Anyone have vision problems?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by MZVIZIO17, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. MZVIZIO17

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    I am supposedly in remission and have been for 8 yrs now. However, every now and again I loose peripheral vision and/or have blurred spots. ??? It can last up to 30 mins at times...
  2. MZVIZIO17

    MZVIZIO17 New Member

    sorry I just saw the older post regarding vision...
  3. anajean42

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    I have big problems with my eyes, and my Opthamologist says it is Lyme related.

    I am legally blind in my right eye, and the left eye has the same damage, but for some reason maintains a fairly decent eyesight for me. My depth perception is gone, and I have a ton of floaters.

    The Lyme has deeply affected the retina in both eyes.

    Hope this helps.

    Hugs jean
  4. Kimelia

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    I had some freaky eye problems about 2 weeks ago.. It felt like I was in the movie the matrix in the scene where neo is putting his hand in the silver mirror type thing. THat is the only way i can come close to describing it......

    ANyone know what i mean?
  5. Di1207

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    Hi I got lymes about 4 yrs ago. Justbstarted tretment 3 months ago. I have floaters and need new glasses every year.Very senative to lights at night.Praying this goes away.
  6. bibbbyk

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    Blurred vision can also be a sign of blood sugar/pre-diabetic symptoms. Good to see you back Kimelia....hope you will post your lab results on another thread.
  7. amk33

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    I have just recently noticed that when the lights are turned off, one eye has better light perception than the other (one eye sees things better in the dark). I'm wondering if Lyme can affect the cones and rods of our eyes? I also have a ton of floaters.