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  1. sunshineno2

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    I have fibro and I have lots of trouble with my eyes. They fill up with a sticky secretion all the time and it is chronic. Doctors aren't much help.(I live in SO.DAK.)But it is very irritating and embarrasing.Nothing helps. I also have lots of skin problems!
  2. pammypoo

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    I have read of thick secretions but my problem is different.
    When I read I can only "see" one letter or a syllable at a time or the word looks mixed up. I used to be a fast reader scanning a page quickly. Pammypoo
  3. healing

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    My eyes are very dry, yet they ooze all the time. This plays havoc with my eye makeup! Try using some good eyedrops to help moisturize your eyes, like Refresh Plus or Refresh Ultra. I use them morning, noon, night. This is what my eye doc recommended.
  4. kalina

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    Yep. I use a lot of eyedrops since my eyes feel irritated, itchy and dry much of the time, along with the occasional goop buildup.

    I was wondering if anyone else has a problem with changes in their vision?

    I am extremely nearsighted, and my eyesight is constantly in flux. The last time I went to get my eyes checked for new contacts and glasses, my prescription changed three times within one month. I (and the optometrist) finally threw in the towel, so I've resigned myself to the fact that I can't see as well as I used to. For me the most annoying thing is the astigmatism that comes and goes. (Instead of seeing a single line of type, I see at least three or four floating above and below the line).

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    Eyes have been one of my major problems since this dx. I've always been shortsighted, but now I have dry and sore eyes, vision that varies wildly from day to day, a post vitreous detachment (with so many floaters it looks like I have a huge dirty windshield moving in front of my eyes all the time) and early signs of cataracts. Now some may say this is co-incidence but it's all happened very quickly since I've had fibro, and I'm sure they are connected somehow. Unfortunately, it's all irreversible damage, so anybody who says that fibro does no structural damage is wrong in my opinion.
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    I've been diagnosed with occular migraines but still have color blindness and visual changes not accounted for on an eye exam.... you know,,, the stuff you can't see! also skin, GIRL>>>> listen, I've gotten the biggest cystic acnes my derm has ever seen... been getting them drained every two weeks for 6 months now... lots of wierd skin stuff like these little brown patches in my hands and on my sides... (they have a long funny name), warts, polyps, and my share and someone's else with ingrown hairs... EVERYWHERE! sides, legs, underarms, belly....also lots of thick never before skin on my feet and heels..... yep... I agree with Marcus that "they " say it doesn't hurt you but "they" DON"T KNOW! Good luck!
  7. MildredAnn

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    I,too, have eye problems. My eyes were red, itchy, and matted with white secretions. My allergist and one yey
    doctor tried several different allegy eye drops which helped but did not control the eye problem. I went to a
    optmologist and he said I had a condition like "dandruff of the eye" (I can't spell the correct medical
    term correctly - something like "blythorus??"). My current routine is working and I try not to vary it any.
    Also, do not touch your eye with your hand. Use Q-tips. MyA.M. routine consists of washing the eye with baby
    shampoo, drying with a clean cloth, putting the following things in my eye (1) moisturizer over the counter
    eye drops; (2) Alocril (allergy drops); and wait 15 minutes and use a steroid. I have been doing this for one year
    and have tried at times to skip different steps and the eye problem somes right back. At night I only do
    steps 2 - 3. It is well worth the time it takes to keep my eye problems under control. Hope these suggestions
    help you. Good luck.
  8. Katlover

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    I've always been near-sighted but it has gotten worse the past year and a half (of course, getting older doesn't help any either!!). Every morning when I wake up I have gooey eyes (YUCK!). During the day it feels like something is in there - like an eyelash or something - but there is nothing there. My eyes are red all the time. I use those Refresh drops daily. They do seem to help. The eye doctor gave me some kind of drops (can't remember the name - it started with a "P" though!). Those were terrible! Made my eyes burn like they were on fire and, I know this sounds crazy, I could feel the burn in my throat! Refresh drops don't have any type of adverse symptoms (at least not for me!).