Anyone heard about Requp

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by srh, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. srh

    srh New Member

    Has anyone tried Requip? There is a guy I work with that got it for his wife.

    Would welcome any comments.
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  2. srh

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  3. mom4three

    mom4three New Member

    I am on Requip for my restless leg and arms and shoulders and whatever feels like being restless when I don't lol..

    I love it. I had no sx on it works so well that if I forget to take it my RLS starts like clockwork. Its weird.

    I love ths stuff.

    It's my new best friend.

    Now if we could only have a pain med that worked as well:)

  4. srh

    srh New Member

    So it just works on the jittery aching like RLS. Or does it work on all your aches some?

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  5. mom4three

    mom4three New Member

    As I know Requip is just for RLS. Is has not helped in my pain at all so I think it is fair to say just for Rls.

  6. kdeenak

    kdeenak New Member

    He has RLS and I notice a dramatic change in his energy level. He is housebound, and he used to sit in his chair from the time he got up to the time he went to bed and had no energy and no "spunk".

    Now when we go over there he seems more energetic, he walks over to his shop and does some woodwork and piddles around in there during the week. He is a lot happier now. He says he sleeps through the night now, where before he woke up constantly. I think my mother-in-law sleeps better too.


  7. 1sweetie

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    I tried it for Restless Legs. I got a migarine and kept it until I stopped taking it. My son took my bottle and threw it away.

    I know use Mirapex but I can only use the smallest dose of it because of side effects from it.
  8. Tibbiecow

    Tibbiecow New Member

    Requip and Mirapex are two similar drugs developed for Parkinson's Disease. They increase the amount of dopamine in your system.

    Requip has been recently approved by the FDA for restless leg syndrome. Apparently Mirapex has shown good potential for reducing RLS as well.

    Doctors Andrew Holman and David Dryland (both M.D.) have been studying the effects of these drugs for fibromyalgia. The theory is that if you have more dopamine in your brain, you are able to filter out 'minor' stimuli, such as a properly fit bra, which fibro people experience as too tight and painful. In other words, it can work to lower a person's pain threshold so EVERYTHING doesn't hurt.

    Both of these drugs, Reqiup less so and Mirapex more, can cause nausea and are not tolerated well in some people. There are a BUNCH of other side effects, including-and I am not kidding-compulsive gambling.

    My short experience with mirapex is that painful stimuli are indeed decreasing. I am also sleeping much better, and have had no 'myoclonic jerk' problems. (Myoclonic jerk is that startle reflex that hits just as you are about to fall asleep.) My stomach is not really too happy in the first place, so we will see what happens.

    Dr. Dryland is so sure that this is a CURE for Fibromyalgia, which put me off not just a little...
    My rheumy has tried Mirapex and/or Requip with other fibro patients and found that it CAN make a big difference. Or not. We as fibro patients have to try different things to find out what will work for us. BE INFORMED of side effects, contra-indications, and other risks and weigh that, with your doctor, against possible benefits- for any drug!

  9. srh

    srh New Member

    Now if I don't feel like a twit. Duh?? Fog!!!!! We need a cloud in the icons.

    What I really wanted to know about is a supplement called "Relive"

    I thank everyone for their answers though. I now use Mirapex, but if quits working for me, I know Requip is out there thanks to all of you.

    Please pray for me!!

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