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    Hi all

    Just wondering if anyone has heard or tried Chelation treatment. I talked to my ph. about this today. he said that he had someone else come in with the same problem as me

    I have been in the asphalt industry for 20 years, I am male 39 years old. He thinks that I may have a toxcin build up in my body from working around the chemicals all those years. The man that he treated before was also in const. all his life.

    He took Chelation treatment for the detox and it worked for him. His was heavy metals. Don't know what mine is, but it makes sense. He siad that when the liver can no longer keep up with it, it will start to storeing what ever it is into the soft tissue of the body?

    Just wanted to get your input.
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    But, really don't know much other than I think it helps remove toxins from the body. My doc also thought it might help me, but, I needed to drive 3 hours to get to it and I simply do not have the stamina for it. If I thought it really would cure me,,,,I'd do it. Hopefully, this will "bump" for someone with more knowlege. Tulip
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    Sorry I didn't see this until today. I think there is more than one way to do chelation therapy, but I will tell you my experience. My allergist tested me for heavy metals & found my mercury was too high (not off-the-charts high, but higher than normal). He prescribed a drug called Chemet, which you take 5 times a day for 3 days, while drinking huge quantities of water; the idea is, Chemet attaches itself to the mercury in your system, then the water flushes away both the drug & the mercury (or other metal/chemical toxin). Then you test your mercury level again afterward to see if it has been successful. My doctor also recommended following up with a daily dose of Vitamin C and Reduced-L Glutathione, taken together, early in the day. Together these two vitamins also work on removing any excess toxins from your system; you take them early in the day, so you can drink fluids the rest of the day and flush out the bad stuff. Some people do the Chemet treatment more than once, depending on how bad the problem is, and I know Chemet works for mercury, but I'm not sure if that, or another drug, is recommended for other toxins. I had no side effects from it, BTW, except peeing all day from the large amounts of water you have to drink!

    Hope this helps, good luck...

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    especially my grandfather for his angina, and several people he met were able to save their legs that were going to be cut off due to their diabetes.

    I have one CFS acquaintance who says he really benefits from it.

    One MCS acquaintance of mine has had it recommended.

    However, it is slightly costly and time consuming.

    It can work miracles, though, given time and enough treatments, so if you've been told it is likely to help you and you have the ability to get it done, go for it!

    It doesn't help EVERYbody.

    Good luck and if you get it, let us know how it goes!

    Jen F
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    for those suffering angina. Apparently, it cleans out clogged arteries and is used by those with high toxicity problems.

    The description below is copied from a book of mine.

    Chelation therapy is a system where by EDTA (ethylene-diamine-tetracetate), a substance which 'drags out' the unwanted stuff from the arteries and tissues (scours the plumbing if you like) is dripped into the body intravenously, gradually over a period of weeks. Patients sit in comfortable i reclining chairs and chat to each other during the procedures. It is approved by the AFDA for removal of toxic metals from the body such as lead, mercury, aluminium and cadmium poisoning. It is not approved by orthodxy for heart conditions although many cardiac patients do have chelation therapy for their angina.

    Good luck and keep us posted. Regards. Kooky
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    Has anyone had Chelation treatment for toxins instead of heavy matals, and if so do they have to know what the toxin is?

    Thanks God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!