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    Hello everyone! I am new tonight, to this site, and have read many of your posts and have gained so much knowledge in just this evening! It's great to know I am not alone after 5 years with FMS.

    I am writing to ask if anyone has problems with employers due to your FMS? My employer has recently decided that the job that I do requires standing ALL day. (8 hours!) I got a letter from my doc that I need a chair in my work station, and they have accommodated me, however, I feel like there is a possibility of them eventually forcing me out of there or making it impossible for me to have a chair. I work for a MAJOR corporation and they are without heart. It's not my immediate manager's fault, the rules are the rules, but, I have worked there for 22 years! Thankfully I only have to work 3 days per week.

    I'd love ideas and thoughts. Thanks to all! God bless!

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    the company cant make you leave because of fibromylagia. i learned too late. check out ADA. disablities. if u have a disability, which you do, the company HAS TO make your work station hence to u. or have u work from home. check with your human relation office. do u have FLMA, when u cant work?

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    I was told that the states that have an "at-will" employment law, can get rid of you whether you have a disability or not. It does not matter if your doctor has recommended that your employer accommodate you. The state will not stand behind you, if you file a disability discrimination suit against your employer.
    That is why I am still working at the job that I have, because I have no other recourse. To get another job elsewhere will only bring the same problems. As long as the state has the "at-will" employment law, those with disabilities have no choice.
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    Hi Jan,

    Thanks for your reply! I USED to have FMLA forms on file, but, my employer yanked them this year. They stated that I don't work the required 1,250 hours per year to have them on file. I haven't worked 1,250 hours per year for YEARS, and they allowed me to have them on file. I smell a rat! I have called the employee relations department and they say that I need to work with my manager first, and if things cannot be resolved, they will intervene. We shall see what happens! This week, I've been home with a nasty flare up.

    Janine MUSM
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    Hi Lyn,

    I don't know if my state has an "at will" law or not! I suppose I should check it out. I am in Washington. I do know that a friend of mine was forced out and when she took the company (boy I wish I could say the name of the company....they want to have such a perfect reputation), she took them to American's with disabilities people she lost her case! They are a BIG corporation! Hardly worth fighting....because you will always lose.

    I appreciate your input!

    Janine (MUSM)
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    I'm lucky to work for the peole I work for. They are very kind and compassionate. They are two working mothers who have seen it all. A few weeks ago I missed three days due to a bad flare and agonizing back pain. On the 2nd day, I came into the office because they were trying to find something in the office and I wanted to help them find it. I felt bad because it was something I had been working on, and had misplaced it. When my boss saw me, she scolded me for being out of bed. She told me to turn around, go home and take care of myself - that they could handle things without me for a few days. What a difference compared to my last employer.

    Because they treat me so well, I go the extra mile for them. I work extra hours when a project needs to be done, even when I know I'm going to pay for it later. I am truly blessed. I just wish my husband had one ounce of the compassion my two bosses have for me.

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    Hello, Yes, I have had problems on my job because of my FMS. Years ago, I didn't know I had this condition, but was always sick. I worked in a real estate office as a coordinator for the realtors, very stressful. I asked my broker if I could have a better chair to sit on since I was on the computer a lot, he acted like it was a luxury, but he did give me one. The americans with disability acts would not have been able to help me because I worked with about 40 realtors who are considered independent, not employees. My office had only 12 employees. I think it's much better to work for a large company with these conditions, because you have more ways to fight back, rather than smaller offices. I was let go in Feb of 2002, after 8 years of dedication, but it was for the best, they would have never taken my illness seriously. I do hope your company helps you out, we didn't ask for these conditions. Hugs. Chelz.
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    small, family owned business for over 23 years. They are quick to praise me and brag on me when I'm there doing my job. And I hardly EVER take sick days; I tend to drag myself in there no matter what. But, between 1989 and 2000 I had 6 surgeries and missed a considerable amount of work, especially with the 2 back surgeries in 1996 and 2000. During those times, and immediately after missing weeks of work and returning as part time for a while afterwards, there were a lot of things said about me, to my face and behind my back, which later found their way to me.
    It was hurtful and maddening, and there were even some veiled threats made about the security of my position. But the fact is, no one else can do all the things I do, and they realize that, and I'm still here because I am terrified to try to make a job change with my health as it is.

    I guess I am somewhat fortunate though; since it IS a small casual business, I can lie down during my lunch hour, or really at any point during the day if it's necessary. I can stop and ice or use heat on whatever part of my body that needs it. They've gotten a lumbar support for my chair. They now realize I cannot lift heavy boxes of files, etc. And although they don't quite know all the gory details of what my health issues are (and they wouldn't understand or believe them if they did), they DO realize that *something* is wrong with me, and have backed off considerably.

    On the negative side, we have no short or long term disability at work, and I'm not at all familiar with rules/laws governing people with health problems in the work place. If/when I do ever have to change jobs I'm sure there will be a lot of issues for me (and them) to deal with.

    I can't imagine having to stand all day though - if I did have to do that, I'd definitely end up losing my job. The disk problems alone would make that impossible. Do some research on the stuff the others posted about. I hope you find a workable solution!