Anyone Hear of Dr. Cichon in Tampa?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chaps, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. chaps

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    This doctor is an infectious disease specialist who treats CFS among other things. When I called his office with questions, they didn't answer any. All they told me is that they don't take any insurance except for one plan. If you don't have that plan, then you're self-pay.

    He has a website, but it does not provide any information regarding his diagnostic procedures and methods of treatment.

    If you call the office, all they do is send you a one-page document that says:

    "Dr. Cichon is a board certified infectious disease specialist with extensive experience and knowledge." (Well excuuuuse me; how humbled I should be to even request to be in the delicate genius's presence) "He has been treating Lyme Disease, Immune Deficiency Disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, etc. for over twenty-five years." (Am I supposed to be impressed? I've been doing what I do for more than 25 yrs., so stick that in your pipe and smoke it) "Patients travel from all over Florida and beyond state lines to be successfully treated by Dr. Cichon. In these cases, patients are seen by Dr. Cichon on a consult basis only - recommending treatment as deemed medically necessary for that particular patient. The primary care physician plays an integral role in the patient's care and should be carefully chosen and be open to various aggressive protocols which may be used during the treatment course which may include IV setup, nursing services, etc. Since the primary care physician should also be the physician referring the patient to Dr. Cichon, he or she needs to be made aware of the commitment to follow the course of recommended treatment. The primary care physician should also continue to oversee the patient's internal medicine conditions." (Hmm, that sounds scary. You mean the treatment could cause collateral damage that needs to be monitored?) "If IV therapy is required for treatment, or if the patient and/or family require education or counseling (what counseling, grief counseling?--yikes), the patient may be responsible for care plan and management oversight which may or may not be covered by insurance." (You don't take but one insurance, so what's the difference?) In cases where the patient is suffering from severe pain, patients are required to estalish with a pain management physician of their choice to supervise and prescribe pain medications."

    That's it. So basically they're saying you should consider it a privilege to be availed to the treatment of Dr. Cichon (and you obviously have to be rich to afford it) and we aren't answering any specific questions about what his treatment is all about. It's essentially a secret. You'll have to spend $500.00 for an initial consultation in order to find out more and determine whether or not this kind of treatment is for you.

    What kind of horsesh!t is that? Aside from the abrasiveness of this doctor's massive ego, I'm further outraged by the fact that doctors in this country can get away with the things they do--charging whatever the hell they want for services, making services unaffordable to the masses, and not taking all insurance except for one plan. Wow. Health care reform can not come fast enough. Hopefully the reform will include requiring doctors to accept all insurance.

    Now that I've vented about the audacity of this doctor, I'd like to ask the forum for testimonials. Is this guy worth all of the fanfare?

    My gut tells me that if this guy had such an effective treatment plan for CFS, his work would be more widely known and practiced by lots of other physicians.

    Has anyone had any experience with this guy?
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    I have not heard of him... and the insurance thing is not encouraging. I am in FL and have a family member that is in Napls area w Ly m . Went to a few docs in the " region "... Was at Schellr ( figure out by spell ...) and after 2 yrs dropped by the dr. Now dx w rsd and a Dr. in Tampa does the Ketamine treatment for advanced stage lym.

    Some ins. co.'s are starting to not pay on Dr.'s that are out of network... and do not take medicare( even if Medic. does not apply to you ) as a tactic under the " new deal " on health care... plan accordingly... All of the docs that have dropped out of insurance and " medicare " are going to be being excluded from any kind of " reimb . " under any plan be careful... it is coming... intent is to put the docs that don't take med. , or any ins., or out of the system totally out of biz. This is a real theory ....

  3. wrthster

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    Hey Chaps, I saw this guy two years ago. He is an LLMD. The pros are he is a very good doctor who knows a lot and runs a lot of tests. Back then he took a lot more insurances.

    Now the negative, his staff is horrible and rude. He is arrogant and cocky and how dare one challenge his thoughts. Pretty much everyone who goes in there is diagnosed with Lyme and nothing else. He is very anti disability and in fact made an effort to kill mine chances (But long story).

    So in a nut shell I found him to be an aggresive treater who looked for answers but the negatives far outwayed the positives. Hope this was helpful, save your money.
  4. chaps

    chaps New Member

    Yikes! I'm glad I asked. $500 plus is a lot of money to spend only to find that the guy is not for you.

    I already experienced the rude staff when I called on the phone.

    I really wish that physicians were monitored more closely and held accountable for their actions and practices. Unfortunately, there are too many anarchists in this country who favor unbridled capitalism, less government and less regulations, making America a playground for the dishonest, unscrupulous, and unethical. The doctors will tell you that the answer to bringing down costs is lowering malpractice premiums. HA! Listening to the doctors is like letting the wolves guard the hen house.

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