey, tigger!!

    i don't get shooting pains, but when i am somewhere like restaurants, the movies, etc. where they keep the temp way down my whole body starts to ache and i get really stiff too.
  5. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    Today I noticed that I had shooting pains in my arm, then later in my leg. About the only thing I can contribute to it is the a/c.

    As usual, I'm different.
  6. Jenilyn

    Jenilyn New Member

    Thought it was only me. Air conditioning hurts me terribly..but for the sake of the rest of my family..I had to break down and turn it on.

  7. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I, too, normally have the same complaints as everyone else as far as aches and pains.

    However, I have to say that A/C is on the top of my list of priorities of "must haves"!!!

    We keep our central air set at around 68 degrees. That is about the only thing that my husband and I both agree on!
    We don't change the blankets on our bed from winter to summer. The colder the better!

    With the central a/c you don't have any drafts or vents blowing right on you like in a car, so it's much more comfy.

    The humidity and heat have always made me physically ill.
    I have also thought that it was contributed to my Lupus, but I don't know. My children get sick from the heat, too.

    If I sit for too long and get chilled, I just get up and move around ... or I have even gone outside and stood on the back porch just to warm up a tad!!

  8. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    With the a/c is if it goes off :)

    Like 'jlh' said, that is the one thing my husband and I agree on. The colder the better.

    But I will put a sweater on if I get chilled, but never turn the a/c down.

    What gets to me is the heat/humidity, in Louisiana today, it was in the 90's and the humidity was through the roof.

    The a/c stays on year round here, except for a few weeks out of the year.

    But I do sleep with a heated mattress pad, a Cuddle Ewe, and a Down conforter, but I love the house cold.

    We are truly all different with these illnesses......

    Shalom, Shirl
  9. mindy

    mindy New Member

    air con. makes me hurt too can hardly move,but the humity makes me hurt also cant win from loseing. mindy
  10. Notonline

    Notonline New Member

    The heat drags me down more, but I do have to be careful with the air.

    I always make sure in the car that it's not blowing on me by adjusting the vents to blow away from me at the window or door or shutting some of them off if needed...(especially bad in the car), if it's aimed at my legs or arms they end up hurting like a toothache, if it blows in my face I end up with swollen glands and an earache the next day. In the house I do the same thing...ceiling fans or those portable fans along with having the air on can make me really sick.

    We have ceiling fans all through the house...they should last forever, they've never been used.
  11. rose38716

    rose38716 New Member

    but if its blowing directky on me it really inensifies the pain..I just put a flannel shirt on becaise im sitting in the kitchen in ront of the air..It has given me the shooting pains swollen glands,sore throat ect.but it is worse withoutit this apt. get really muggy....DEB
  12. rose38716

    rose38716 New Member

    but if its blowing directky on me it really inensifies the pain..I just put a flannel shirt on becaise im sitting in the kitchen in ront of the air..It has given me the shooting pains swollen glands,sore throat ect.but it is worse withoutit this apt. get really muggy....DEB
  13. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Some of like it cold and some like it hot.....This Mama Bear strives when it is hot.A Dr. said I was "allergic" to air/conditioning, and drafts. Air and fans , also perfumy things makes me sort of shut down. My head hurts and I get pressure, eyes feel funny, ears and teeth hurts. My glands hurt and my throat feels like it is closing. I get VERY groggy and tired and feel as if life is leaving me. I get this way if a perfume sample is in a magazine that I just got and did not know one was in it. I have found out that when I get this way and I do not have air currents or coldness, some culprit like a perfume sample or a visitor has sicken me.
    I get real stiff and can move only sluggish like. My ankles wants to give out and they have on steps, I have fallen. I drop things as my hands will not hold things. I get sharp pains every where and throbbing and other pain jumps around all over me.
    Warm clothes will not solve those problems at all. Jan. onto late Spring is a real rough time for me and it is a real ordeal to cope and get through those months. But I know better times are ahead, not that I do not have same problems then, but most of the time I can cope better then.
  14. Goodcat

    Goodcat New Member

    Hi Tigger!
    I have exact same problem and I live in Tucson to boot where it's been over a 100 every day! The pains are so sharp in my arms when the a/c hits them that I've had to pull off the road while driving!
    Sorry you're having the pain problem but glad to know I'm not the only one.
  15. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    I had to give up a Great job with the Phone Co., because of the AC. I would be Freezing in the Building, then I would go outside, and the Heat, I live in Ca., would just about Knock me over.

    I had to wear a sweater inside, all year round.
    Then I started getting Colds, and I developed an allgery to Pencillin around this time.

    It also made my Back ache, I had my Son, with one of thoes Wonderful (?) Epduals, but then right afterward's, my back started giving me trouble.

    I think the FMS was causing the Problem, and still does, my skin get's so cold, that it cause's Cramps in my legs and feet. I wear socks all year round too.

    If I get a draft on my Neck, I have DDD & SS, I get a killer headache,and the Trigger Point SCM get's very active.

    I have to run Fan's, instead of AC. We have a small one in the Front room for the hubby, and we angle a fan so I get the tailend of the Cold air. Then I have a window fan, one of thoes niffty new ones with 2 fan's, and that keeps the air flow going.

    Only problem, is they are building new School Rooms at the School behind me, and man oh man, is the DIrty air getting in.
    Hubby finally showed me that the Fan has an Exhaust, lol, so today, I'll set it on that and see if it will keep the Nasty stuff out.

    I woke up choking yesterday, I know it was from the Crap in the air.

    Air, can be Harmful to us. Who would have thought?

  16. Charleen

    Charleen New Member

    We have one big A/C unit in the dining room and one in our bedroom. During the day I turn off the one in our bed room and stay in there. I am also a heat person.
    I try to turn the bed room unit on about an hour before my hubby comes home as he works on buses out in the heat all day.
    If I go our into the other part of the house during the day I wear slipper socks because my feet hurt so bad.
    I also have several different flannel sheets sets and leave them on all summer and the big bed spread. Hubby understands and just kicks them off.
    I could do without the A/C but the hubby can't
  17. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    I never expected so many responses.

    I guess that's what it is.... when it blows directly on me. I need the A/C to sleep, but I snuggle under the covers.

    Unfortunately, at work it's different and also in the car.

    I hate those pains... someone described them like a toothache... that pretty much describes it.

  18. grge

    grge New Member

    I have shooting pains in my legs arms and even joints. I don't know if it do to the ac or not, but it's worth testing your theory.
  19. deenie1979

    deenie1979 New Member

    It makes me very stiff, however without it I can't breathe (I have asthma). It is a tough fight, and it is hard to find a happy medium, but I do. At the office i just walk a little more than usual and in the car I keep it turned low. Also I have contacts, so they dry and I keep extra eye drops handy.

    Hope I helped some!
    Love and hugs,