anyone heard about dr. karsch and oil therapy??????

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    I was given the following info. (which I have summarized) and was wondering if it is a hoax or if someone knows anything about it.

    Dr. F Karsch has developed a treatment for healing using sunflower oil for oral 'pluming'. Supposedly printed in the Ukranian Oncology Association Journal. The patient uses cold-pressed sunflower oil and basically places one tablespoon of oil in the mouth and rinses it backwards and forwards for about 15 minutes. Then spits out the oil which is supposed to have gathered all sorts of toxins from the body during this time. It has something to do with the mouth, and the tongue especially, linking up to all the bodily organs and thus the oil can cleanse, remove toxins and heal.

    Sounds wierd. It is supposed to heal all sorts of conditions. But who knows????

    Any information appreciated.
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    Gosh I hate to say this but it sounds like another person leaping onto the oils can cure all bandwagon.

    I am so sick of it as I do think essential oils can have a benefit, but these claims that stuff like this, dropping oil onto the spine etc is curing cancer is purely anecdotal and most often lies.

    Sorry to be such a downer but as the man says if if sounds too good to be true then it probably is...

    Love Anne C
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